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"Lava City" New MMOCC

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Topic: "Lava City" New MMOCC
Posted By: Gregory16
Subject: "Lava City" New MMOCC
Date Posted: 12 August 2005 at 8:00am

Hello everyone, My name is Gregory i'm the owner & Founder of a new MMOCC called "Lava City", I've had the project open approx. two months just been keeping it secret and have finally decided to take it publicly i am in need of staff i'll name a few i require at the moment and an exact ammount of each team i need here's the folowing:

Pixel Artists: currently need a team of 7-8

As the game will be coded in Lingo programming i'll need approx 3-4 Lingo programmers and you must have a legally licensed ver. of MacroMedia Director MX 2004

More staff openings will be made once i open the lava city site

programming & pixel art teams/staff will be payed in the future once the game goes publicly and we start making money, However Graphics Team and programmers (staff) will be issued contracts so neither i nor the pixel artist(s) & programmer(s) get screwed over. Have any questions about applying or general info abou the game? Drop me an email at -  and or add me on MSN messenger

Posted By: Commodore
Date Posted: 12 August 2005 at 11:16am
Have you done any other games you can show? What's a MMOCC? Could you discribe the game a bit more.

Posted By: Gregory16
Date Posted: 12 August 2005 at 10:07pm
No, This is my first game however i havetons of experience and i know what i need done. MMOCC (Multi-Player online chatting community).  it'll be a city setting you can buy furni, lava bucks to buy furni and upgrade to your apartments etc. like i said just email me for more info and if you'd like to work for me

Posted By: imaxcs
Date Posted: 13 August 2005 at 8:58am
I don't post much here on the forums, as I am no pixel-artist, but a indie-programmer. However, the "drop an email-address and wait for a wonder"-tactic doesn't work most of the time.

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Posted By: Gregory16
Date Posted: 14 August 2005 at 8:14am
indie programmer?, Here i'll post a crap load of info about the game l8er bit busy at the moment so it gives you guys a better look at what i'm creating ok?

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