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Contribution Guide

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Printed Date: 23 March 2023 at 7:08am

Topic: Contribution Guide
Posted By: Hapiel
Subject: Contribution Guide
Date Posted: 03 March 2017 at 1:03pm

Welcome to the OPP project!

We are creating a cohesive set of game graphics, and releasing them into the http:// - public domain .
We are doing this because we enjoy making, editing and improving our art! Also, we want to support game programmers who might not have access to custom quality artwork.
The asset pack is downloadable from -
As an open project, we're always looking for new contributors. Legally, all contributions in any place are assumed to be in the public domain. (For more info about why we chose to release all the rights on all the artwork, check out http:// - this post )

What to work on

First off, have a look at our - style guide .

For contributions to be added to a set they need to match the colours, style and quality of the existing assets. Don't let that stress you out though.
We love to collaborate, so share your work and we'll improve it together! Most assets go through several revisions before being included on the website - it truly is a collaborative process.
There are three ways to find stuff to work on.
  • Check out the forum threads to see what people have been working on recently, and contribute to those. It is always appreciated if you make improvements, add missing tiles and animations, or draw new assets to match with the existing ones.
  • Check out the - WIP folder on the website. This is mostly abandoned work which would be awesome to have finished.
  • Check out the - requests list on the website . Anyone is free to leave requests there, and upvote them as well.
Where to share it

Come meet us at our http:// - discord chatroom ! Here you can immediately share your work in progress and get quick feedback. (Also, come say hi to us and perhaps attend our weekend voice meetings!)
Of course, anything posted in the chat might only be seen by a couple people. Anything that needs to be saved more permanently should go in the forums.
Happy pixelling!
~The OPP Team

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