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Shonegold, as of July 3rd, is the new official gallery director of pixel art at DeviantArt. She wants to get pixel art back in the spotlights and build a strong Pixel art community on DA.
Read more information in her journal

Don't be afraid submitting your pixels to DA, I'm sure they are welcome!
Posted by Hapiel @ 7/13/2007 04:59  |    19
The pixel art community at DeviantART is growing. In october a new dA pixel art club named Pixel-Pax was started by me (lollige), and is now being run by Metaru, Shonegold and I. More than 120 members, and active challenges and collaborations every day.

Not a member of DeviantART yet?

This might be a good reason to join, helping the pixel community to grow, getting ourselves known by other artists aswell! Submit your pixel works, join and even more people can see your work now! Also you can immediately join the active Summer/Winter challenge, you might have seen a few entries of that in the PJ galleries.
At the same moment, the pixel art galleries on dA get cleaner every day thanks to the hard work of ShoneGold, the Gallery Director.
See you on dA!
Posted by Hapiel @ 1/16/2008 04:33  |    13
Would you like to have your SHMUP ship fighting next to lots of other ships?

pixel-pax has a new collaboration that requires you to make a 32x32 space ship. So if you have a DeviantART account come to pixel-pax and join the fun!
If you don't have one, make one, its worth it!
For more information read this journal:
Posted by Hapiel @ 9/18/2008 12:19  |    2
I have gotten great news!
After a lot of comments about the Firefox 3 image filter, that blurs all our images when we zoom 'm, has finally been solved!
On 9 Jan this patch was made by

Anyway, go to the following page to see more about the discussion:

As far as I understand, this patch needs to get reviewed by some guy named Joe, if he approves it it will get included in the next ff update.

From on that moment, you can switch the filter off by going to the config page:

Type about:config in your browsers address bar

Than search for the following string


And most likely set it to False

I cant wait for the next ff update! Can you?

Posted by Hapiel @ 1/11/2009 03:57  |    43

What would The Dark Knight look like if it was a NES game, and not a Batman movie?

Find out here ;)

Its a fake NES game intro, made by an animator called Macbee.
I found a few of the image, and I expect them to be very good reduxes, not pixel art, but still its fun to watch :)

Preview image

Posted by Hapiel @ 1/17/2009 12:05  |    9
Pixel artist and active member iLKke will share his pixel knowledge with you in this fresh interview!
Read on and find out about his demo scene experience, his color conservation tricks. and his beard!
Read the full post...

Posted by Hapiel @ 2/20/2009 12:10  |    31

So, the first thing what comes in mind when you hear sprite comic?

Crappy stories made with ripped megaman, sonic and mario sprites?  Yes, thats what I said too.

But here is a different one!
Pixel artist Neorice, who has also been making sprites for battle for Wesnoth and is working on the game Frogratto is since the end of november 2008 writing a webcomic!

Three different stories of three different heroes in the same world. Beautiful detailed double pixel sprites, on non pixel art backgrounds. At the moment there are 124 unique pages, and it is really worth the time to read them all!

Have a look at this webcomic!

Posted by Hapiel @ 4/14/2009 05:48  |    16

This is a follow-up to the news post below by Evilagram.

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Posted by Hapiel @ 6/15/2009 01:55  |    19

Japanese pixel artist Syosa joined PixelJoint 1.5 years ago and has developed a refreshing new style, beautiful animations and the cutest girls! A 23 year old living in Osaka, Japan and studies Neuroscience at Osaka University. When not creating pixelart and video games he analyzes cell morphology and performs experiments from morning to night. About 4 Years ago, Syosa became addicted to making computer games and found himself practicing pixel art.

Read the full post...

Posted by Hapiel @ 10/3/2009   |    38

Since a few weeks ago, I (Lollige) am trying to run a pixel art blog featuring news, tutorials, inspiring and interesting articles about my beliefs and asking for discussion! Come and have a visit at!

Most interesting articles online so far: Pixel art software, coloring linearts and how to fix firefox. Coming soon: An interview with artist ThereIsNoCure and an article about realism in pixel art.

Comments on articles motivate me to continue writing, and I am always willing to hear opinions on subjects!

Posted by Hapiel @ 11/20/2009 15:00  |    11

Stefan Bogdanovic, PJ's Mrmo Tarius is a computer graphics designer from Serbia (Belgrade). Mrmo Tarius creates some amazing and unique pixel art. He was kind enough to let me interview him for this revealing feature.

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Posted by Hapiel @ 8/27/2012 23:30  |    25

Join this ambitious collaboration project!

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Posted by Hapiel @ 6/10/2013 02:51  |    5

Open Pixel Platformer, a game collaboration project hosted by Hapiel on the PJ forum first began in May 2013. Due to lack of time and technical difficulties the project stalled for a while but is back stronger than ever with Damian and Noburo joining in as Project Managers.

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Posted by Hapiel @ 1/18/2015 15:43  |    3

In this article/showcase PJ member Retronator writes a bit about the pixeljoint's past.
Retronator mentions a part 2 is coming in the future too!

