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eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/25/2018 20:17


Honestly I'm mostly talking crap.

neota (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 8/25/2018 19:34

I think it's "How should we define the definition of pixel art?"

(ie. what properties should the definition itself have, as opposed to "how should we define pixel art?", which is about what content the definition should have.)

greenraven (Level 1 Gangster) @ 8/25/2018 16:31

Hi. What are we all talking about now? In ten words or less, some of us don't have the attention span we used to. XD

cure (Level 11 Godfather) @ 8/25/2018 10:41

Agree that there is a distinction digital drawing vs digital painting, although this distinction is fuzzier than analog (traditional) drawing vs analog painting

I don't know, the line between traditional drawing and traditional painting is pretty fuzzy as well.

eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/25/2018 06:43

@neota: You're right that communities do end up with a greater focus on what makes them distinct from related media/genres/whatever, but I don't think that such definitions should be a goal for a community. Rather, I think fuzziness and difficulty in finding robust definitions are present in many media, especially in digital media which share the same literal medium of raster and/or vector data formats and distinctions are a matter of convention.

I think this is fine, and I don't see a need for precision, I think that fuzziness can be embraced. To me, "does it look like the artist cared about the work at the pixel level throughout most of it?" is a sufficient criterion that captures the general idea of pixel art, and I like it because it's subjective. The details (exact tools, techniques, even some apparent hallmarks, etc) vary with time in any thriving medium, different things become more or less acceptable, there are trends, etc. That's wonderful! "Robust" definitions tend to enshrine the state of the medium/genre/whatever at a given point in time rather than the common spirit linking artists across time, which tends to be rather vague.

I can see the value of more robust definitions for communities like PJ where gatekeeping is an explicit goal (for the gallery), but to me, at least, this value is in making it easier to find the specific kinds of pixel art people want to see and discuss - something that could be achieved with a very vague "definition" and filters for different types of content, techniques, etc in the art (e.g. low-colour, gradient clusters, specific styles, specific paletes, etc along with more "typical" categories like landscape, sprite, portrait, illustration, mock-up, etc).

neota (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 8/25/2018 02:23

Well, personally I would not put photomanip (or postprocessing/SFX work for films, which you could maybe call 'videomanip') within digital art.. Probably because it depends on a capture device (camera) as well as drawing device + computer.

Agree that there is a distinction digital drawing vs digital painting, although this distinction is fuzzier than analog (traditional) drawing vs analog painting. If you aim to ultimately learn both, then IMO it is useful to mostly dispense with the distinction once you reach a decent level of mastery of each.

The software tools used by these different digital media don't define the media

software doesn't define the media -- with a few exceptions like Oekaki.

And for most cases, software tools don't define the media. But it seems pretty clear to me that pixel art is often, even typically, defined in terms of software tools, or at least the absence of many other software tools. Maybe because we don't have any better way to define it.

When I say 'differentiate from digital art' I mean in the sense of, if we have a robust definition of  'pixel art', you should be able to take a random selection of images and pronounce definitively either 'this IS pixel art' or 'this is digital art but NOT pixel art' for 95% of them. That's the proof of a robust definition. Pixelation and PJ don't care that much about whether pixel art is inside or outside of the category of digital art, but they value the ability to detect irrelevant content.

(this is like, say, differentiating 'speed metal' music genre from just 'metal'. All of the former category is within the latter category, but not all of the latter category is within the former category.)

Considering your earlier post again:

General art topics aren't separate from pixel art, they're what we use pixel art to tackle. Digital painting communities and marker art communities operate the same way, and I'm sure other communities operate similarly. It's about creating effective work in the community's chosen medium, and that includes general concepts, not just ones specific to the medium.

This seems to be a similar misunderstanding. I agree with what you said in the above quote, just about every word. So.. I'm definitely not saying that people SHOULD focus more on "pixel art " specific techniques; Rather, that having a "pixel art" forum means that people *will* tend to overemphasize processes and techniques that are specific to pixel art. Because that's logically exactly what makes it a pixel art forum, rather than just an art forum.

eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/24/2018 09:39

@neota: You made perfect sense, don't worry.
I think it's fair to say that pixel art is a sub-medium of digital art, sure :D But "digital art" is a broad umbrella term, one can almost always be more specific than "digital art". Even just looking at raster art, you have digital photomanipulation, digital painting, digital drawing, generative raster art, etc. Different subsets of the same tools, different associated techniques, different goals. The software tools used by these different digital media don't define the media, but rather enable the techniques and results associated with those media. And even among these other media, the definitions are loose.

