chaleeman @ 1/14/2017 12:23 commented on Hello World

Perfect! but the water highlights need to be a bit more  wavy, they look really simple to be in the same style as the other elements in my humble opinion

chaleeman @ 2/15/2011 14:05 commented on Devil Witch

thanks all for posting!! ^_^

chaleeman @ 4/24/2010 16:28 commented on Day Versus Night

yeah there must be a balance on the picture on dithered shading and cel shading

but the piece is great

chaleeman @ 4/24/2010 15:57 commented on SIR Terrorphant

elephant with 4 noses? more work on the grass I guess.. but is looking good already

chaleeman @ 4/23/2010 15:06 commented on Monster Huter 2G!

awesome work!!

yeah, there are various chars who have a nice contrast while others look less saturated. Like the dark dude in the middle bottom row and the third (from left to right) on the top row, the last looks like not receiving any light.

Maybe his armors don't reflect?

chaleeman @ 4/23/2010 14:48 commented on Space Twee - Sleeping

I was originally going to make this to use as an avatar, but I don't think I like it enough to replace the one I have. Ah well.

lol you did

I saw her in the WIP thread, awesome work!

chaleeman @ 4/23/2010 14:33 commented on ntsc test

removing the grid, that would be effing difficult but somehow posible??

maybe doing something with more brilliant colors will look better

chaleeman @ 4/23/2010 06:14 commented on ntsc test

is done all by hand, don't you read read the description? obviously the black horizontal lines were drawn on a different part of the canvas and then moved above the original to simulate scanlines

and the software I use doesn't have pattern fill is the process and is what it really looks like or would look like if it was really displayed on tv or a lcd monitor

chaleeman @ 4/23/2010 01:17 commented on Cave mockup

great style!!

chaleeman @ 4/22/2010 04:31 commented on Red cemetery parallax test

Great parallaxing effect, it's cool what 5 planes do to a picture

chaleeman @ 4/22/2010 04:27 commented on Tree

very interesting.. I was looking for something inspirational like this... (starting to make a forest tile set =D)

Good work!!

chaleeman @ 4/22/2010 04:24 commented on The Big Bang Theory

Amazing work!! =( the dude with glasses (I don't remember his name) looks too short

chaleeman @ 4/22/2010 01:57 commented on CthulhuTech: Down Under (tm)

amazing work dude

chaleeman @ 4/22/2010 01:54 commented on diamond grid 4

interesting technique =)

chaleeman @ 4/1/2010 22:14 commented on PixelBlink Icon for Me

I think I got something... Top Rated Pixel Art


C K L Y missing...

chaleeman @ 4/1/2010 21:45 commented on PixelBlink Icon for Me

To reply back? but what?

chaleeman @ 2/12/2010 22:04 commented on Devil Witch

thanks for the comments!!

@rustEdge: The anatomy was very tricky for me to pull. I wanted to do a mature woman, I don't know if it looks like that or a trans =o. I don't have many experience doing women. Any advice there?

About the 16 bits Squaresoft style looks like I pulled that well.

chaleeman @ 2/12/2010 22:03 commented on Devil Witch

thanks for the comments =)

@Mathias: the frog thing, I wanted to do something in the style of the early designs of bulbasaur (a face of a frog splatted on the floor) =)

chaleeman @ 2/12/2010 21:49 commented on doing honor to the flag

124?, didn't you read the description? I said that the sprite uses 67 bg and all (palette has 124 colors in case someone d/ls it and views the palette).

To make it something like 16 colors is a bit tricky since the mexican flags has 3 colors, red/white/green plus brown on the eagle (total of 4), and I recicle colors, red, green and white on the flag, use the same brown for the pole.

here 18 colors: , you can't ask for more  less =)

chaleeman @ 2/12/2010 17:11 commented on new iphone mockup

lacks shadow on the floor (cast by the sun), and the buttons look weird in the upper part, too much black in there.

and head looks like it's gonna fall, to the back..

still it's very impressive

chaleeman @ 2/12/2010 02:22 commented on Miner's storehouse

as some people see it flat, I think it's because the bricks look like they are from a different angle. colors are awesome =)

chaleeman @ 1/13/2010 14:51 commented on Dragon rider

Metal Slug like palette

chaleeman @ 9/16/2009 03:10 commented on Frost

AWESOMENESS.... love the shading and A.A

I too think that when you can read a logo/grafitti it's better that heroglyphs

chaleeman @ 9/16/2009 02:36 commented on Schala's mysterious pendant

she loooks so good! ......... for a game or something?

chaleeman @ 9/16/2009 02:32 commented on Marle, casting magic

OMG! she is very cute!

the shadow on the pants doesn't animate