Posted by Hapiel @ 7/15/2015 18:07  |    14

The OPP is once again back in action, now with a cool video!

The Open Pixel Project was born here on PJ in 2013. We create free game graphics using the DB32 palette. If you're interested in joining us, come say hi at the forums or our new discord chat

If you wish to use our sprites, or just have a look at them, from now on you can download everything on the brand new website:

Posted by Hapiel @ 3/22/2017 06:22  |    2

GraphicsGale, my favorite tool for pixel art animation has been around since 2004. As it was recently released as freeware, I was curious to find out who is behind this software. Tomoya Kikuchi, who has developed GraphicsGale all by himself, was so kind as to exchange some emails with me for this article.

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Posted by Hapiel @ 6/30/2017 04:31  |    16

Survey will close on Tuesday 28th of November!

Hi all, as you might have already read, Sedgemonkey is working on a brand new PJ build.

Besides fixing all of the bugs and drastically improving uptime, this also gives the opportunity to rethink our values and our features and prepare pixeljoint for the next decade.

What do you think should PJ look like? What kinds of art should be in the gallery, and what kind of functionality should it feature?

To collect your answers on both of these questions we've created a small survey . Please help us and fill it out!

Read the full post...

Posted by Hapiel @ 11/21/2017 09:43  |    24

It's time for the News Icon Competition!

Every PJ front page news post gets a small icon, for which we search the gallery for 50x50 images. More often than not we can't find something very relevant, and therefor we challenge you all to make some new ones!

You are welcome to make any icon you like.

In this competition you can win a spiffy trophy + points which are rare and will look great in your profile.
+500 Pts+300 Pts +150 Pts+100 Pts for hm.*

This competition will run until the 28th of January.

Find all the rules and details in the forums


Posted by Hapiel @ 12/15/2017 13:54  |    0

Stray Pixels, your semi-whenever pixel news update!

Useful links:

Retronator made a guide about the best pixel artist channels on YouTube!
Watch it here on YouTube

Cyangmou made a little overview about the pros and cons of a couple 2D game projections, featuring his own stunning artwork
Browse through it on Twitter

Saint11's tutorial animations are both insightful and pretty, and regularily new ones are added!

Read the full post...

Posted by Hapiel @ 12/28/2017 04:19  |    7

Another year has passed, so let's have a look at what happened in 2017! We'll start with:

The monthly #1 pixel art from January to December

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Posted by Hapiel @ 1/2/2018 14:14  |    9

The News Icon Competition has finished.

13 Participants submitted a total of 40 icons!
We've already been able to use many of them for news posts like this one, and the others will definitely be used in the future.

Judging was done by your PJ moderators and a few PJ members: Adarias, doctorcello, eishiya, Mr_Hk_ and Theoden

See the results below.

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Posted by Hapiel @ 2/1/2018 15:03  |    5

Pixeljoint has had a twitter account for ages, but we've never really used much...until now!

To let everyone know we're in action, for the next 24h hours we'll be retweeting all pixel art shared on twitter with the hastag #pixeljoint ! Really anything you want to be shared, old and new works.

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Posted by Hapiel @ 2/22/2018 10:14  |    5

We're going to try a new kind of compo here at PJ. There will be participation awards for everyone involved so be sure to take part!

This teamwork compo works as following:
Everyone has a bit over two weeks to submit line art, or any image which uses only 2 colors (which matches the image requirements and theme). The day after the first submission deadline you will receive a message containing line art from another random participant, you will have 3 weeks to finish this other persons work into a colored pixel art.

After the competition is over, non-part taking PJ mods and selected judges will look at the end results and select a top 3. Both the submitter of the line art and the submitter of the final result will receive trophies, so you can win twice! Everyone who submits both a line art and a colored artwork will receive an award.

Image requirements:

The theme for the image is: An unlikely couple

Canvas Size - exactly 150x100 or 100x150
Colors - Max. 32 for finished work, exactly 2 colors for line art.
Transparency - No.
Animation - No.

Read the full post...

Posted by Hapiel @ 4/13/2018 07:25  |    22

Eleven artists took part in the teamwork competition, for which the participants had to submit line art, and then had to finish someone elses line art to which they were randomly assigned!

This competition was judged by PJ members and moderators: Cyangmou, Jinn, Dawnbringer, slym, skeddles, skamocore, pyrometal, Mandrill and myself (Hapiel)

The winners:

First place goes to Jeremy (lines) and Arkan85 (colors)

Second place goes to Nevercreature (lines) and Jeremy (colors)

Third place goes to jackhummer (lines) and JerryPie (colors)

All of the other particicpants receive a participation trophy, check them out here!

Thank you everyone for taking part, and congratulations to the winners! I hope we can organise more interesting collaboration events in the future, feel free to suggest some!

Posted by Hapiel @ 5/30/2018 05:40  |    3

Just a quick notice:

If you have any kind of issue, please contact a PJ moderator by PM. Do not use the report/contact feature, this is outdated and these messages will almost never be responded to.

You can find a list of active moderators on the About page, feel free to message anyone on that list except for Sedgemonkey. When in doubt, pick Gecimen.  

