skamocore @ 3/19/2017 21:40 commented on Beach


skamocore @ 1/30/2017 14:28 commented on woman in red - a study with solid colors

The face is absolutely top-notch. I'd love it if the rest of the image had the same amount of attention paid to it.

skamocore @ 1/9/2017 20:05 commented on Nerd Power

Fantastic. Great job, Geci and everyone who participated.

skamocore @ 1/8/2017 23:34 commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Portraits

Remove the transparency and you're good to go.

skamocore @ 1/1/2017 18:38 commented on Feather story

I'll put this through to the gallery, but all Weekly Challenge entries should be created entirely during the challenge week.

skamocore @ 12/26/2016 02:43 commented on Meteora

Either way.

skamocore @ 12/24/2016 21:38 commented on Big Bird

Presumably, it's Christmas then...

skamocore @ 12/19/2016 12:50 commented on Big Bird

But, really, don't kill yourself.

skamocore @ 12/19/2016 11:59 commented on In love with the moon

It's one of my favourite albums. But it's also an album with titles that are evocative and open to interpretation - in a large part due to it being an instrumental album with no lyrics for context.

skamocore @ 12/12/2016 07:49 commented on Xenoid

Yep, sorry, it's a maximum of 150 x 150.

I need to stop making the mistake of not specifiying :|

skamocore @ 12/11/2016 19:01 commented on w1216-0

Make sure your submission is no bigger than 80 x 80.

skamocore @ 11/21/2016 13:56 commented on Big Bird

Yes! Yes! Yes!

skamocore @ 10/31/2016 17:34 commented on #Caricature Pixel Challenge

Hm, I'm not quite sure that you've grasped the concept of the challenge. Have a look over here for a lot of good examples of caricatures.

skamocore @ 10/30/2016 21:41 commented on Zombie

This has 7 colours instead of 6.

skamocore @ 10/29/2016 02:50 commented on dead friends
This has 40 colours


skamocore @ 10/24/2016 05:05 commented on Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear


Also, Max 150 x 150 - I'll fix it up now.

skamocore @ 10/15/2016 22:53 commented on Dead Astro Killer

This looks fantastic, but you're missing a word...

skamocore @ 10/14/2016 15:49 commented on The awful scream

You need an extra word.

skamocore @ 10/13/2016 18:19 commented on After the End

That's definitely four words.

If it helps, 'After the End' still works as a title (and you don't have to edit much to change it).

skamocore @ 10/11/2016 04:34 commented on Joel of Plen

Right, I totally missed that DawnBringer was being used as an adjective.

skamocore @ 10/6/2016 11:06 commented on Big Bird

I think using the term high-bit is incredibly smart.

skamocore @ 10/5/2016 16:17 commented on Fae's Profile Picture

You could just set this as the preview image of the other piece, then use that as your avatar. You don't need to have a separate upload.

skamocore @ 10/5/2016 01:46 commented on Big Bird

Reminds me of this :P

skamocore @ 10/3/2016 15:09 commented on Sharpener

Just vertical this week. Sorry.

skamocore @ 9/5/2016 20:20 commented on Big Bird

PSA: Owlboy is now available for pre-order via Gog :o