I haven't seen anyone treat pixel art as distinct from digital art in general, I've only seen it defined as a type of digital art, albeit one with less technique overlap than most other categories, due to its focus on pixel-level stuff, whereas most (but not all) other types of digital art largely ignore the pixel.

neota (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 8/24/2018 08:11


I'm unsatisfied by the proposition of defining pixel art simply as a medium. I think it fails to differentiate pixel art from digital art. One argument is that if I hand you 10 tools and you only use 3 of them, you have defined down the medium I expected you to work in to a sub-medium. Well, perhaps you are therefore OK with the statement 'pixel art is a submedium within digital art'. Personally I don't think that quite tracks with how either PJ or Pixelation have treated 'pixel art'.

It's 12 midnight, so I'll leave any comments about 'genre' for tomorrow and hope that this comment is somewhat sensible as is.

eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/24/2018 07:35

Holy crap eatpoo, I'm so glad someone else remembers that place! I cut my teeth on digital painting there, and thought maybe I'd dreamt the whole thing because I hadn't heard anyone else mention it after it died.

pistachio (Level 1 Rookie) @ 8/24/2018 07:11

What monster have I unleashed!?...

Now on behalf of Pix, as I am one of the guys who's been offering up critique there for years: I apologize if the tone of what some of us do seems elitist. To an extent, especially in the past, that's valid. But you have to understand, on the other hand, that that is the nature of any arena that serves critique straight: it doesn't sugar-coat it. Posting online changes whole dimensions of it. See Polycount (and predecessor eatpoo), see ConceptArt. To that end I can't apologize entirely.

In the technique-obsession (hi @neota), here I agree. But one man can't really change the flavor of the board itself, just change himself.

I haven't been an active participant in what was the Pix Discord server so can't verify the claims about chat content. But I am all for getting down to hard truths and am scratching my chin now. I'll have to investigate before coming to conclusions about if the cutoff was warranted.

To be on the safe side I won't bring any of the more salient points (format, crosstalk, mods, rules) to the Pix thread without some kind of go ahead from those members (cure, Adarias, eishiya) who put them down. Others (politics, free speech) I'll avoid.

eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/24/2018 06:19

@neota: Maybe these discussions happen in private or on the Discord, but I haven't seen it crop up as a problem on Pixelation, or even here.

I think it's easiest to look at pixel art as a medium for art, not a genre of art. General art topics aren't separate from pixel art, they're what we use pixel art to tackle. Digital painting communities and marker art communities operate the same way, and I'm sure other communities operate similarly. It's about creating effective work in the community's chosen medium, and that includes general concepts, not just ones specific to the medium. Sure, an artist could get composition, colour theory, anatomy, etc advice from some general art forum, but they'd probably get more effective help from people who use the same medium and can give them tips on achieving their desired look in that medium.

@DieMango: No, but even if the people are great, I doubt I'd enjoy it. I'm just not a fan of the format for critique. I love Discord for chat, but I'd rather do critique via a forum or something similar.

DieMango (Level 6 Made) @ 8/24/2018 02:59

Did ya check out the other servers? I am on the ,,reddit'' one and its alway nice traffic and nice people. The Pixeljoint one is very silent these days and the Pixelation one has a alot of regulars.

neota (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 8/24/2018 00:43

I think that 'pixel art techniques' that are specifically PIXEL ART techniques are pretty rarified (for example, dither, AA, and clustering could generally be considered as halftoning, smudging, and the study of shape-stacking. You have to go into.. 'dither-walk', 'AA ramp distortion', 'subpixeling', 'specific ways to render small ellipses or circle', 'clean pixel art speculars'.. before you're actually firmly in pixel art's domain.).

That created a kind of uneasy relationship with general art discussion, IMO -- so people could and would do it but it was less clearly within the scope of the forum. It was less valued (and of course it's easier too, to criticise narrow technical points rather than the fundamental structure of a picture)

That's an ongoing problem for Pixelation IMO, and it's not obvious whether it's even possible to solve it. It looks to me like it mostly overlaps with the ongoing debate "What *exactly* IS pixel art, anyway?"

