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Quote unenergizer Replybullet Topic: [Paid] Long term work (character pixel art)
    Posted: 26 July 2019 at 5:37pm
Hello everyone!

My name is Andrew and I have been programming for the past 10+ years. Last October I decided to make a multiplayer game for fun and now it is growing into something that I want to take much more seriously.

I am creating a multiplayer "MMO" pixel game. The base game is established and working and has been tested with over 10k simulated connected entities with about 30 FPS on one map. Currently over 250,000 lines of code have been written for the game. To put that in perspective World of Warcraft on first release was just a bit over 1,000,000. So we are 25% their :)

Following artwork by 7soul.

Feel free to browse more images here:


I am looking to hire a Pixel Artist to do contract work over the next few years. We are in need of character art, including armor, and weapons. Since the game is a small RPG MMO, we are looking to have several types of playable characters like (lizard people, turtles, frogs, humans, elves, orcs, trolls, etc). Ideally we want the same armor and weapons to be equipable by all types of characters. We can provide a way to programmatically apply these textures to the characters. Head, chest, legs, and feet must be separated images so that we can swap armor in and out at will. The art quality does not have to be that of Chrono Trigger because our environment art is not of that quality, but we do want something that is recognizable and interesting to look at. Since this is a top down game we will need poses for the left side, back and front of the characters. The right side will be a flip of the left. Also with this we would like players to be able to change horns, hair, and other features of these playable characters. This includes basic running animations. Again, we can save you time by doing some things in code.

Since I will be paying for this out of pocket, not all of the art has to be done in the next week or month. This is a long term project with two programmers. We would like to have two characters a month including all sides of the character with walking animations.

Side note, we want the game to be cool, so suggestions for new races etc are welcome. If you think it would be cool in the game, let me know and I will pay you to make it.

All payments via PayPal only. For the right artist, I am willing to do upfront deposit.
Your name in the credits and a NPC will go in the world talking about your work.

This is a big job, but spread out over the next year or two, it is not so bad.
The art doesn't have to be perfect. Just fun and interesting to look at.
Taking serious bids.

Reply here or send me an email at: unenergizer {at} gmail <dot> com

Thank you,
Lead programmer and project owner. :)
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Quote buffoftheclown Replybullet Posted: 29 July 2019 at 11:00am
Email sent.
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Quote voxodyssey Replybullet Posted: 30 July 2019 at 7:45am
I think I can help you with this, you can see a few things I am able to do at or email me on jameskaralus at gmail .com. I would be keen to help part time and as long as the pay is fair im not to worried, I could start next week or do a test type project.
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Quote Dnilo Replybullet Posted: 09 August 2019 at 3:44am
Is this still available?
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