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Quote pixelghost Replybullet Topic: Open Graal: Lost to the back abyss of the
    Posted: 08 February 2012 at 10:45am
This is old news though, ZC has been rocking for a while and still continue to rock it.
another good engine but old, and i still currently use today due to its open concept, is Open Graal. a pixelated, open source, online rpg engine with easy to use interface. comes with its own animation editor, level editor, easy to use scripting language, and fully customizable everything.

thats right, all the pixelated tilesets and sprites you always wanted to see in a game, can actually be done easily with a bit of a read up on tutorials.

here is the low down.

Open Graal is basically a remake of the Zelda: A Link To The Past. but has a twist.. it is all completely customizable. from tile sets, gui's, inventory screens, has its own built in editors, its own scripting language. basically you could make anything you want with it. best part about it, its multiplayer! you could create multiplayer servers with up to like 700 people if you like. or more! depends on your computer power.

i highly recommend jumping on the forums and checking it out, the engine, trying the graal classic server and others. there is many different types of servers, with different tilesets, or you can create your own.

amazing community of developers, and a lot of tutorials to get you started as well.

seems like its been lost to the back corners of the internet. then again if you do not know what you are looking for, it is an easily missed title for the PC. for developers, this is an open source project as well, you could bust into some coding and begin working on the enginer yourself basically. i am sure they could use the help.

for the pixel artists out there. Boy, will you have a hayday. The editors and stuff use GIF, and PNG file formats in 8 bit for design and tileset implement.

anyways, i highly recommend it, and we kind of need more players over there for it to start moving forward. hope to see you all there! the more people rocking and working on this, the better it gets. annnnnd honestly, running around maps you made and quests and dungeons you created, puzzles, items, etc with friends and other people, with fully customizable content. you cannot go wrong, seriously.

i post it here as it has a lot to pertain to pixel art in general, its all pixelated, 8 to 12 bit graphics, or anything you want really. i hope to see you all there, or at least checking it out :)

completely free as well and open source.


here is some videos i found. this is just the basic tileset and sprite, as You can create your own or use other existing tilesets and customize your sprite in game as well.


and some screenshots of people online on their friends map he created and chit chatting. when talking in game, words come over your head when you type them in. there is also a chat window for the entire server to find others and meet up as well.


Also another video of another server.


hope to see you all there. if you like this, spread the word on your blogs. we are trying to get a solid player base coming in. as well as new developers!

thank you for reading this post, i mainly post it here because it has been a huge help to me and entering pixel art, as well as being a good portfolio setter for being used not just as a picture, but being played by others.

see yas there :)

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Quote Bam112 Replybullet Posted: 09 March 2012 at 10:22pm
I play Graal also. Graal reborn is an outdated version of the game however. Graalonline.com is the updated version of that and includes a ton of servers and content.
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