skamocore @ 8/8/2020 01:42 commented on Big Bird

Hm, I have heard good things about the PixelJoint server :P

skamocore @ 8/6/2020 18:59 commented on Big Bird

I'm forever in a state of Discord server-joining anxiety.

skamocore @ 6/20/2020 01:15 commented on Big Bird

Pretty sure it was 5 per person per day. Also, I remember when I was a mod, it, um, kind of ended up being a bit of a flexible number when someone had submitted a lot of things in a day...

skamocore @ 6/17/2020 01:52 commented on Big Bird

Remember the old challenge icons?

skamocore @ 6/15/2020 01:12 commented on Big Bird

Similar thing in Opera

skamocore @ 6/14/2020 16:59 commented on Big Bird

Well, that was a quick turnaround...I was kinda expecting this to take three months or something...

You know, thinking about it, it kinda makes me annoyed we didn't do this favicon thing earlier.

skamocore @ 6/8/2020 17:54 commented on Pixelween entry no. 1
Just a quick contrast adjustment because the original is pretty washed out.

skamocore @ 6/8/2020 17:21 commented on Big Bird

Yeah, those are some pretty sick PJ-branded sunglasses

skamocore @ 6/7/2020 06:05 commented on Big Bird

BTW, you can put images in your message by draging and dropping it into the text box.

skamocore @ 6/5/2020 18:10 commented on Big Bird

Very nice, DB.

skamocore @ 6/5/2020 08:23 commented on Big Bird

Personally, I think  Jinn and PBDC have the likeness down the most with their chinlessness. Also, um, yeah, Skamocore's is probably a bit too noisy >_>

skamocore @ 6/5/2020 01:15 commented on Big Bird

Personally, I'd go with Jinn B

skamocore @ 6/4/2020 16:31 commented on Big Bird

Okay, update. I made him a bit more outliney. Maybe I'll change the palette at some point, but I kinda wanted to retain the same palette as the original. Anyway, all of these are great so far.

skamocore @ 6/4/2020 07:05 commented on Big Bird

Dibs on 23 x 96.

skamocore @ 6/4/2020 06:33 commented on Big Bird

How many sizes we talkin' here?

skamocore @ 6/3/2020 22:07 commented on Big Bird

Okay, tried my hand at a 16x nerd

skamocore @ 3/30/2020 04:22 commented on Girl 1

Personally, I might actually remove the highlights altogether. Sometimes less is more.

skamocore @ 3/28/2020 01:03 commented on Girl 1

I dig the character design; gives me a bit of a Jane from Daria vibe. Although, I'd consider rethinking the hair highlights; it makes it look like she has a serious dandruff problem.

skamocore @ 1/28/2020 08:56 commented on GTar

Wait, so we can't do BWRY; we can only do BWRR or BWYY?

skamocore @ 12/25/2019 03:37 commented on Big Bird

Thanks \o/

skamocore @ 12/25/2019 00:40 commented on Big Bird

Secret Santa gifts are up!

skamocore @ 11/29/2019 22:04 commented on Big Bird

The low turnout for SS is bumming me out u_u

Also, yeah, happy b'day to anyone who's had a birthday within the last 365 days

skamocore @ 11/24/2019 02:51 commented on Big Bird

Aaanyway, Secret Santa is up!

skamocore @ 11/23/2019 15:04 commented on Big Bird

Hey, well, it did prompt me to do some animation.

I wonder if it's okay to show my tile publically now...

skamocore @ 11/23/2019 04:42 commented on Big Bird

😟 *checks calendar* I hope we're getting a Secret Santa this year. It's like the one thing I look forward to every year.