EDIT: If you compare pixel art to other forms of art, for example concept art or illustration, it highlights that pixel art is defined technically -- even if we can't entirely agree on that definition -- whereas other forms are defined functionally (a picture falls into 'concept art' insofar as it is laser focused on 'conveying a concept' rather than being technically impressive or especially beautiful). I think that's the key factor that creates this uncomfortable relationship with technique. It would be interesting to compare with the communities of other technically-defined artforms.

Metaru (Level 8 Brigadier General) @ 8/23/2018 16:23

I mean, away from any kind of toxicity people has described around here, the whole concept behind pixelation was, to say something, almost out of reach to anyone just begining. plus with the talents that dwelled the placed it was rather hard to feel that you were among peers looking to pixel stuff for fun. even if that wasn't intentional.

eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/23/2018 14:33

I hated the Discord server, tbh :'D But it's good that it exists and that other people enjoy it and find it useful. That alone imho is worth having multiple communities - different formats for different folks.

DieMango (Level 6 Made) @ 8/23/2018 13:25

Sad sad....atleast discord is fun and easy to use right?

eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/22/2018 22:40

Same. I didn't register and start posting until it had become more heavily populated by newbies.

Jinn (Level 11 Godfather) @ 8/22/2018 21:53


Metaru (Level 8 Brigadier General) @ 8/22/2018 20:00

I've got to admit I always felt intimidated to post in pixelation back in my earlier years of PA, to a point I simply just didn't even post at all.

skeddles (Level 11 Psychopath) @ 8/22/2018 07:47

Imo the lack of activity on CC forums is due to the forum format feeling very old / inaccessible. I hope to someday make a more organized / easier to post&use format (clearer progression of threads, easy inline pixel editing/drawing, visual thread list, etc). I don't think there was really ever a "golden age" though, there was always times when posts got ignored. You also really need at least a few dedicated people who post a lot.

DieMango (Level 6 Made) @ 8/20/2018 10:28

After all this text i gotta say that alot made more sense.

I posted madly on alot of sites and got alot of CC at the beginning and it became less and less.
Kinda sad as an ,,new pixelartist'' to not know how the Goldenage of both sites looked like and am only interested on the aftermath wich currently is kinda sad.

Getting more CC now over discord but its still nagging me that i still hvae problems in pixelart fundimentals and overall have a hard time growing.

Fleja2003 (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/19/2018 12:34

Happy Birthday - your pixelart is very inspiring c:

a3um (Level 4 Shichikyu) @ 8/18/2018 00:05

Thank you very much!

Irenaart (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 8/17/2018 10:36

@a3um; Happy birthday, man!

cure (Level 11 Godfather) @ 8/17/2018 08:54

I don't think we need two separate communities at this point. [Rather, I don't know if the two would mix like oil and water, but it would be great if they could pool their members and resources]. In the past, ideological differences kept the two communities from merging or even collaborating that much (though once upon a time PJ had a link to Pixelation in the drop-down menu, later removed in an update). In regards to pixel art, Jalonso was very conservative and unbending in his views, whereas Pixelation was not really that concerned with defining pixel art. PJ was a gallery and so positioned itself as arbiter, with a set of (mostly) hard-and-fast rules. Pixelation was primarily concerned with discussing the medium and imparting its techniques to others, so there was no need to pass a purity test. I imagine the strong anti-demoscene stance of PJ's early days also helped drive a wedge between this community and Pixelation, which is generally more OG and connected to that era of pixel art. Additionally, Pixelation sort of scoffed at all the trophies and flair of PJ, believing that the award system amounted to a popularity contest that hindered the site by requiring strict rules about what could be considered "pixel art" in order to keep the contest fair.

I can't say whether the two are capable of merging today, but we've always had lots of overlapping membership, so I'd love to see a way for the activity and gallery of PJ to be paired with Pixelation's focus on study and thoughtful discussion. I cut my teeth in the WIP workshop environment of Pixelation AND PJ, it was essential to my progression in this art form, so it's pretty sad that neither community has a thriving WIP forum anymore. Maybe it's an outdated format, but I think there's a real need and desire for people to learn the artform in some sort of structured format.

