PixelKiwi @ 9/28/2012 14:00 commented on Steampunk House

Nice crow. ;)

PixelKiwi @ 3/17/2011 02:16 commented on Berserker

Very nice. I approve! =D

PixelKiwi @ 11/4/2009 10:55 commented on The end?

Good work. I find it slightly Lovecraft-esque.

PixelKiwi @ 7/6/2009 15:29 commented on Baby Bunny icon

Let's hope the submissions are less clunky than the dialogue.

PixelKiwi @ 4/29/2009 18:15 commented on Big Bird

Don't suppose anyone knows of any free software that converts AVI to GIF?

PixelKiwi @ 4/21/2009 10:47 commented on Town House

Thanks, I was shocked that it got 6th. xD

We've just renamed the game to Sunken Orchestra from it's working title "Angelic Oath," So the search criteria is still under that name for the moment.

The site is curently down for now while we get more stuff to put on it, so you'll have to check back at some point in the future. =)

PixelKiwi @ 4/21/2009 07:43 commented on Efencea Battle

The pixel art is very good, although with everything together it's hard to see what's going on. I think it needs to be less cramped, And the background could use a little toning down.

PixelKiwi @ 4/6/2009 06:02 commented on Antagonist - Battle

Thanks. Your right, It is too dark. I made it on a VAIO laptop with a double backlight, so everything looked lighter.

PixelKiwi @ 3/18/2009 08:43 commented on Pacman Forever

Love the expresson. I'd change the preview, at the moment it shows what I feel is the weakest part of the piece. I almost didn't click. =)

PixelKiwi @ 3/18/2009 08:20 commented on Revolver

Very nice, reminds me of a S&W M500. I like the orange underlighting on the grip and [What I believe to be] the lazer sight.

PixelKiwi @ 3/17/2009 16:35 commented on Quest

Awesome animation. I like how tactile the armour looks. The only thing that's really bothering me is the way the eye cavity on the helmet seems to squint as his head turns to the left.

PixelKiwi @ 3/17/2009 11:11 commented on Stab'Im the scutter

Awesome. =D

Love the tiny Rimmer face.

PixelKiwi @ 3/11/2009 17:56 commented on Sewer Maintenance Shaft

Thank you. They're bioluminous mushrooms [they glow slightly in the animation]. =)

PixelKiwi @ 3/11/2009 05:50 commented on Cyclops

A good idea but, as has been previously stated, a little too simplistic. Maybe try a lightsource over to one side of the character so at least one side of the face is fully lit.

PixelKiwi @ 3/11/2009 05:46 commented on Yellow Devil

Good work with the AA on this limited pallet. =)

PixelKiwi @ 3/11/2009 05:43 commented on To lose my mind D:

The pallet uses mainly light, pastel colours. Since there are no outlines the light pastel background makes it all blend together. I think a darker background would help bring out the characters.

PixelKiwi @ 3/10/2009 18:00 commented on Leader of the cult

Nice piece, I like the texture of the clothing. Reminds me of a Hunter from Left 4 Dead. =)

PixelKiwi @ 3/10/2009 17:58 commented on Sewer Maintenance Shaft

Thanks, I'll be sure to encorporate these ideas into the next version.

PixelKiwi @ 3/10/2009 17:38 commented on Sewer Maintenance Shaft

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try adding vegetation and other details where the join is. =)

PixelKiwi @ 3/10/2009 16:53 commented on Sewer Maintenance Shaft

I've had similar comments from other people. Any ideas on how to get some depth in it? =)

PixelKiwi @ 3/10/2009 16:34 commented on tilesets

The Ice looks good enough, maybe putting it in a scene would make it more interesting. =)

PixelKiwi @ 3/10/2009 16:30 commented on joint st

The AA in this looks good, The idea is just a little bland.

Like Cure said, I can see from your other works have the basic skills to make some great art, just need a little more patience. =)

PixelKiwi @ 3/10/2009 16:25 commented on It wasn't an iceberg...

Great picture, and a good use of the pallet.

PixelKiwi @ 3/10/2009 15:27 commented on Cutie Sexy Sammy

Awesome, love the sexy form.

PixelKiwi @ 3/10/2009 15:25 commented on Boss Characters?

Very nice, the one on the left reminds me of a pixelated version of high level MU Online characters.