wish04 @ 2/11/2018 13:14 commented on Big Bird

Has anybody tried using Procreate to create their pixel art? I'm wondering if I should attempt it.

wish04 @ 2/21/2016 16:40 commented on Luigi and the Lemmings

This is way to adorable!

wish04 @ 2/21/2016 16:39 commented on City Nights

Yeah, it was mentioned awhile back to me too and I forgot to fix it. I'll have to do that before I forget again ><;;

wish04 @ 12/15/2015 09:03 commented on Red Line

Ah poops, thought I shrunk the head down enough );

Thank you for the rest of the critiques! I'll see what I can impliment and do when I get the time this week.

wish04 @ 12/15/2015 06:53 commented on Red Line

It is positioned that way. Reference

wish04 @ 11/7/2015 07:41 commented on Torii

The colors and simplicity is quite lovely : )

wish04 @ 11/2/2015 17:29 commented on Skull explosion

Solid work! Nice job with the lighting.

wish04 @ 8/24/2015 07:59 commented on School Girl

I did use a reference, but it's also been awhile since the last time I drew a skull before this work. If you see anything that could be improved on it, feel free to point it out. I've been staring at this piece for a bit too long that I don't know how to go about improving it. Although I think the nose and eye areas could be worked on more...

wish04 @ 6/11/2015 10:49 commented on Wish Upon a Pixel

I actually posted it up on tumblr last night

wish04 @ 6/10/2015 16:08 commented on Beaming

Very good question CELS. For the girl herself, I don't have a direct inspiration other than wanting to make a portrait of some young lady to suit the weekly challenge.

With the color palette, it was influenced by another project that I worked on a few months ago. The project had a lot of purples and cool tones with a limited warmer tones to even it out. The art design on that project was also flat colors, minimalistic, graphic design stuff.

Since then, I've been trying to keep my artwork simple and not packed in with a lot of details like I normally do. I'm thinking of continuing experimenting with the style I did for this challenge, especially since I need to work on color ramping.

wish04 @ 11/23/2014 20:06 commented on Big Bird

Does anyone happen to know of a decent program for tiling isometric tiles? (if there is one)

wish04 @ 5/17/2014 16:10 commented on Assassins Creed Fan art

Love it!

I like the colors and shading, nice and crisp style : )

wish04 @ 3/6/2014 20:51 commented on Big Bird

Thanks you two

wish04 @ 1/30/2014 14:46 commented on Scanty and Kneesock

Nice sprites. I think both styles look good

wish04 @ 1/27/2014 12:26 commented on yeah.........

I need to check PJ more often. Would have totally joined this challenge

Good entries everybody!

wish04 @ 1/27/2014 12:18 commented on Gothic Dieselpunk - Concept Mockup

You have a very good sense of contrast in your works. Loving the colors too.

wish04 @ 1/27/2014 12:15 commented on Berry

I love the little humor in this work.

Also nice to see a simpler shading style from you : )

wish04 @ 12/10/2013 19:55 commented on Tree

Very nice work. I like the style, so crisp and detailed.

wish04 @ 9/16/2013 10:10 commented on TOP

I always love seeing new works from you :) That texturing is awesome!

wish04 @ 9/14/2013 13:49 commented on Rally

You did a lovely job on the animation and shading. Can't wait to see the other stuff you've done for the project : )

wish04 @ 8/7/2013 16:47 commented on Stalker

I really like the smokey effect in this one

wish04 @ 8/6/2013 16:28 commented on Super Londo Bros!!

Maybe you guys can put up the elements that you've done for this project?

sucks that the whole piece was rejected, but I think you two should still show off some of the stuff you both individually did.

wish04 @ 6/20/2013 20:57 commented on Final Fantasy Tactics Judge

Very nice.

The shading is clean and crisp. I like this : )

wish04 @ 3/24/2013 09:42 commented on Oriental Garden

Instead of just saying that you don't like the colors, mind going into more details on how I can improve? Just saying you don't like the colors doesn't help me at all. What is it you don't like about it?

wish04 @ 3/6/2013 17:53 commented on Big Bird

Thanks greenraven <3