ParkerBabyDiaperCompany (Level 4 Team Leader) @ 8/17/2018 08:03

Right, I didn't mean to imply he was banned for his political views. I think a stink was raised about his views by some, and then he bubbled over violently. It's the discussion of political views which leads to violent outburts from both sides.
RAV was at fault because he was personally attacking members. But he's an effusive character; getting riled up is part of his nature.

So at the time I  thought maybe some stern warning or a temporary ban would be preferable. Although, seeing what he's recently said on Pixelation, probably his ban here was justified.

Gecimen (Level 11 Master Assassin) @ 8/17/2018 07:10

Offending =/= insulting.

neota (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 8/17/2018 05:54

Insulting and offending others is really the main thing that IS within the definition of free speech, AFAICS. You can't say anything of any real interest without potentially offending someone. We don't need to legally protect inoffensive speech because, who's going to object to inoffensive speech? Nobody.

TBH 'free speech' seems like a red herring though -- If there is any moderation of posts beyond 'remove obvious spam', it seems to me obvious that what you have cannot be free speech. Instead you have a subset of speech which is defined adhoc by what posts and users you choose to remove -- for example in this case, it's not simply that RAV was suddenly insulting on day; he had a history of sporadically being intensely and perhaps pointlessly insulting, as well as going on long tangents. He also at times expressed curiously definitive opinions on pixel art -- curious because when pressed for pixel art work he did, he produced nothing. These things were, as far as I know, pointed out to him, with no noticable effect. There was then a reasonably clear case that he wasn't there to participate constructively.

So the idea that RAV was participating in a community with unrestrained free speech seems, on the face of it, wrong.

Gecimen (Level 11 Master Assassin) @ 8/17/2018 04:00

PBDC, just to avoid confusion, RAV was not banned because we don't agree on his political views (I can even say I agree on some). He was banned because of insulting other members more and faster than we can count. Insulting others is not within the definition of free speech afaik.

Gecimen (Level 11 Master Assassin) @ 8/17/2018 03:36

I've been always scared to ask this question publicly but can anyone enlighten me why we need 2 separate English speaking pixel art communities?

Are there any fundemantal functional differences of both sites (except that PJ has a gallery function)? Is there anything like Pixelation is for the elites and PJ is for everyone? I don't know if such a thing exists... I mean old (currently renewed) PJ gallery rules may have caused some arguments but Pix doesn't even have a gallery, so...?

The only thing that I can make out is past time mods of both sides not getting along too well with eachother, which is, if true, the source of too many problems to begin with.

And anyways, now that the old PJ staff (aka Jal) isn't here anymore, and we are kinda open to accept decent pixel artists as a mod, why don't we merge them (sooner than later)? I'm not saying Jal's light (or shadow) on PJ ceased to exist but I'm completely sure we can overcome whatever disagreements people has or had.

If I'm being too naive, can anyone shed some light why?

slym (Level 8 Rear Admiral) @ 8/16/2018 10:50

@Adarias pretty much summed up my own experience as well. At times I feel a little bit of guilt for not leaving more feedback while I wasn't posting art to support the community / new "generation" of younger or newer pixel artists coming to the site. 

I think a lot of us either were too busy with freelancing or went down different paths. I imagine  the boom of pixel art's popularity in the indie scene had a big impact on this.

Adarias (Level 11 Special Agent) @ 8/15/2018 15:45

Pix really kinda died ~5 years ago, when for many reasons people simply stopped posting new works, or stopped replying to the critique that was offered.

What was “kept alive” wasn’t what made the site worth visiting, and included a significant element that was not only regressive in nature, but directly antagonistic to many members, while being wholly unrelated to pixel art.  To point of a finger at the discord format seems a bit disingenuous.  I was personally unaware of any “stunts” because I gave up a long time ago.

Obviously I cannot complain too loudly, as I rarely post these days.  I don't make much new pixel art and don't make time to leave much detailed feedback.

It’s worth noting that people like Manupix, Gecimen, PBDC, Pyrometal, Eishiya et al (there are many) have done a tremendous job of keeping PJ active and perhaps even reinvigorating it in spite of various challenges similar to those faced at Pix (antiquated tech, toxic discussion, etc.).  Activity levels here fluctuate considerably, but at least there is meaningful activity.

