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Quote d2king10 Replybullet Topic: Wanderlust Online need 2D spriter!
    Posted: 22 September 2005 at 5:23am
Team name:
Team Wanderlust

Project name:
Wanderlust: The Online Adventure

Brief description:
Wanderlust Online, has been in development for the past year, growing in giant leaps as it escapes childhood stages, and emerges as one of the most ambitious projects set-forth to the GameMaker residence. The idea was originaly started by Matthew Griffin; most know him from his exceptional work on Ominous, where he called apon me, Jason Gordy(d2king10), to have the privilage to create art for Wanderlust. Over the year, we quickly realized that more artists would be needed to keep this project rolling. So after about 2 months or so hault, i am proud to say it has started back up.

Target aim:
For now it is Freeware, but who knows what the future will hold?

There is no pay at the current moment, if ever. This is a group of talented people wanting to achieve goals, increase their artistic ability, or many other aspects thats come along with game creation. Also, this looks good on a resume.
Although, if art meets a certain level of excellence compensation may be agreed upon.

Because the job is about editing exisisting basic templets to creating monsters, the software is left up to the person whos creating it. Hell, use MS Paint for all we care.

Talent needed:
*A person to edit the exsisting basic sprite sheet of the main character, and produce armor, helmets, shields, etc etc...

*A person to create fully animated monsters(being hit, walking all 4 directions, attacking, and possibly magic)

Team structure:
Matthew Griffin: Lead Designer, Leader, Programmer.
Salvatore Aiello: Programmer
Jason(me): Art Director, Map design, Art
Skyler Stone: Music
Cole Medeiros: SFX



Additional Info:
All requests can be emailed to: Please provide some of your current work(possibly game art or such if applicable), and your AIM screen name so i can further contact you. Because we are working over the internet, you are required to atleast be able to have contact with us on a daily basis(of course, we arent expecting you to be on all the time, but atleast enough for us to have meetings or so forth). I will possibly be accepting more members for each of the provided catagories listed above, so dont be shy and send in your submissions. I will try my best to get a speedy responce to the emails i may recieve, but if i dont, bare with me, and i will have one.

Shows Night time.
Shows Day time.
Shows the Fog system at night in the forest.
A recently added area to the game.
A new area.
Shows some of the current techs.
Another new beach area.

(Sorry they are all at night time, its mostly because i didnt have time to wait for the game clock to hit morning or day time.)

Thanks in Advance,
~Team Wanderlust

PS...if i dont respond to your emails or pms for awhile...its because i am evacuating because of Hurricane Rita...i will hopefully be back soon to get to them...but please feel free to drop me some. Thanks again.
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