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Quote Metomunc Replybullet Topic: [Unpaid] Meto's Action RPG (team project)
    Posted: 18 May 2010 at 3:36am
Hey all,
This forum is full of talent.  I'm currently recruiting some ever-so-talented members for a fun Action RPG project on engine001.  The project (it's a game) is well on it's way, but it's not going as fast as I would like.  To remedy this I've decided to call for aid.  YES!  that means you. 
Hold on ... this is an UNPAID project.  If you expect to be paid, read no further.  Reading further will not get you paid.  Not reading further will not get you paid either.
The Story:
The story is an origional allagory about life in a fantasy setting fictional world with technology that is just past the dark ages. Heck, the main character's name is "Lyfe."  That's how alligorical it is.   There are five main characters in your party and each has the abilty to ... hmmmm ... probably shouldn't say out in the open.  Join the team if you want to know.  (Heaven forbid some greedy game developer comes along and reads this and steals the idea for his own kaniving selfish reasons).  
The Style:
The graphic quality of this game is just between Final Fantasy 6 and Donkey Kong (leaning more toward the FF6).
Color choice and shading do exist, but they aren't out to kill anyone.
Gameplay is like Zelda with a twist.
Example image of some characters found here:
- Full custom soundtrack (over 25 origional songs)
- Origional sound fx
- Over 20 characters in the cast
- Lots o enemies (minotaur thingies, bat thingies, plant thingies, little munchy goblin looking thingies, snake thingies, and lots lots more.)
- Lots o good guys (knights, soldiers, kings, ect.)
- Lots o "Who are those guys?" (pirates, thieves, merchants, ect)
- Varying gameplay elements
- Adventurous storyline
- Over 16 unique areas
        (mountains, caves, forests, castles, towns, islands, ect.) 
- Relatively small, but detailed maps (20x20 to 60x60)
- Unique action RPG gameplay   
- Heart
Stuff I need help with:
- Character sprites (32x32 to 128x128 at largest)
- Anything else you want to help with.
- All of the above
If you're interested in joining the team or contributing to the project in anyway, let me know here or on the engine001 forum.  I look forward to seeing what you can do. 
If you ever get really bored and want to play a game I've already made, help yourself.  They're free: 
   Jacque Metomunc 

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