Two ideas I always liked were to integrate collaboration into the gallery at the code level, and to integrate WIPs/Crits into the gallery (also at the code level).  Such features and other suggestions could go a long way towards salvaging what is good about both communities.  As I understand however it these are on semi-permanent hold pending significant backend overhauls, and collaboration on the coding challenges is off the table.

cure (Level 11 Godfather) @ 8/15/2018 10:18

neota (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 8/14/2018 08:09

I won't pretend I know what's going on, but I certainly have questions:

* What is the practical meaning of Ptoing becoming a mod again? He doesn't seem to have said anything about it on Pixelation.

* I'm not satisfied with the account that Helm has made of himself. At all. I don't accept his claims of what was going on without evidence, and the (im)precise manner in which he has phrased these claims only makes me much more suspicious of them. The attempts by Indigo to play off these events as no big deal, also really doesn't jive with *any* of the other accounts at all.

FoxTurtle (Level 5 Soldier) @ 8/14/2018 07:05

Alright, cool

eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/14/2018 06:56

@FoxTurtle: If there haven't been enough entries to the Dream Sequence one, it's probably been extended.

eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/14/2018 06:39

@Cyangmou: I feel like the community was fractured before Helm ever pulled his stunt. The Slack and Discord communities, at least from my point of view as someone who stuck to the forum and who only endured the Discord (not sure it's the same one tbh, it was linked on PJ) for a few days ages ago, have been effectively separate since almost the beginning, with their own set of regulars, their own focus, their own styles of discussion (even on the same topics) - their own communities. An overlap in users (including regulars) does not make them the same community.

I like Helm's direction for the forum, but the whole threat situation was ridiculous and unnecessary.

There's been too much drama and not enough art talk both on Pixelation and here, really. I understand why most of it is necessary, but I don't need that in my life right now. I'd been having a good time with pixel art for the first time in years, then I come to these places to share, and have that enjoyment ruined. That's not what I want out of pixel art communities :/ Until the dust settles, I think I should go back to my cave.

Also, re: the speed of forums: I agree that it's hard to get quick feedback on forums, but I found it only marginally easier to get on Discord (people were usually too busy talking about something else, or it was dead), and even when it was quicker, it was also a lot less useful and harder to parse because of the format, at least for me. This isn't to say that people shouldn't use it, just that I don't think we need to pick one or the other, we need to have multiple formats for users with different preferences, and they can be separate communities with their own policies, their own moderation, etc, just with overlap in users. Trying to brand them as the same community just leads to people feeling left out for no reason, and it leads to strife like what Pixelation's been having.

FoxTurtle (Level 5 Soldier) @ 8/14/2018 06:24

Is there no weekly challenge this week?

pyrometal (Level 8 Guerrilla) @ 8/13/2018 15:33

It's a tough balancing act sometimes, and what compounds the problem is people have different stances on these types of topics. You're always bound to displease somebody at the end of the day whatever decision you take, so you gotta learn to live with that fact I guess...

Discord link here, suprised you weren't a member yet! https://discord.gg/wFBRBAd

(edit: accidentally shared the PJ Mod discord, now fixed)

ParkerBabyDiaperCompany (Level 4 Team Leader) @ 8/13/2018 09:38

Unfortunately it's the law of the internet that any completely unconstrained free speech platform will inevitably foster far-right views, and to people who don't tolerate those views censorship is the only solution. From the topic I see that RAV was a big player there too. He was banned here after people threatened to leave.

Personally, I was against his ban, but at the same time I don't think a community can exist in which free speech is allowed if it's not the sole focus of the community. If the focus is art (such as here and pixelation), then drama-ridden topics should and must be banned for the well-being of its diverse members. It is important to do it in such a way that no one is demonized, though. If a mod says "your views are what's wrong with the world" before closing the topic, the mods get the last say in the matter, and the members censored will feel slighted and dominated, on top of being censored. 

Does anyone have a link to the discord? I can't find it anywhere.

Cyangmou (Level 8 Marshal) @ 8/13/2018 04:00

Pixelation's active comm mostly moved the last years over to the Slack chat and later to the Discord.
At least as far as I can say, that most of the people who have been active on the board during the last 4 years as I have been a mod also been active there, it wa smostly a chat where people would talk about games, hobbies, art etc.

The forum was then mostly used for matters of big importance, but feedback on forums as platform is slow and it's hard to quickly discuss or address points, especially considering the length one has to go to to get a picture up (image hoster, link, posting etc.), PJ has the same problem, but the gallery is alive, bc. for that it is worth to put in that amount of time to get a simple picture up.

