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Borat competes for attention with Kazakh president in the United States capital. 

Check out the highlights of the Kazakh summit (video won't load in Firefox, but works fine in Internet Explorer).
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/30/2006 01:25  |    4

We developed a new kind of output device for your computer, consisting out of 8100 tabletennis balls in 6 greytones. 

It's 2 by 3 meters and comes with a pretty slow refresh rate, only 2-3 hours!

What more do you want?

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/28/2006 22:55  |    6

That's right, a canadian man with a tattoo of the video game Grand Theft Auto was charged with a case of stolen property and auto theft.

I can see another crack at video games in the near future.

Posted by Skull @ 9/27/2006 07:21  |    9
From the site...

S+F Software is on the look out for talented pixel artists ready to jump into doing a commercial project for the Sega Dreamcast to be published by Goat Store, LLC. This is a paid project, but is based on units sold, so don't give up your day job.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/25/2006 16:44  |    3 | Source

Not sure if you guys are, but I'm a ONE member. If you're not you can always go to the site listed here and check it out. Although this says Americans, ANYONE can submit a pledge. The most important thing you can do this year to end extreme poverty is vote on November 7th.

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Posted by Aleiav @ 9/22/2006 10:42  |    3
Chat with a random person! Just pick a language and wait until you get connected. Then, make some new friends or act like a complete fool.
Posted by Dejital @ 9/22/2006 16:10  |    3

This video of United States Senator Ted Kennedy speaking on Net Neutrality is a serious notice about the movement in the USA against possible actions planned by the main Netservers, which threaten to regulate a web traffic based on $$$. This is an "official" and serious position about it , not like the freak movement created in the Net (see my August notice "Fight for Free Net")

Posted by Sgrum @ 9/17/2006 10:30  |    1
TGS [Tokyo Game Show] is taking place in Japan right now and with the creator of “Pac-Man,” Toru Iwatani, onstage Peter Moore announced that Microsoft and NAMCO BANDAI Games will host the first “Pac-Man” World Championship in early 2007. The top 10 players in the world for “Pac-Man” on Xbox Live Arcade will compete for the title in New York City. More details, including how to qualify for the championship, will be made available in the coming months.
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Posted by fourzerotwo @ 9/20/2006 16:13  |    0
After lots and lots of stormy weather ever after the old Pixelation got hacked, it is finally back after 3 or (4) server changes. No longer Pixelopolis, no longer air of being temporary lingering over it. It's back for good, the server we are on now should be able to handle it well (thanks goat). Both www.pixel-arts.org/pixelation and www.pixelation2.com work. Enjoy :)
Posted by ptoing @ 9/21/2006 20:20  |    6
Google has found a way to have you help them make their image searching service better and have fun doing it.

You just pick a username (be sure to pick one, that way if you and another PJer get joined together, you can brag about how good you guys are, or find out how dumb someone can be ), then hit start...  It then searches for somebody else who is also waiting.  Once someone is found, the game begins...  You have 90 seconds to guess keywords for the image that your partner has guessed.  Each image is worth 100 points.

I have made it to 1300 points, can anyone do better?  (TIP: guess the obvious first...  If its a picture of some guy, then guess guy/man and so on)
Posted by Ensellitis @ 9/21/2006 14:58  |    12
So are you console gamers lining up to play or could you care less?
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/21/2006 00:51  |    10
What happens when you drop mentos into a 2-liter soda? Here you can find some examples of the insane reaction! And there is a contest too.
Posted by glassy glaze @ 9/17/2006 08:52  |    9
These terrific propaganda posters convey bold points even without the text. The Soviets, the Nazis and the USA didn't have much in common, but they sure new how to brainwash the masses with art.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/20/2006 18:58  |    10
After over 40 years of sitting at the bottom of a swamp, a T-34 Soviet tank was found.  Divers located it 9 meters down.  The site is in Russian, but I think the pictures of the removal speak for themselves.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 9/20/2006 00:05  |    16
The following pixel artists produced Pixel Joint's top rated pixel art for August 2006. Many thanks go out to this month's top pixel artists and all the members who took time to rate.

#1 Pixel Artfavourite astronaut by tomic
#2 Pixel ArtRider by verfum
#3 Pixel Art2006 Design Kronimides by Ahruon
#4 Pixel ArtSarah Brightman portrait by AndyOaks
#5 Pixel ArtSkid the Squirrel by Indigo
#6 Pixel ArtA Sojorn of Sages. by Jaeden
#7 Pixel ArtPC Design by Gas 13
#8 Pixel ArtElder Dragon by Tremulant
#9 Pixel ArtDragon Rider by buloght
#10 Pixel ArtElement logo by ryumaru
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/19/2006 23:43  |    13
A while back I sent in a link to a story about rogers communication suing bell canada over their animated pixel cheetah and hare tv ad.  I just found an online gallery of those bell pixel ads with links to quicktime video versions that might interest the pixel-oriented.  I like the pixel style and some of these commercials are pretty funny too:


As far as I know Bell Canada is no longer showing these pixel ads on tv.

PB Edit: These ads were pixelled by the talented Trevor Van Meter
PB Edit #2: My bad... Trevor only work on a certain portion. See n.alien's comment below
Posted by carlsenior @ 9/18/2006 13:10  |    8

New fish have been discovered over in the South Pacific! So far I've heard/read that they've found walking sharks, and shrimp that look like praying mantis'!

My mouth's watering already!

Posted by VenomousNinja @ 9/18/2006 16:29  |    3

Over this past week, Nintendo's made some big announcements.  They consist of pricing for the games of the Virtual Console, the Opera Web Browser in the Wii, launch lists, but most of all, the release date and the price.

