Frost @ 3/30/2022 23:27 commented on Backies [PETSCII]

Putting stuff in the side border isn't very sneaky.
Great, regardless!

Frost @ 3/28/2022 19:28 commented on Denizen

Dope style!
I dig the details on the ankle.

Frost @ 3/25/2022 02:49 commented on Big Bird

I once lived with around 10-11 CRT monitors in a pretty small flat (24 square meters, iirc).
It's doable, people!

Frost @ 3/22/2022 20:51 commented on Big Bird

My pixels are as impure as your genitals.

Frost @ 12/14/2021 22:51 commented on Gorge Spectre

This is one of the best pieces of pixel art I've seen in years!

Frost @ 9/23/2021 04:13 commented on Big Bird

I've become very reluctant to upload my art because of all those NFT morons that steal everybodys art. It's madness.

Frost @ 7/4/2021 07:42 commented on Random Sprite Dump 8

Massive quality dump!

Frost @ 7/2/2021 13:16 commented on Big Bird

A discussion about what's and what's not pixel art, and I'm not in the middle of it!

Frost @ 6/24/2021 09:56 commented on All Will Be Forgiven

Lovely Lovecraftian. My first thought was "this is most probably heavily inspired by The Shadow out of Time".
The slightly jarring contrast between the pinks and greens just ads to the effect, and the AA is really good. I also like the dithering on those tendrils.

Frost @ 6/21/2021 22:17 commented on Big Bird

Long live single pixels and massive dithering!

Frost @ 6/21/2021 13:18 commented on still life

Nice painterly vibe! Love the vivid lighting!

Frost @ 6/1/2021 02:48 commented on Water lilies

VERY nice! Hires is damn hard to work with, but you pulled this one of like an expert.

Frost @ 5/24/2021 22:21 commented on OLDCAR Photo to Pixel test with Pixel Art Workshop

This caused a bit of a racked at the discord server.
I think it should go in to the gallery, and I'm prepared to fight for it! :D

Frost @ 10/10/2020 07:32 commented on Skull Study

Instantlu recognised it as yours. Nice Bitmap Brothers vibe.

Frost @ 5/20/2020 19:56 commented on The Ultimate Conspiracy

Very stylish. Perfectly executed concept.

Frost @ 3/16/2020 12:49 commented on Psychadelia

This i lovely! I dig both the style and the theme. Could be cover art for some stoner rock/doom album.

Frost @ 9/6/2019 22:04 commented on 1000

Yes! Fucking Tomic style!

Frost @ 8/8/2019 21:18 commented on Chihuaye-aye

Ooooh! This is awesome and a bit different from your usual style! I really like it!

Frost @ 5/22/2019 05:02 commented on RoboCop

Fuck yes!

Frost @ 11/13/2018 10:43 commented on The Cyan Goddess


Frost @ 11/12/2018 01:36 commented on Big Bird


Frost @ 4/26/2018 04:58 commented on portrait - commission

Nice portrait!
Why 35 colors?

Frost @ 4/6/2018 14:59 commented on Big Bird

Crippling depression is fun stuff. Makes you value the important things for what they actually are.

Frost @ 3/31/2018 07:27 commented on ...

This is superb!

Frost @ 3/3/2018 11:45 commented on Big Bird

Why, oh why!
Why haven't I had the time and energy to make a piece for this weekly.
I mean... Gods and godesses is one of my main interests.