You can contact us for just about anything: Changing your PJ name, lost account access, issue with another member or a piece of art, questions, etc.

The current contact function is sadly being abused by spammers, and therefor we moderators can't keep up with all the messages.

We're looking forward to help you!

Posted by Hapiel @ 7/5/2020 17:48  |    2

Do you have a perfect idea for a weekly challenge? Something that is well defined/restricted, but still open to creativity? We would love to use it!

We've made this forum thread where you can submit your idea, or comment with suggested improvements on others. There is no guarantee on if/when/how we might use it, to keep the upcoming challenges exciting and fair for everyone. But if "your" challenge takes place, you are of course welcome to take part too!

Read the full post...

Posted by Hapiel @ 7/13/2020 12:32  |    1
The Nephilim pixel art challenge is complete and we have three new champions. This week's challenge awards go to the following pieces:

Thanks so much to all who took the time to vote and participate in the challenge! Check out the Nephilim forum thread for more information.
Read the full post...

Posted by Hapiel @ 7/20/2020 01:36  |    0

If you were to build your (childhood) dream house, what would it look like? We are taking a nostalgic trip back to the Isocity days, and challenge you to create the isometric building of your dreams!
Here is a tutorial about how isometric projection works, in case you need a reminder.

Canvas Size - Max. 200x200
Colours - Max. 20 colors.
Transparency -  Optional.
Animation - Optional.
Extra requirement - Must be in isometric projection!

The challenge thread will have all the challenge updates. The thread is also a great place to post your WIPs.
Posted by Hapiel @ 7/20/2020 02:12  |    2

We have opened an official discord server!

Discord is a chatting service, and we have opened the server to talk about pixel art, get quick feedback, or just general chat about games, hobbies, or anything else you wish to share with fellow PJ members! Right now we are a group of 20 people, and we wish to keep it relatively small, cozy and friendly.

The server is for PixelJoint members only.

Click this link to join! We're looking forward to see you inside :)

Posted by Hapiel @ 7/23/2020 13:46  |    2
The Pixel Monsters pixel art challenge is complete and we have three new champions. This week's challenge awards go to the following pieces:

Thanks so much to all who took the time to vote and participate in the challenge! Check out the Pixel Monsters forum thread for more information.
Read the full post...

Posted by Hapiel @ 7/27/2020 02:30  |    0

This year we met a visitor who comes to us every 6766 years. We will hardly be able to enjoy its short-lived brilliance again. In its honor, capture the scene of the celestial passer however you want; the condition is that the comet is the dominant part of the scene.

The palette for this challenge is SLSO8:

Canvas Size - 120x100 max, either horizontal or vertical.
Colors - max. 8 colors, only use colors from the SLSO8 palette
Animation - Optional.
Transparency - No.

The challenge thread will have all the challenge updates. The thread is also a great place to post your WIPs.
Posted by Hapiel @ 7/27/2020 04:11  |    0
The Isometric Dream House pixel art challenge is complete and we have three new champions. This week's challenge awards go to the following pieces:

Thanks so much to all who took the time to vote and participate in the challenge! Check out the Isometric Dream House forum thread for more information.
Posted by Hapiel @ 8/3/2020 06:19  |    0

Back in 2008, PJ member 7even suggested a legendary challenge idea:

To pixel a medival knight, using one of these 7 prompts and the 7 colors that belong to it.

7evens obsession with knights led him to create the succesful game Rogue Legacy, but with 90 entries to the weekly it was clear that more pixel artists are fascinated by these characters!

Which is why we're rerunning the challenge! So to recap:

Pick a number from 1 to 7, and create a 100x100 image of a knight using the 7 colors of the palette (no black & white, no mixing from other palettes). As always, mutliple entries are allowed.

Canvas Size - 100x100 exactly.
Colors - 7 colors, from one of the 7 palettes.
Animation - No.
Transparency - No.

The challenge thread will have all the challenge updates. The thread is also a great place to post your WIPs.
Posted by Hapiel @ 8/3/2020 06:21  |    4
The Comet pixel art challenge is complete and we have three new champions. This week's challenge awards go to the following pieces:

Thanks so much to all who took the time to vote and participate in the challenge! Check out the Comet forum thread for more information.
Read the full post...

Posted by Hapiel @ 8/10/2020 01:13  |    0

Inspired by the recent Nintendo leaks which showed prototype character models for Luigi in games such as Super Mario 64, this week we challenge you to redesign a Luigi sprite!

What would Mario's favorite brother look like if you were in charge? We recommend he remains green and tall, but other than that you can draw him however you like!

Canvas Size - 64x64 max
Colors - max. 8 colors. Transparency is a color too!
Animation - Optional.
Transparency - Required, no background!

The challenge thread will have all the challenge updates. The thread is also a great place to post your WIPs.
Posted by Hapiel @ 8/10/2020 01:13  |    3

This Week's Pixel Art

Eighties' Dream icon/pixelartDeedlit Action icon/pixelartWould you kindly icon/pixelartInto the Jungle icon/pixelart
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