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Quote Xerol Replybullet Topic: Artist needed for games collection(% Pay)
    Posted: 09 August 2005 at 9:42pm
Game: Classix I
Classix I is a collection of (about) 20 small games that, at first glance, you've played before, but each has a slight 'twist' to it that makes it a unique experience. The collection offers a variety of games on one CD for a low price. It includes at least two short RPGs, a side scrolling shooter, several top-down shooters, and a few arcade-style games.

Job Info:
As the sprite artist for this project, you will need to produce background tiles, terrain tiles, and animated sprites as well as effects. The total workload will probably amount to around 10,000 sprites over a 3-month period, but a lot of the work is repeated (for example, one dungeon tileset may just require 8 different tiles to be made, but through rotations, reflections, and combinations of tiles, make up an entire set of 450, and could probably be done by an expert in a little under an hour. All in all, it's not really 10,000 individual tiles that need to be completely made, because there are a lot of repetitions).

Bitmap format is required; alpha masks may also be used but it doesn't look like they will be at this time. Most object sprites require a background color (standard magenta-#FF00FF). Individual tiles or spritesheets can be used for submitted tiles; depending on the game some work will have to be done to modify them to the required format, but that'll all be on our side.

Company Info:
Level Ground Gaming is a startup software company specialising in small projects although a few larger projects are in the works. Level Ground Gaming is located in Timonium, Maryland and is run out of the home of one of the proprietors. Classix I is the first commercial release, due out in late November of 2005, with two other games coming out in February and May of 2006.

The applicant, upon completion of the required work, will recieve a percentage of total post-fixed-expenses revenue from the sales of the game. This percentage has yet to be determined but will depend on the amount of work required and performed. Post-fixed-expenses revenue is defined as the revenue recieved from sales of the game, minus applicable taxes and direct production costs(shipping & duplication). Classix I will retail at $14.95 beginning in late November of 2005, and about $8-10 of this will apply to the percentage rate. Once again, the exact rate hasn't been determined at this time, but expect it to be in the range of 3-5%. This may be from 25 to 50 cents per copy, and an initial run of 1000 copies will be made, but the game will continue to be sold if all copies run out(with another run of 1000).

Pay will be distributed either by check, or paypal, depending on the payee's preference.

Rights: Level Ground Gaming will retain rights to use the sprites created in the collection "Classix I" ONLY, but may want to use them in another game, in which case the creator will be contacted and a small per-copy fee paid, which may be less than the initial rate.

Level Ground Gaming may also wish to purchase permanent rights to the graphics, in which case we will also contact the creator. Terms of the sale of rights will be discussed at that time.

Contact Information:
Those interested in the job should simply reply here, and I will answer any questions to the best of my ability. You may also contact me at xerol*AT*, or on one of the IM services(see profile). I am usually online from 9am to noon and from 6pm to midnight Eastern time, and check my email several times a day.

Other stuff:
The website's kinda fallen into disarray, since we've been putting all of our efforts into programming. Twenty games in 6 months isn't a piece of cake, but with a dedicated sprite artist on the team, we'll be able to concentrate more on programming and less on making up temporary sprites to use for testing purposes. The website is More detailed information on Classix I, the beta test (still in signups at this time), and some demos of the games is available at:

Other projects:
Depending on the success of Classix I, we will be releasing a Classix II in May 2006. This will feature a dozen new games as well as sequels to the more popular Classix I games, determined by customer poll.

Also currently in the works are several large projects which are still at least a year away from having something to show for them. Amongst these are StarFields Online, a space-based MMORPG where you can take on any role you want; Xerol's Quest, a single-player RPG; and Frisbotron, a completely bizarre sports game.

Final Notes: Because such a large number of sprites are needed, it'd take too long to list the specifics of everything needed. Generally, however, the sprites are 32x32 in 24-bit color, although some character sprites will be larger (32x64) but these will probably be handled by breaking the sprite into two pieces by the game engines, as working with sprites that are all the same size is MUCH easier to code for. But don't worry about those specifics, we'll handle all of that.

If more than one person is interested in this job, you can choose to either work together(and split the pay proportionate to work done) or compete for the position. The competition will probably be to create enemy sprites for the game Future Siege 2555, as seen on the beta page(there is a demo available to play, as well). Each sprite is 2 frames, 32x32, and #FF00FF trans color. The competition will be to create the most acceptable sprites. (The game engine has room for 63 enemies, so if you do more than that, just pick the 63 best.) Something comparable to alien2a.bmp would be considered acceptable.

Once again, any questions/etc, contact me.
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