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Quote Anjin.San Replybullet Topic: [unpaid] Monochrome Space Shooter (Demo available)
    Posted: 10 May 2010 at 7:12am
(note: i am not a native speaker)

Hello there,

I am currently making a small to medium sized game in my spare-time. It is a space-themed multiplayer strategy shooter. The action part consists of an asteroid-like control over a spaceship. The terrain is completely transformable. In the demo, there is only a deathmatch mode implemented. In the future there will be more modes, especially "destroy the enemy's base". I plan to add a normalmap, so you will be able to land on flat surfaces (maybe to recharge) as well as a lot of other stuff like auto-turrets and proper buildings. The strategy part will be, that you can configure the heck out of your ship. You will choose the different components such as hull, reactor, shield emitter, engine et ceterum. Some of which can be further configured for example lower the firing rate but increase the muzzle. So you may try different combinations, like a really fast ship with weak weapons or maybe an almost static fortress with enormous firepower. Most of this is implemented (you may look into and edit data/ships/testship.cfg, it is in plain ascii) but i have no design concept for an ingame ship editor yet. The game is also network-enabled, but this is still very buggy.  I would say the game is codewise 30% finished, which took me about 2 weeks. The Code is written in C++, all the librarys used are  platform-independant.

 All graphics (including title artwork) are dummies which i made myself. Tell me what you think of them. I plan to remove them in the final game, though. The music is stolen from a Key Generator by the way (Oh, the irony from BLiZZARD, the Release Group, not the Game Publisher) and will also be exchanged. I plan to ask on a "" for this, but maybe i just take some classical theme like Beethoven. The font is something i would like to keep, it remembers me of the DOS era.

The overall design concept will be to have grayscale sprites (8 colors - 1 for transparency) and postprocess the final images with some neat OpenGL shaders for a fisheye old TV-look including TV-noise. Only thing in color will be the technical displays and statistical charts that give you lots and lots of both useful and useless information (not necessarily FPS, more like athmospheric density, planet mass, distance and the likes). The colorful bullets and exhaust plumes in the demo are just for clarity when i'm testing.

Demo can be downloaded at
Download limit is 10. So if you are cool with a picture, scroll down.
If you know a good filehoster that does not have a tiring registering process, please let me know. Else I simply upload it a second time.

I have to make up my mind on what i currently need the most, but i think it is explosion animations.  I would also appreciate design ideas, especially for the ship editor. Again, see data/ships/testship.cfg for a list of [components] that can be tweaked with, subsections contain parameters that for the most part are fixed with the component. I am not 100% sure which of these shall be mutable too. Send me some mockups if you feel like. By the way, there is no money involved, only fame.

If you have questions, ask here. If you want to contribute, mail me and we figure something out. Hope to hear from you soon.

EDIT: I forgot, when windows asks you about firewall stuff, just reply "no" , but if you want to try a networked game, say "yes". Read the README.txt for further instructions.

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