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CHALLENGE 2/23/2015: A Nintendo Silly Sym

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Topic: CHALLENGE 2/23/2015: A Nintendo Silly Sym
Posted By: administrator
Subject: CHALLENGE 2/23/2015: A Nintendo Silly Sym
Date Posted: 23 February 2015 at 12:01am

CHALLENGE: A Nintendo Silly Symphony

Challenge winner, - 8 Bit Dreams , wants you to design a NES mock-up based on a - Disney Silly Symphony short .

It's strongly encouraged that your submission fits the NES requirements exactly (see below), but this is optional. You only need to use the correct colours and canvas size.

Canvas Size - Exactly 256 (width) x 224 (height).
Colours - Max 16 (must only be selected from the NES palette).
Transparency - Optional.
Animation - Optional.


  • Participants have until this upcoming Sunday at midnight (12AM Pacific) to /pixels/submit_icons.asp'>submit their entry (strict). Don't forget to check the 'Submit to weekly challenge' checkbox.
  • Only new pixels allowed.
  • Open to all members.
  • Posting WIPs in this thread or in new threads in the /forum/forum_topics.asp?FID=8'>WIP section is highly encouraged, but ONLY SUBMIT YOUR FINAL ART.


  • Every Sunday at midnight (12AM Pacific) the previous week's entries are judged.
  • Every week a new voting poll will be posted for previous week's entries.
  • Winner announced the following week.


  • Top three finishers will receive an award displayed in your PJ gallery profile for all to see and envy.
  • Top finisher gets to call the following week's challenge...sweet.
  • 'Participation' ribbons will be given for all who enter.
  • No matter what happens you get challenged :)


/pixels/poll.asp?id=1438' name='vote' target='_blank'>Vote now for your favorite pixelart in this week's challenge!


The A Nintendo Silly Symphony pixel art challenge is complete and we have three new champions. This week's challenge awards go to the following pieces:

/pixelart/92999.htm' target='_blank' class='winner1'>The China Plate Boss by /p/49536.htm' target='_blank'>HZoltan
/pixelart/93041.htm' target='_blank' class='winner2'>Piggy Wars by /p/48879.htm' target='_blank'>Onipunks
/pixelart/93032.htm' target='_blank' class='winner3'>Little Hiawatha NES by /p/42966.htm' target='_blank'>DatMuffinMan

Thanks so much to all who took the time to vote and participate in the challenge!

/pixelart/92981.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>The Musical Denizens of Hell by /p/48145.htm' target='_blank'>Artifice Machine
/pixelart/92928.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Save The Flowers And Trees! by /p/41015.htm' target='_blank'>LagiaSapphire
/pixelart/92988.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Silly Symphony Elmer Elephant by /p/50265.htm' target='_blank'>Gypopothomas
/pixelart/92969.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Skeleton Dance NES by /p/49580.htm' target='_blank'>Aardkat
/pixelart/92891.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>The Ugly Duckling by /p/39184.htm' target='_blank'>Pheno
/pixelart/93023.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>It's flickering time! by /p/41268.htm' target='_blank'>Eggy
/pixelart/92885.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Not Mickey by /p/54268.htm' target='_blank'>Isackender
/pixelart/93052.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>NES by /p/54299.htm' target='_blank'>Pixenoide
/pixelart/92951.htm' target='_blank' class='winnerx'>Peculiar Penguins NES by /p/27691.htm' target='_blank'>ultimaodin

Posted By: Drazile
Date Posted: 23 February 2015 at 2:52am
Woah, there are 75 of these shorts to choose from! So much possibilities, so little time to watch every one and work out the best plan...

Posted By: Isackender
Date Posted: 23 February 2015 at 4:50am
Wait... F column is duplicated, isn't it? - Yanrishatum's Inspector

Posted By: Muxaun
Date Posted: 23 February 2015 at 11:42am
I hope at least one of your pig-designs will end up in one or another challenge.

Posted By: Asmodeusss
Date Posted: 23 February 2015 at 1:31pm

Posted By: ultimaodin
Date Posted: 24 February 2015 at 12:57am

WIP for Peculiar Penguins.

Need a few more tiles for variation and a few extra sprites to liven up then finish making the conversation. Also the shark needs to be swimming around.

The world is but a shadow of emotion, cast in shades of grey.

Posted By: devinaaron
Date Posted: 24 February 2015 at 5:06pm
Aww, seams i'll have to skip out this week again. This one just seamsno fun.

