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[Paid] Indie game looking for some freelancers.

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Topic: [Paid] Indie game looking for some freelancers.
Posted By: reindeerFlotilla
Subject: [Paid] Indie game looking for some freelancers.
Date Posted: 07 March 2011 at 5:05pm

My name's zach goldstein, I'm an independent game developer currently working on creating games for the web. I go by the name Reindeer Flotilla ( - ). A project I'm currently working on is in need of some art, and I'm looking for talented freelancers to fill the void.

In terms of background, previously I worked for Autodesk, RIM (blackberry people), DesignAxiom (small flash dev firm), Hitgrab Labs (facebook games company), and FI (a digital agency in nyc), all in software dev type roles.

Currently, I'm managing and developing a project tentatively called Sapphire Skies. It's a 2d-side scrolling game where two sides of villages produce units to destroy each other, creating a tug-o-war type of situation. The player pilots a ship to destroy enemy villages while protecting friendly ones.

The basic premise is that the player takes the role of a mercenary, playing various missions to gain access to new ships and levels. The backstory for the game revolves around the concept of the gaia hypothesis, which basically proposes that the earth acts almost as a living organism, seeking to maintain as much life as possible. In this world, industrialized nations have dumped too much pollution into the earth, and as a result, the earth reacted to create crystals throughout the world. These crystals are essentially a clean energy source, and appear mostly in areas where more environmentally friendly peoples exist. They cause landmasses to rise into the sky, allowing us to use the sky as a common theme throughout the game. As conflict arises between industrialized nations who seek these crystals, and more primitive nations who seek to simply protect their homes, the player is thrust into the role of mercenary.

So far we've done a technical demo (and early testing). We're now progressing towards release. You can view the technical demo at ( - ). However keep in mind that it's about a month old and we've got some development builds that are much more current. Right now we've got a team of people involved on a royalty basis, and we're looking to fill the gaps with freelance work. Currently the team is; Shannon Mason (music) - , Martin Reimann - (art), Stephen Cousins (art) - , and Dimitry Popov (art) - .

A full listing of the art (with brief details) I need to contract is available in this google doc: -
More details are available as needed, we've got a wiki (spec doc) and an internal forum that we'll make available to you if we decide to work with you. Payment is upon completion.

One thing to note is that we're quite time and cost sensitive on this project. The scope is relatively small, and we're hoping to release quite soon.

Anyways, if you're interested, shoot me an email ( - ) and let me know. It would be amazing to see a little bit of past work so I can get a feel for you. I would also immensely appreciate time and cost estimates on a per-item basis. I realize that there's very few details to go on, so it's understandable if they're rough ranges.

Looking forward to hearing from everybody!

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