fatlittlenick @ 7/25/2008 01:00 commented on White Nintendo DS lite
Thanks! yeah, i think it looks that way because of the kinda-weird way i did the screen reflections/shines. Glad you like it :D

fatlittlenick @ 7/25/2008 00:58 commented on Isometric Wii
ha, yeah it does actually, come to think of it. I never picked that up. Cheers! glad you like it though.

fatlittlenick @ 6/23/2008 02:09 commented on Scott Pilgrim fan sprite
This is so rad, Ben. The animation and the sprite in general is so
fantastic! You've done an outstanding job to make it look like Scott!

fatlittlenick @ 6/12/2008 00:30 commented on Apple macbook
oh jalonso, you DO know I'm a guy, but now i remember those
comments last year or so about me being mistaken for 'fatlittlechick'

fatlittlenick @ 5/17/2008 01:10 commented on NES controller
Oh, ok, i get it now.

I wanted to leave this non-AA'd and plus, its not meant to be realistic.

fatlittlenick @ 3/30/2008 17:38 commented on NES controller

What is this new word, 'jaggies'? Do you mean jaggered edges on the controller? Because i know the edges are just slightly rounded. >_>

fatlittlenick @ 3/19/2008 00:39 commented on NES Controller
Thats cute, and thats a word i don't use very often!

fatlittlenick @ 3/9/2008 15:46 commented on Nes isometric pad (controller)
This is SO RAD! I had started my own nes controller (that was about 6 months ago
and havent bothered to draw in the details) but why bother when this is SO FANTASTIC looking!

fatlittlenick @ 3/9/2008 00:56 commented on Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars Mockup
mmm...comander keen...
This is awesome btw! Love the palette choice,
this deserves a fave in my books, since i had the original Keen on my
windows 3.1 :D good times!

fatlittlenick @ 3/9/2008 00:53 commented on Schnecke
16 colors!?!
Darn! This looks so good!
Love those lumps on the Snail :D

fatlittlenick @ 2/28/2008 14:29 commented on Flooded room

It looks good, but i think adding a 'wavy' effect for the room 'submerged' under water to make it a bit more interesting. Good work though!

fatlittlenick @ 1/18/2008 17:06 commented on ALTtP Menu Remake
They look so good!

fatlittlenick @ 1/18/2008 17:05 commented on PAL SNES controller
So small, yet so nice and smooth. Good Job!

fatlittlenick @ 1/18/2008 17:04 commented on White Nintendo DS lite
Thanks a bunch :D

fatlittlenick @ 10/2/2007 21:08 commented on Samus Aran ~ Uhn tiss

Do a little dance, make a little power bomb, get down on the mother brain tonight!... i fail.

THis is really awesome i must say.

fatlittlenick @ 9/30/2007 19:23 commented on The Nintendo Entertainment System

Thats hot!

lower gray COULD have been slightly darker, but thats just my thought.

Why isn't this avatar available? i want it

fatlittlenick @ 9/27/2007 16:34 commented on Isometroid - Samus Aran (Varia Suit)
This is really cool!

fatlittlenick @ 9/27/2007 16:32 commented on Mp2d promo art

lighting shmighting! This is amazing, i can't belive this is all paint

THis must be faved!

fatlittlenick @ 9/27/2007 16:23 commented on Ok is just a controller now.

The controller looks realy good!, but the headphones... cant really tell that there headphones, they look more like little drops of water. Also the cord could be a little thicker.

Apart from those, you did a great job with the controller!

fatlittlenick @ 9/25/2007 01:37 commented on FN F2000
mmm...BF2 special forces. I love this gun, y'did a great job!

fatlittlenick @ 7/9/2007 15:20 commented on Knuckelina
WELL... when i logged on yesterday, i saw that this constest was ending in 20 mins, so i absolutely full-on rushed it, honestly not getting a very good job done at all, but c'mon, 20 mins of work! it aint that bad, and i sure know i wont win this.

fatlittlenick @ 7/8/2007 22:15 commented on WW Link
very very decent effort!

fatlittlenick @ 7/2/2007 00:51 commented on Transforming Pistol Avatar
That rocks!
Love how it does from pistol to m4 (or whatever they are)

fatlittlenick @ 6/29/2007 17:33 commented on avatar
Well, seeing as though i didn't put the colours in when i submitted it, it just put in '2' colours without asking.

fatlittlenick @ 6/29/2007 01:21 commented on avatar
........... does it realy matter? no, i doesn't.