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Quote Amion Replybullet Topic: Online Game Needs HELP!
    Posted: 05 October 2006 at 4:22am
EDIT: Opps I made a booboo, please move this to the appropriate forum. Sorry

Ok so I have been away for awhile. I'm still interested in pixel art but my life has been really busy as of late. So I got some time to myself and checked out an old MMORPG game I used to play. The Realm online. A 2d game that in the last year or so has come to have new owners. Well my jaw dropped and my heart stopped.
First off the games website is here:

It's a little outdated but I think is has awesome potential.

Ok here is what made my heart stop. The artwork isn't all that bad, I actually like the game because of the artwork. Here is an example:

Looks okay? I think so, not the best but it is not horrible. This is one of the towns gardens dedicated to the Goddess on the right.

Ok now here is my house's front lawn, looks okay right?

 Until you see the Giant Ugly, Blue, Transformer (bear?) staring straight at you!!!! Oh my, I have to change my panties again. *sigh*

That blue robot bear is an item we have been given to compensate the server trouble they just recently had. It is supposed to be a Home Guardian. Well recently the games old artist quit/was fired and now we have a new artist that is pumping out artwork like this...and getting paid a pretty penny for it. All of his work looks like this, blocky, no texture, the 'what is it' effect, and just plain eye gouging.

This game needs HELP! I came her mainly to vent and get some opinions on what you guys think of what the owners hired to do the makes me sad. And I thought maybe someone where would/could like to try and apply to get on the dev team of this game. I'm not sure what they pay and how it all works but it might be worth looking into.

No I am not associated with the owners of this game in anyway. I am just a player. Well was a player, I can't stand what is being done to the game artwork wise any longer.

Incase you are curious, here is a link to the part of the site that deals with the artwork team.

Might be worthwhile to look into. I think that 99% of the people in this community could do better than the Blue Robot Bear Thingy, and if you could I think this company would hire you in a heartbeat.

I would love to see the game survive and flourish. But with an artist like what they have now. The game is going off the deep end.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. Good night!

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