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Quote archknighter Replybullet Topic: [Paid] Living Phoenix Entertainment Job Oppertunit
    Posted: 05 August 2019 at 1:52pm
Pictures here are very pixelated, so they are not the best representation of what we're achieving. Please check this Google Docs link to see all the images clearly that are mentioned in this post

We have now hired 4 people from this forum, 3 of which who are now 1 year later still with us and core members of our team (one being our second to lead artist now)! We have had a lot of success with this community and thus are here again as our team again expands. If you applied previously, but didn’t get a position, and are still interested in one, please apply again!

You can view a bit about us here at

We are current hiring the following job positions (as well as apprenticeship positions if you are looking to get paid & learn from our talented artists) to work on our existing 2.5d mmorpg as well as our new one in development.

Below is information coming from our Lead Artist, describing our style, and what is expected by you to fulfill a position.

“The Oblique Perspective we use has everything that lies in parallel to the floor viewed top-down and the angle between the x- and y-axis is 90°. The vertical z-axis is angled at 135° in relation to the x-axis, creating a distortion in that direction. It’s the same perspective used in Ultima VII and Tibia.

Our style consists of mixing pixel art with digital art for the environment, structures, character, creatures etc, more precisely hand painted textures with pixel details. We appreciate that everything is very clean, with plenty of control in the representation of textures and vivid colors. This is very important to our visual identity and is a predominant feature of the game.

We are looking for people interested in learning a new perspective and must be prepared to face something new and harder than the more classic ones, considering that the game consists of a more difficult perspective and style than usual. Being honest and straightforward: We need someone who has a good learning curve and is proactive in practicing these requirements, but don't worry, we have a qualified team to assist you and provide all the information. Although it is a more complex game to deal with we have experienced people who are already used to helping new members.

Job Positions Available - remembering that all offers consist in learning the perspective and the painting style applied in each area:
Animator - Animate walking cycles for both creatures and characters, animate various scene elements and effects as well. need to have a good file organization and the habit of using overlap layers always, because of the perspective and how it behaves.

Character/Environment Designer - Create and enhance graphics that make sense with the game world, aiming at the improvement and consistency of our unique and very original elements. Need to know how to create an objective design and easy to do variations, need to organize the files in a way that helps in the animation part.

Icon Designer - Create and enhance item / ui icons with hand painted style. Need to have an organization of the files always containing transparent background, default version and document the background and default effects.

Obviously it is a benefit if you are able/interested in doing multiple of these positions, especially if you are interested in an unending available workflow

If you are interested, please submit an application to with..

Name/Alias (Either is fine, just first name works for application):
English Fluency (*/10):
Portfolio & Any specific work similar to what we're looking for in style or perspective.

If we are interested after seeing your portfolio, and have shortlisted you, we will request a small trial task before you are possibly offered a position.
If we like your work, we can provide essentially unlimited work for you moving forward / a full time position with us.
We very much look forward to bringing a few of you on to join our quickly growing & talented team :)

Please contact me with your application via Email or Discord found below
Discord: Knighter#7613

Pictures here are very pixelated, so they are not the best representation of what we're achieving. Please check this Google Docs link to see all the images clearly that are mentioned in this post
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Quote Metaru Replybullet Posted: 08 August 2019 at 2:03pm
Not applying myself, but I gave the chance to someone I know in need of a job as a character/enviroment designer.
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Quote voxodyssey Replybullet Posted: 13 August 2019 at 9:57am
I sent an email so will see what you think
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Quote Qemist Replybullet Posted: 14 August 2019 at 6:18am
Added you on Discord.
See some of my work here.
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