For North America and South America, the Wii will release at $249.99 on November 19. Games'll price out at about $49.99

For Europe, The Wii will hit December 8th priced at £179 in the UK and 249 Euros in Europe. Games will cost between £34-£39 (49-50 Euros).

And for Japan, it'll be December 2, selling for 25,000 yen.

I'm really excited, i've been waiting for the Wii ever since it's been named Revolution.

Posted by Dark Rogue @ 9/15/2006 13:41  |    11


Ever want to watch a Bruce Lee-bot do some slow kung-fu moves? Or how about ride a coaster where you hear Bruce Lee grunt on every dip and loop? Well now, thanks to the Chinese, you can! Check the article for what could be a very interesting theme park.

Posted by halfDemon @ 9/6/2006 20:18  |    5
What would you do with a computer that can run 10,000 programs at the same time without any sign of lag?   What would you put onto a harddrive that can hold the entire Library of Congress, US Patent Office, and all the data at The Smithonian 3 times?

The world's top 500 super computers
can do all that and more.  A few of them are able to simulate an entire universe, or make an near exact model of Earth complete with AI and weather tracking.

You see, computers can still fill an entire room, but it is by choice, and a sweet one at that.
Posted by Ensellitis @ 9/11/2006 09:43  |    7
Today is the 5yr anniversary of 9/11, one of the largest terrorist attacks ever, and the largest to ever hit the USA.  That day, 2,948 were confirmed dead and 24 are still reported missing.  Even though this tragedy happened in the USA, it effected the entire world, whether it be International Policy, trade, or so on.

I am sure everyone knows where they were when this happened, it is one of those times that stick in your mind.

I will be using this time to remember  people whom I knew who perished at the Pentagon; Lt. JG Darin Howard and Sgt Tamara Thurman.

Here is a complete list of all the victims (warning, it may be down from time to time due to heavy traffic today)
Posted by Ensellitis @ 9/11/2006 09:01  |    35
Yup, last night, Saturday the 9th, the first episode of AMW's new season, the 20th, aired of FOX, 900 criminals caught, every other one to go!
Posted by VenomousNinja @ 9/10/2006 07:00  |    5
The long-awaited announcement about release dates for the pilot episode of Sam & Max: Season 1.
Posted by 2dgamers @ 9/9/2006 06:18  |    3
See! This is why you shouldn't use cheat codes... Gosh!
Posted by 2dgamers @ 9/9/2006 06:28  |    7
You know all those lovely, large breasted figurines that come out of Japan with the disappointingly rock-hard plastic breasts? Well no longer! Sega has released a line of Neon Genesis Evangelion Moter Riders Figure prize toys with soft, squishy breasts.

Read the story at Kotaku.com
Posted by Anlina S. @ 9/8/2006 10:11  |    13
Mike Judge has produced two of the most popular cartoons ever made (Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill) and the definitive office comedy movie (Office Space) so it's a bit confusing why his newest feature is apparently being burried.  Even if Idiocracy is a crummy movie (which I doubt) why the hell isn't Fox giving Judge the benefit of the doubt?

Edit: Check out The Onion's review of Idiocracy.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/6/2006 08:27  |    2

A lot of Mario Bros. stuff has been submitted to the gallery.  It looks like video games are everyones favourite.  Some patient dude rebuilt many classic game maps, nice for remembering and inspiration.

Video Game Maps

Posted by d-p @ 9/6/2006 07:15  |    3

For all of you Jointers out there who have a Facebook account, go join the "Pixel Artists" group over at Facebook!


Posted by Faktablad @ 9/5/2006 11:58  |    7
Due to the serverload being too high apperantly our old host ditched us and we are now on Dan's server for the time being. For those who did not find out already the new url atm is:

Posted by ptoing @ 9/4/2006 10:34  |    0
Steve Irwin, best know for his TV role as the Crocodile Hunter, was killed on a diving trip Monday by a sting ray. He was 44.
Posted by Anlina S. @ 9/3/2006 22:54  |    27
Big brother ain't watchin' you but you can listen in on what kind of music some of the other PJers listen to. Introducing Last.FM, the "Social Music Revolution" where what you listen to gets scrobbled into various charts on your user page. By joining up with the Pixel Joint group, you can also find out what your buddies here also listen to as well as tuning in to Pixel Joint radio. Currently, with only 9 members, the group won't have a chart listing until we reach 15 members. So sign up today and start scrobbling (whatever that really means).
Posted by pixelblink @ 9/3/2006 22:26  |    7
Woohoo!  I saw my first bus stop ad for HBO's The Wire Season 4 today.  If you haven't seen this excellent show yet you have to give it a try.  The best show to be stonewalled by the Emmys and the best cops and robbers show, hands down.
Posted by sedgemonkey @ 9/3/2006 01:26  |    0
Nintendo's having a get-together in Japan on the 14th, and similar events in the USA the 14th of this month, and in Europe the 15th. The press will be able to sample Wii games, which will probably closer to completion. Could we see a release date or pricing information at these events?
Posted by Dark Rogue @ 9/2/2006 17:32  |    5

At 2 million strong, Nintendo's wireless gaming community grows larger than 15 U.S. states. Yep, Nintendo's DS WiFi community is that big. Pretty fricking good for Nintendo's first shot at online gaming. Currently only a few of the DS's games have WiFi capabilities, but they are all crawling with gamers who are new to Nintendo along with those of us who have stuck with Nintendo through thick and thin.

Nintendo might just be back on top very soon.

Posted by Craddik @ 9/1/2006 11:38  |    3

Pure Pwnage is releasing there 1st season on DVD this september after they make the 12th episode. these are the guys who made the famous BOOM HEADSHOT More info at:


Posted by mentos @ 9/1/2006 16:08  |    1

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