That being said most topics which come up have been covered already, the tree threads, the grass threads and the character threads are a stable, for which I introduced the archive.

Most posts of critique there got answered.

The daily sketch thread always was active. The link collections got updated too and it has been easier than ever to find these threads full of knowledge which helped many people in the process.

Helm wanted to come back as mod, which I personally thought was cool, because I always respected him. But then he started to put everyone of the recent comm in the same bucket.

The way he went over it was inacceptable plenty of people of the recent comm and myself, who put work in the place during the last 3 years Helm exactly made 3 posts.

He used a small sub-part of the chat (the politics section, where mostly 3 people were arguing about stuff nobody else really had interest in and wasn't even read by most people - myself excluded) and he took offense to a lot of very harmless jokes traded between people who know each other super well and he took some political stances as well.

So he said either he gets the forum back and the chat gets closed or dissociated, or he will destroy his posts.

Of course parts of the recent comm who were daily active during the last 3-6 years there also felt attacked, considering that if he wouldn't have gotten his way it also would have deleted all his threads.

And in the process harm a lot of those interesting, freela available, public art ressources - which should be maintained, because thoughts and critique chains with missing posts of critique are useless.

Helm mostly had a part in the older interesting discussions. Not too few of my own critique threads, which actually can go to shit now anytime, if helm decides to put up this kind of pressure again. 

It is too much for me to handle, considering all the time and sweat I put into it keep the place running and put up interesting threads and discussions, whenever I had some time next to my work dduring the last years.

That being said Helm is now back as a mod, but sadly he went over it  in a way that the community fractured beyond repair.

eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/12/2018 15:32

Agreed, there has been a lot of that in recent years, though I do think it's still a net positive overall, since it leads to faster improvement than being on one's own, even if it's not as fast as getting better instruction from people who know what they're talking about.

Helm's apparently making a point of posting more critique now. Several other skilled artists also still regularly post comments and edits. The overall quality of art on Pixelation is reduced because it seems like most of the good artists don't post their art there anymore, probably due to deadlines and NDAs.

Personally, I feel like there's been more post-and-running in recent years, people posting their stuff up for critique, getting comments, and never responding. It's really discouraging to keep posting when that happens so much. It happens on PJ too :/ I've been posting less critique on both sites because of that.

ParkerBabyDiaperCompany (Level 4 Team Leader) @ 8/12/2018 12:37

For a few years span, back about 10 years ago or so, I would view every single new post and every single new topic in the WIP section. This was because there were very active, talented pixel artists who would offer advice to everyone. People like Helm and Adarias were often offering invaluable advice and making edits. Even though I was one of the most active viewers, I very very rarely offered any advice because I felt I wasn't good enough. 

But over time the talented artists largely left the site, and I ended up seeing a lot of "blind leading the blind." And this isn't a criticism at all of either of those 2 members mentioned; it's a natural evolution for a forum to lose the oldschool members and gain new ones. For whatever reason it  was just never the same for me. 

Now I haven't been back there for like 5 years, so I can't comment much on the current state of the board.

eishiya (Level 6 SWAT) @ 8/12/2018 09:10

I'm on Pixelation a lot, and I see a few others from PJ there too, so it's definitely not just you xP

pistachio (Level 1 Rookie) @ 8/11/2018 21:09

If it is relevant, Pixelation (the artboard formerly known as WayOfThePixel) may be movin' on up to another platform.

If anyone still goes there. just me? damn.

FoxTurtle (Level 5 Soldier) @ 8/10/2018 19:14

Alright, thanks

ParkerBabyDiaperCompany (Level 4 Team Leader) @ 8/10/2018 16:10

I think it should be up to the mods to message the artist before removing a piece from the challenge in ambiguous cases.

Gecimen (Level 11 Master Assassin) @ 8/10/2018 15:56

@Fox, we get a few accidental weekly challenge entries every week. If you just write “for the weekly challenge x” next time you’ll help us avoid confusion.

I apologize on the mod team’s behalf.

Irenaart (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 8/10/2018 02:55

@Sohei; One more star of the PJ's sky has a birthday today. Happy birthday, Sohei!

Irenaart (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 8/8/2018 02:07

@mwambi; Happy birthday, man! You forgot us but we didn't forget you.

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