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*Job Posting Terms - READ BEFORE POSTING*

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Printed Date: 04 June 2020 at 12:56am

Topic: *Job Posting Terms - READ BEFORE POSTING*
Posted By: Gecimen
Subject: *Job Posting Terms - READ BEFORE POSTING*
Date Posted: 19 February 2013 at 8:52am


Some terms you must adhere to before posting an ad for a position. The terms may be changed along the way but, there needs to be some information posted other than just "We R looking for a pixel artist to make some kewl grafix n stuff", etc.:

  1. Company Info
  2. Job Info-specs-deadline
  3. What skills do you expect from the artist (with links to similar examples if any)
  4. Paid or not? and salary info
  5. Email address
  6. Company website
  7. Previous projects

Take the time to check over your post before submitting as you may have left out some very important information or have misspelled a lot of words in your post which tends to let people know how unprofessional you may be.

Place [Paid] or [Unpaid] at the beginning of your posts title.

Your thread may be locked if you hesitate to reply to rational questions from members or lack details about the job or project in question. We want you to get help with your project but vague posts just make other postings get lost in the mud.

DO NOT double post or bump. Use the edit button. Violators will have their thread locked.

PM a mod before taking any action if you have any queries. - Click for an up to date list of PJ mods.


Posting your resume here is acceptable but, keep in mind that posting a couple of images with something saying "I am available to work" is hardly a resume. Here's a couple of hints to attract potential clients/employers:

  1. Spell check. Nothing says amateur like mispelling every other word.
  2. Post a couple of key images that really showcase your artistic skills. If you have more than 3 samples, it is a good idea to post a link to your gallery/website.
  3. Let the employers know what kind of work you are and aren't willing to do.
  4. Lists of past jobs. Think of this as a real resume. Employers should be able to see your achievements, etc.

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