Frost @ 8/8/2019 21:18 commented on Chihuaye-aye

Ooooh! This is awesome and a bit different from your usual style! I really like it!

Frost @ 5/22/2019 05:02 commented on RoboCop

Fuck yes!

Frost @ 11/13/2018 10:43 commented on The Cyan Goddess


Frost @ 11/12/2018 01:36 commented on Big Bird


Frost @ 4/26/2018 04:58 commented on portrait - commission

Nice portrait!
Why 35 colors?

Frost @ 4/6/2018 14:59 commented on Big Bird

Crippling depression is fun stuff. Makes you value the important things for what they actually are.

Frost @ 3/31/2018 07:27 commented on ...

This is superb!

Frost @ 3/3/2018 11:45 commented on Big Bird

Why, oh why!
Why haven't I had the time and energy to make a piece for this weekly.
I mean... Gods and godesses is one of my main interests.

Frost @ 2/26/2018 13:25 commented on Ey

zombieMode: I think the "messy look" you are referring to is called "texture".

Frost @ 1/29/2018 22:35 commented on Seventh daughter

This might be the best one I've seen from you.

Frost @ 1/25/2018 01:44 commented on Cold Hirst

Very nice. I'm a sucker for this kind of details. Very good use of the palette.

Frost @ 1/25/2018 01:39 commented on Ambush

One word: Style!

ECS hires interlace?

Frost @ 1/24/2018 19:38 commented on Self portrait

Looks good! I like the shape and shading on the skull.

But, the color count is a little high. There are some colors that are nearly identical. I fiddled with it a bit in GrafX2 and could reduce the palette from 31 to 21 colors in a couple of minutes. I could probably optimize it down to 17-18 with little to no loss in quality.

Frost @ 11/6/2017 22:50 commented on Fair-Haired

Really good weekly! I had a hard time voting.

Frost @ 11/6/2017 22:46 commented on The Mummy Demastered

Shortlisted for the Most epic dump of the year Award!

I can't even begin to fathom the amount of work that must have gone in to this.


Frost @ 11/1/2017 23:52 commented on origin

Not just the hair, and you probablu know that. I could spend hours nitpicking your sttuff but It's moronic to nitpic your stuff. You have some real skills there pal. Hope to see you at the next Edison. :)

Frost @ 11/1/2017 23:48 commented on Big Bird

I fucked up last weekly.. Started to make a piece but "overslept".
here's the piece that I never finished for the challange (and yes shrooms have a special place in my rotten heart)

Frost @ 11/1/2017 23:46 commented on moooshroommm

I didn't know itt was yours when I voted for it.
But yeah... solid pixels, as always.

Frost @ 10/26/2017 10:13 commented on origin

I love the hair.

Frost @ 10/25/2017 17:10 commented on Countenanced Carbuncle

The fingers look a bit wonky, but that fits the picture. Love the colors.

Frost @ 10/24/2017 22:18 commented on Little Logray

I might make something for this challenge.

Frost @ 10/24/2017 19:27 commented on Big Bird

Dawnbringer: Holy crap! I'm really looking forward to the updated ToolBox. Awesome!

Frost @ 10/24/2017 19:26 commented on Big Bird

GrafX2 is dead easy to set up. Just download, extract and you're good to go.
I guess the interface and tools can be a bit unusual if you don't have any prior experiences with Deluxe Paint or Pro Motion or similar, but if you spend a few minutes with the help file and figuring out the intertface it shouldn't be a huge problem.

Frost @ 8/31/2017 06:51 commented on Big Bird

cure: beer, gin and rotten carcass is my favorite flavours.

Frost @ 8/31/2017 06:17 commented on Big Bird

It's a great shame that I didn't manage to finish my piece for the weekly.  Psychiatric care got in the way. I've got a pretty comfy bed tho.

Here's a WIP:
If I manage to find a mouse in this place I might finish it. It would be a somewhat proper thing to do, considering the theme.