sedgemonkey @ 12/11/2020 08:05 commented on Retro nightmare before Christmas :)

Simply amazing. Made my day.

sedgemonkey @ 6/9/2020 13:53 commented on Mochi Fiesta (mildly NSFW)

Wow, this made my day. Well done!

sedgemonkey @ 9/15/2019 18:06 commented on Meredy and Quickie

All files from 9/12 to 9/15 have been moved over. Hopefully everything else works!

sedgemonkey @ 9/1/2018 06:41 commented on Retro Mockup - Bucky O'Hare

Woah, someone else knows of Bucky O'Hare? 

sedgemonkey @ 8/16/2018 07:59 commented on flcl robot (avatar)

What an incredible piece! 

sedgemonkey @ 8/13/2018 17:32 commented on Fake Radiant Chronicles

Wow happip. So sorry you got blasted with fake comments. Will try and ban/prevent such abuses in the future.

sedgemonkey @ 3/21/2018 11:22 commented on Big Bird

Can someone reply to this comment to test a bug? Thanks!

sedgemonkey @ 2/25/2016 09:11 commented on Nude Girl Portrait

Sorry Zizka. You are aboslutely right... this is NOT pornography and I want to fix it so we can leave this up in the near future.

This site relies on ads to operate and we're getting pushback on "questionable content" (again, I don't think this applies to your piece). What I plan to do is build it so "questionable content" pages like to not have ads so we won't violate TOS. Until that time I have to take down individual pages like this. 

I apologize personally for this stupid situation and I will fix it as soon as I can. 

sedgemonkey @ 7/27/2015 09:57 commented on Dancing snader

Thanks for all the comments. I'm trying to keep up, but thus far I've mostly just been making fixes and probably will be for awhile. I'll try and come back to these items as I go along. If you reeeeeally want to help with a bug (or even a feature) it would save time if you could post a screenshot.

sedgemonkey @ 7/23/2015 22:35 commented on Dancing snader

I realize there are a ton of bugs and styling issues to work out in the coming weeks/months/years and I'll do my best to address as many as I can as time allows. This was really my only opportunity to do this MAJOR update and I just didn't have time to catch everything. The story behind the three big updates and why we'll probably never have this big an update again... 

  • Responsive design: This should be fairly obvious... browsing PJ was impossible on a phone. There's still a ton of work to do on this, but at least you can sorta, kinda use the site on a phone now. Also, Google is basically penalizing sites that don't offer mobile experience now.
  • MSSQL to MySQL: When I started building the first scraps of this site in freaking 2003 I built it with ASP/MSSQL. While these technologies still exist (and we're still using ASP) they're just a big old pain in the ass now. Our MSSQL hadn't been updated in years and we would never have been able to. Upgrading MSSQL costs A LOT OF MONEY. I've literally been tinkering with transitioning to MySQL for 4 years. Now that we're on MySQL we can start transitioning away from ASP as well. 
  • Optimization: We were serving up waaaay too many requests, had too many inline styles and scripts and a bunch of inefficient queries. Our modest server was getting killed several times a day AND we were wasting your bandwidth/resources. We have a long way to go, but at least we have a good start.

As with every update there are going to be changes that people plain don't like and I get that that sucks. It's just the reality of having an 11 year old site. The entire landscape of how people interact with technology has changed drastically since 2004. Hell, YouTube didn't even exist when PJ launched!!! People are browsing the web on tiny phones, 27" monitors, 50" TVs and everything in between. 

I can't promise that we'll make all the changes you think we should make, but I can definitely promise that we're trying to keep the focus on your pixel art and the pixel artists without getting in the way too much. 

sedgemonkey @ 12/27/2013 23:23 commented on Phantasma's Peice of the world

There are fields that handle massive amounts of characters in MySQL, but I'm mostly just dealing with the MySQL migration recommendations.

sedgemonkey @ 12/23/2013 08:40 commented on Big Bird
Hello folks. In an ongoing attempt to keep PJ from collapsing into itself I'm making some performance tweaks and cleaning up ooooooold stuff...
  • There are 30-ish minor tweaks that I've had piling up all year that will be implemented by next Friday.
  • Any "alert" (personal messages are exempt) that is older than three years has been removed and we're going to make that policy. Any alert older than three years is probably not relevant anymore especially since browsing old alerts isn't really possible with current site.
  • We're going to hide certain elements from logged out users to reduce queries. So far it's just minor stuff like the chatterbox and birthday stuff on home page.
  • We're going to more aggressively server cache just about everything. This should have only a positive impact on the site performance with no trade-off beyond the time it takes to implement. 
  • Most importantly we're going to be transitioning away from ASP and MSSQL as time allows. Once we've finished with the transition site updates will be much quicker and easier ("Classic ASP" is pretty much a dead technology), we'll have much better support for leveraging APIs and our hosting options will be cheaper. 

sedgemonkey @ 11/25/2012 08:58 commented on Shang Tsung

Gas 13 was kind enough to provide a step-by-step click trail, but we haven't been able to replicate yet using latest IE/FF/Safari/Opera/Chrome. I'm guessing it's probably not client related if it's throwing server errors.

We'll keep looking. 

sedgemonkey @ 3/20/2012 21:52 commented on Big Bird

So we have a spotty pixel submission solution, but people are still having errors with certain PNG files so we'll pull until it's 100% solid. I'm going to abandon Classic ASP (it's been a bust on Windows 2008) and go a different route.

sedgemonkey @ 3/20/2012 14:15 commented on Meggan

We should be fully ready for submissions! Please holler if you run into issues.

sedgemonkey @ 3/20/2012 13:11 commented on Meggan

Encoding should be good to go.

As for the submit pixel art. We might open up the width/height temporarily until we can handle whatever is going on with that... it's a super old component that seems to be throwing fits on the new server. Maybe something to do with transition from 32 bit to 64 bit? 

sedgemonkey @ 3/20/2012 11:59 commented on Meggan

 The Submission system is having issues detecting width/height for some reason which is baaaaad. I'll look into that.

As for the Lóng situation... I'll have to look into that. Sounds like an encoding problem. 

sedgemonkey @ 3/18/2012 10:22 commented on Megaman

I'm looking into upgrading server right now.

sedgemonkey @ 3/16/2012 15:51 commented on Big Bird

Apologies. We're having some server issues right now. We'll try and get resolved as soon as we can.

sedgemonkey @ 11/21/2011 09:11 commented on Big Bird

sedgemonkey @ 10/14/2011 08:50 commented on Gruff

Definitely put some hours into this game. Good stuff.

sedgemonkey @ 8/9/2011 21:05 commented on Firestorm, the Nuclear Man

 Thanks for posting this. What great animations to break down.

sedgemonkey @ 7/5/2011 17:56 commented on Electro

 Agreed. Android release imminent?

sedgemonkey @ 7/3/2011 19:12 commented on Big Bird

 I agree with all y'alls words about the Hall of Fame. I will make a quick update that weights more recent years soon. Bear with me.

sedgemonkey @ 5/28/2011 12:27 commented on Death Shaman

I love the mish-mash of animation and video games and even a great catchy song to boot! Congrats to all involved.