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    Posted: 31 January 2015 at 5:47am
Hello! My name is Brian and I am a thirty year old game designer who has a problem. I am afflicted by a very rare form of colorblindness also known as Protanopia. Unfortunately, I was the victim of an optic anamoly that was apparently inherited down from my grandfather after skipping the previous generation. It negatively effects both my color and depth perception in such a way that I can only drive during the day and scribble a few pencil drawings here and there. Since I am unwilling to color any personal art due to this limitation, I focus on line work in order to satisfy my other flaw - which is that I am a perfectionist in every sense of the word. Ironic bind for an individual isn't it? Oh, sweet...sweet...irony...

Anyway, I do get quite a few questions regarding my personal experience with this problem and how I differentiate between colors sometimes. So I tell them that if Helen Keller was able to adapt and overcome despite her physical limitations then anybody can do it! Right? OK, maybe that is an extreme example but seriously...labeling is my saving grace. You find these things out when trying to search for a box of crayons or colored pencils with the hue printed on the sides. If the labels were just left blank and all I had to go off of was the point color then I'd be screwed. So thank you Crayola and RoseArt for thinking of us optically challenged peons. Alright enough about me. Let's get down to business.

We are seeking an experienced, energetic and consistent digital graphics artist who has the unique vision for branding, conceptual art and 2D animation. The artist I am looking for should be ready to have some fun and be prepared to work under the size limitations of Enterbrain's VX Ace engine. Artists with knowledge in the production of templated graphics are highly desirable and encouraged to apply for commission rights to this project.

An adequate portfolio should accompany your submission in order to evaluate artist skill level and his/her consistency in style. I should emphasis this point in particular because I realize there is an evolving list of available styles present in the artistic community, and hardly any single one is identical to the other.

It is important to remember that during any project that the "style" should be established prior to the actual image render. The approved graphic is then used as a reference to maintain derivative consistency throughout the project.

What the Commissioned Artist Should Expect

Timely payments via PayPal (to verified members only), up to $300USD/month based on an artist's approved submissions after the initial commission rights have been granted to the artist.

A self-paced schedule and transparent work relationship based on experience as a paying client. The artist should expect their submissions to sustain comprehensive feedback and constructive criticism in order to suit the demands of the project. Payment is made on the submission of the final product only and does not include drafts or revisions.

The choice to be named or remain unnamed in the opening credits. Example: John Chapman will be shown instead of JohnnyAppleseed1774.

In addition to your payment for services rendered the commissioned artist will receive a free copy of the completed game disc, controller and a $150 gift card to any choice eCommerce site as a thank you gift for their time and effort.

The added ability to expand your portfolio/resume by working for an independent game studio.

Reference/Letter of Recommendation upon request.
Artist will receive contact preference, upon request, when the studio begins hiring for graphics artists in future projects.

Are you interested? Read on for the application details...

Submitting for commission rights is a fairly simple process. Idealistically I am looking for quality and artistic consistency with no tolerance to variation. If you are not consistent in your representation of a certain style or the animation fluidity is suspect then the final result does not end up making for an enjoyable time behind the screen.

The following is an overview of the submission process:

The objective and its description is presented to the artist with appropriate reference materials attached.
Artist uses objective's description and reference materials to envision a concept design. The concept design is then drafted and prepared for submission and approval.

After the artist submits the work for commission rights to the project the piece is then compared against the objective and reference materials provided per requirement. The work will then be sent back to the artist marked "approved for use and reproduction","rejected for revision" or "no hire".

Approved for Use and Reproduction

This is the submission's final stage in which all in game pictorials are weighted against. If you receive this confirmation then you successfully gained commissioned rights to the game and have won the contract.

Rejected for Revision

The concept is right but it's not quite there yet. Suggestions for improvement are relayed back to the artist along with a comprehensive analysis of the submission.

No Hire

If you receive this confirmation after submitting your art for evaluation then the work has been seen as not filling the needs of the project at this time. I invite you to come and reapply to a project at a later date.

Objective: Character Walking Animation

- (1) Template: 3 Frames x 4 Frames (four directions: down, right, left, up)

- Default Frame Size: (146 pixels x 190 pixels)

- Style Reference: Atelier Iris Eternal Mana Chibi

- Extremely aged, human female spellcaster with unique staff/assistance cane.

- Full body coverings will be rejected. A shawl that is used as a headcover is an acceptable form of character clothing but is not mandatory. Her old age should have a noticeable effect on her posture and walking animation.

- Character should be wearing a form of old protective hand coverings to keep in line with the Spellbinder class.

- Keywords: Old, pale, dusty, rickety, meek, simple, grandmother, long hair, fingernails, knits, shuffle, spectacles, modernism, post-modernism.

Character Description: Agatha Rose, Age: ???

Not much is known about the timid Agatha Rose except that she is without a doubt the oldest and most powerful Spellbinder to have ever lived. Despite her frail appearance and gentle demeanor, Aegean Legend recounts that one hundred and sixty-six years ago Agatha successfully turned a powerful relic against the Hyperion Beast and bound him to its fate for a period of seven thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven years. The device that the Hyperion Beast had created to serve as the weapon to subdue the world's inhabitants into doing His bidding was a single rose crafted from a crystal of the finest stardust. As such, according to the Legend, Agatha received her last name "Rose" as a gift from the six Elementals for her service in protecting the whole of Creation from the destructive course the Hyperion Beast had set the world upon.

Agatha Rose now lives a solitary lifestyle in the small port town of Farling, and fusses over her rose gardens in her spare time. She has ultimately traded in her Spellbinding lifestyle for one that focus primarily on the needy and particularly enjoys concocting herbal remedies in order to tend to sick and injured travelers.

THAT'S IT! Thank you for taking the time to read this posting and good luck!

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Quote daLk Replybullet Posted: 01 February 2015 at 2:55am
what do you expect for "up to $300USD/month" ?

unless i'm mistaken, 12 frames for 146x190px sprite + character design is already... Erm, quite consequent for a test :)
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