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(Closed) [Paid] Small Iso Human/Zombie Base

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Topic: (Closed) [Paid] Small Iso Human/Zombie Base
Posted By: ZDs
Subject: (Closed) [Paid] Small Iso Human/Zombie Base
Date Posted: 23 December 2010 at 5:49am
We're looking to commission a Pixel Artist to do on some secondary graphics for a new game. The initial work is to create an isometric character base and some basic clothes/hair which players can choose from. But we are looking for a Pixel Artist who can do follow up work over the next few months as we will need a large catalogue of clothes before our game launches.

I'm an indie developer based in the uk that is developing my first MMO Browser Based Game.

The Game
Zombie Days is a turn based strategy game where players have to survive the zombie apocalypse. The main interface is a simple 2D overhead view but on the players profile page their character will be shown as an isometric avatar.

Job Info

Character Base
- human unisex character (won't be shown without clothes)
- isometric view facing to the front right with arms by side
- bald head to toe height of 32 pixels (hair can add to that height if needed)
- black/dark outlines
- no palette restrictions but less is better
- simple facial expression (doesn't need variation)
- total of 5 variations on skin tone
- plus one green zombie version with arms outstretched

- 5 different male hair styles
- 5 different female hair styles
- 5 different top styles
- 5 different trouser styles
- 5 different skirt styles
- 1 clown costume
- 1 nuns outfit
- each item which includes the arms needs to come in two versions to cover arms by side and outstretched

Will be made through Paypal. Looking to pay a set fee and will pay for quality work. Please give one quote for all of the Character Base work and another for all of the Clothing/Hair work.

7 days from start of contract, once both parties have reached an agreement.

If you are interested or need more details please pm me through the forum or email me (admin AT zombiedays DOT com) and please include a link to your portfolio


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