Posted By: Eggy
Date Posted: 25 February 2015 at 11:48am

Wow, a metasprite made of 8x8 regular 8x8 sprites.
This isn't the whole image, obviously. I want to make an animated mock up, and I've decided to do it piece by piece.
The raster rules feel a bit confusing though (in other words, I dunno how they work exactly) and a bit restrictive for my idea too, so I'm going with some of the other rules instead.

Posted By: DatMuffinMan
Date Posted: 26 February 2015 at 1:55pm
Some tiles for Little Hiawatha. Current issue is getting him to read well even on top of the sand tiles, but I can't fit it into the 8x16 sprite size :(

Posted By: ||||
Date Posted: 26 February 2015 at 3:04pm
Just being a nerd here...
 DMM, yours would follow the specs if it had the MMC5 chip built into the cartridge.. otherwise it would have to be one palette set for every 16x16 pixels to follow the base NES specs. That looks great though and you caould easily claim the cartridge has that chip in it to free up the palette sets for every 8x8 tile (see here: [Kasumi's posts] - ) Since it's early on in the tiling process it would be easy to keep in mind and change the couple segments that share two palette sets if you wanted.
 And Ultimaodin same; at least in the portraits... but really, no need; just ref that expansion chip I guess. Or maybe replace the dark charcoal grey with that purple... ah anyway no need really (I'd have to thoroughly look over it with the grid to make sure and I have to head out for work now). And really no need!

Looking good either way, and I like that animation Eggy.

Posted By: DatMuffinMan
Date Posted: 26 February 2015 at 6:24pm
||||, yeah I'm aware of that, just threw the tiles together to see what they look like.

Posted By: 8 Bit Dreams
Date Posted: 26 February 2015 at 6:53pm
Boy, I wish I had time to participate in my own challenge. Sick kid and loads of desk work has not permitted me any spare time.. Loving what I'm seeing so far.

Posted By: Eggy
Date Posted: 27 February 2015 at 6:26am
Heh, thanks |||| :D
After a bit of thinking and using Google... I think I'll go with the raster rules after all. Make that all of the NES restrictions, actually. And the sprite I've made is made of 64 8x8 sprites so...
WIP background.

Note: There is HUD, but for spoiler reasons it's not displayed. ;)

Posted By: DatMuffinMan
Date Posted: 27 February 2015 at 7:22pm
there we go, I think I've got some acceptable trees going:

14 total tiles.

Posted By: Pheno
Date Posted: 28 February 2015 at 9:57am
Originally posted by DatMuffinMan

there we go, I think I've got some acceptable trees going:

14 total tiles.

Looks okay, but also looks somewhat broken, like it's not meant to look like that. Are they finished?

Posted By: DatMuffinMan
Date Posted: 28 February 2015 at 3:09pm
@Pheno - whoops, didn't see your post before uploading. hopefully I fixed things?

Posted By: ultimaodin
Date Posted: 01 March 2015 at 7:05am
@|||| - Oh no T_T

I totally forgot the max number of sprite pallets I was just so focused on 3 colours and one base/background colour.

The world is but a shadow of emotion, cast in shades of grey.

Posted By: Doyoudigworms
Date Posted: 02 March 2015 at 1:19pm

Three Little Wolves

Here is my unfinished "Silly Symphony" mock-up. My timing could not have been worse. I discovered the contest late Thursday evening, worked a bit on it Friday and was left with some family/friend issues over the weekend, so no work done and deadline missed. It's a shame because I love restriction challenges and NES has some of the most interesting restrictions.

My inspiration for this piece was taken from some early model sheets and then modified slightly to give a late life NES feel. So it features, sprite overlays and some more spirited tiling rather than something more uniform. The game would be a in the same vein as the Disney-Capcom games from the NES library but with a Lost Viking feel to the  individual attributes of the Three Wolves. The bone flute works like a homeward bone from Dark Souls and sends you back to the start of the level but Health and Items are then replenished. Each pig that is killed is then harvested and and added to the cuts that will be fed to the gangs leader Big Bad. When switching between Wolves the other idle wolves seek refuge behind trees to dodge bullets and the Pig's elaborate 'Wolf Pacifier'.

Wolf 1 Launches apples from his sling shot (stun)

Wolf 2 Uses a butcher to collect prime cuts (Kill)

Wolf 3 Collects various items and apples to be served with pig or to be launched from cannons or Wolf 1 slingshot.

The background is all but missing, including some trees and nice filler pieces from this mock-up. Due to that...I feels pretty uneven. Didn't even finish a piggy sprite :( So wrote it off. Anyone is welcome to any of the tile assets in this mock-up.

Posted By: jalonso
Date Posted: 02 March 2015 at 2:12pm
@Doyoudigworms, Finish it and submit anyways :)

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