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Quote amidos2006 Replybullet Topic: High resolution pixel work needed
    Posted: 26 April 2010 at 12:01pm
My name is Ahmed Abdel Samea Hassan, I am student at faculty of engineer Computer Department Cairo University in Egypt.
This year I had graduation project (as its my senior year) and the project is an online client server game with some new twists in social gaming.
As we are not artists and we have a very short amount of time so we decide to hire an artist to do the art work for the game.
First of all how much u will be get paid for the art of the game consider the following amount of work can u predict how much it will cost
first the game is a top down arena RPG game (not really top down it looks like Zelda games for GBA (same camera prespective))
but not small character like that. The character sizes should be no less than 128*64 filled pixels when the character is standing still (like trickster game character sizes) so we will have at least 3 characters (male - female - npc character)
every character file is png and every character have 5 status (means 5 sheets) running, standing, hitting, attacking, spell casting
every sheet for these status every row will consist of the player doing this state in a defined direction (UP, DOWN,...etc) so we will have 8 rows in the sheet where all rows have same height and they have the same number of frames for the animation (number of columns) 8 is for the 8 directions UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, UP LEFT, UP RIGHT, DOWN LEFT, DOWN RIGHT
also every character will have these 5 sheets for 9 times (one time when he donít hold anything in his hand the second time when he has two handed axe and one when he has two handed sword and one when he have crossbow and one when he have one handed sword only and one when one handed sword and shield and one when he had one handed axe only and one when he had one handed axe and shield and one when he had two handed staff)
also we will have HUD interface in the game containing the HP and minim map and inventory also as the HUD will be in the same format of the one found in a game called Tibia but there is some changes from it becz there will be bar at the button for the spells shortcuts like in World of Warcraft
also we will want main menu and backgrounds (here a look for the logo of the project press on this flash with ur mouse to start the animation the final word appeared (Hello World!) is the logo)
also we will need items which will be placed in the inventory (the inventory will contain)
position for right hand and left hand
position for the chest armor
position for the head helm
position for gloves
position for rings
position for boots
also we will have different ground tile sets some in hell and some in forest and grass and some in towns and some in desert and some lakes and other stuff
also some solid objects will be needed like houses, trees, wells, ...etc
also some magic effects and arrows fired
magic effects will be
a) some of them will be bolt to be shot
b) some others spells will be fired on a certain location to destroy it like blizzard or earth explosions
c) some other spells will be surrounding spells which are fired around the spell caster either these spells cause damage or just an aura which improve some status in player
at the end we are looking for quality and size of pictures like the one found exactly in trickster game
also everything in trickster we are going to do it so make trickster as first guide to u
so tell me how much these stuff may cost before u start so we can set up our plan as we are just students and not a company or any other stuff
At the end if we can afford the payment so I am going to give u more details about everything so it will be integrated well in our project
Sorry for bad English  and waiting for reply
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