skamocore @ 4/10/2018 18:23 commented on Big Bird

Hooray! pixel art has returned to Chrono Trigger PC.

skamocore @ 4/9/2018 03:58 commented on masks


skamocore @ 4/7/2018 15:43 commented on Reaper's Mask

If this is for the challenge, it needs transparency.

skamocore @ 4/1/2018 04:08 commented on BOCEANSCENTED

Perfect :D

skamocore @ 2/28/2018 03:54 commented on Big Bird

Chrono Trigger's now on Steam. Yikes!

skamocore @ 2/14/2018 18:53 commented on Big Bird

Fun fact: The higher the resolution, the better the graphics (this is definitely sarcasm [this is not sarcasm]).

skamocore @ 2/1/2018 13:42 commented on Big Bird

Not sure about the Amiga version, but I remember the PC version running fine via DOSBox.

skamocore @ 1/27/2018 23:45 commented on Big Bird

Cadaver's great; one of my favourite games. And Dan Malone's artwork is top-notch. I definitely recommend playing it (with a walkthrough handy...)

skamocore @ 1/1/2018 09:29 commented on Kingpin Characters

I like purple and I am pleased.

skamocore @ 12/27/2017 19:18 commented on They Came From the Third Dimension...

Thanks, they took a very long time to make :)

skamocore @ 12/25/2017 05:02 commented on Big Bird

\o/ Secret Santa stuff is up \o/

skamocore @ 12/22/2017 03:37 commented on Big Bird

*phew* finally finished off my Secret Santa piece. I hope [REDACTED] likes it.

skamocore @ 12/18/2017 06:55 commented on Il Cubo icon

Dibs on Loving Vincent :P

skamocore @ 11/15/2017 16:21 commented on Big Bird

Oi, Secret Santa signups!

skamocore @ 11/3/2017 20:39 commented on Big Bird

skamocore @ 10/23/2017 05:44 commented on Little Logray


skamocore @ 10/23/2017 03:27 commented on Like an olive?

It's either nail polish or poor colour choice. Maybe I'll change the colour after the challenge voting.

skamocore @ 10/16/2017 04:50 commented on Big Bird

Jeremy was a mod for quite a few years. So, yeah, I guess you could say he has a bit of a fetish...

skamocore @ 10/15/2017 15:24 commented on cyberpunk room mockup

Absolutely love the atmosphere of this, the dithering on the left-hand side feels a little out of place though.

skamocore @ 10/9/2017 14:28 commented on Bunny

This reminds me of a Monty Python sketch...

skamocore @ 9/4/2017 09:05 commented on Zombie Biker

Some music while you pixel.

skamocore @ 8/17/2017 18:02 commented on Sunflowers

Your best piece so far.

skamocore @ 8/4/2017 19:20 commented on Big Bird

12. What are we doing again? I just like writing numbers

skamocore @ 8/1/2017 07:07 commented on Big Bird

1/5th of them being from one challenge :P

skamocore @ 8/1/2017 07:03 commented on It's me...

I love the background.