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Searching for Spriter/Animator for a Game

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Topic: Searching for Spriter/Animator for a Game
Posted By: calferre
Subject: Searching for Spriter/Animator for a Game
Date Posted: 23 May 2010 at 5:20pm
Team name:
Spark Games

Project name:
Death toll

We need spriters and animators for our game :)

here are the details:

You're a hunter and a major epidemic is spreading around your civilization. As more symptoms appear, you have to discover more and more cures, and finally, the cure to the epidemic. To find the cures, you mix various items you get from kiling monsters.

You start out with several maps - the rest are locked.

You start with the capability of a few basic attacks. You use these attacks by hitting keys in sucession (eg. X+Z,X+C+Z).

When you enter a map, monsters will pop out - when you kill them, you get items to make cures, money, and sometimes various add-ons/rare power ups. As you progress through the maps, the more and more monsters are seen, and therefore, the more and more items to make cures.

You are presented with a symptom. When you are not in a map, you are in a mixing "laboratory". On the side shows all your available items you can mix. You drag and drop them into the pot and you have either the option of "mix","boil","enchant", etc. As you progress through maps, you have more options. When you press the check button, and the mixture is correct, then you finish that symptom, get another symptom, and unlock some maps, and unlock some shop items.

The money is used for the shop. The shop sells cure items, moves, hints, powerups, etc.

Target aim:
We will be entering this into a competition

Voluntary. You will be credited, of course, and you MIGHT get something if we win the competition. If it's really good, we might sell the game.

Talent needed:

2D Artist (mainly cartoonish + platform sprites)

Team structure:
Icicle.Flame: Programmer
Sam: Story Writer and Website Designer and Game Designer (me)
Needed: Animator
Needed: 2d artist

We are looking for devoted spriters who can sprite regularly.

or pm me

Plz include in your pm an example of your work (preferably platform + cartoonish)
PM me if you're interested and I will send you the details of the competition and game.

As team and project grows, then we will start setting more positions and create more games. (we might start paying)

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