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Questions regarding job offerings

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Topic: Questions regarding job offerings
Posted By: Empresario
Subject: Questions regarding job offerings
Date Posted: 14 October 2012 at 6:41am
this isn't gonna be a job offering, i just wanted to get some information about what to expect and what is realistic for job offerings. I didn't really know where to put this thread since i didn't want to pollute the offerings section.

The background is, that i'm making an isometric "business simulation" set in the late medieval era that can nicely be compared to the game "Europe 1400" (aka the guild).
It is gonna use 2D isometric pixelart graphics, mainly buildings, like this:

I'm not able to make nice graphics myself so i'll need to hire someone else for this. But the project is only a private one and i neither make money with it or have much money myself. But the quality of the images should at least be like the one i posted, preferably a better ;)
I'd like to make some money with it later, but it's too early to plan something.

So, my questions:
1. How likely is it that someone will join the project for free who can deliver good quality pixelart? I guess this depends on what impression of proffessionalism i make, so for now just assume that i look like i have the will and the technical skills to make this game. I could present a prototype that has all the basic functionality.
I mean, are there any people that make nice graphics and work for free just because they like a project? Sounds a bit unlikely to me.

2. I guess this will be hard to answer, but if you can't speak in general maybe you could explain how you see it for yourself. How much would a sprite like i posted cost? How will the pricing change if the some house has to be drawn from 4 directions? Will i have to pay more if i demand some technical bounds like having the building split up in layers very extensively (each wall/segment for example) or is this what most people aready do?

It's important for me to gather some information on this because the budget will be very limited and, for example, if i'd have to pay much more if i need all buildings in 4 directions i'd probably be restricted to one direction per building. I would be very thankful to get some insight into this "scene" :)

Best regards,

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