the_keller @ 4/29/2005 00:19 commented on Green Ogre Lizard (OLD!!)

Nothing to say. Perfect.

the_keller @ 4/29/2005 00:18 commented on Tooth Fairy Prison Camp
Continue to impress Niss.  Keep em up.

the_keller @ 4/29/2005 00:17 commented on Doll-Leafy Keen

I don't understand what you are talking about as far as "dollers" go, but I know I love this. So sexy.

the_keller @ 4/29/2005 00:15 commented on Indigo Lizard (OLD!!)
This version is definitely more to my liking.

the_keller @ 4/29/2005 00:15 commented on frankenstein
Thumbnail image doesn't do this great work justice. Definite fave.

the_keller @ 4/29/2005 00:14 commented on Indigo Lizard (OLD!!)

Another impressive showing.  I'm eating all these up.

the_keller @ 4/29/2005 00:13 commented on crop

Perfect fantasy town.  Love the natural colors in your art.

the_keller @ 4/27/2005 13:40 commented on Trip

This is really one of the most spirited pictures. Colors washing all over... lovely.

the_keller @ 4/27/2005 13:39 commented on Final Slugrider

Finaly got internet back up. WHEW.

Good job on these. I really like the imagination of the characters.

the_keller @ 4/16/2005 14:02 commented on Juzz and Ist Pose for Photo
I like this weird semirealistic style.

the_keller @ 4/16/2005 14:00 commented on She Hulk
It works now. A lot of really great concepts there.

the_keller @ 4/16/2005 13:54 commented on Hovering pixels
Beautiful phoenix. big smile

the_keller @ 4/16/2005 13:36 commented on The Moon Avatar
The moon's face looks to be melting away. Poor moon. dead

the_keller @ 4/16/2005 13:07 commented on B-Carrot
Great shading job and a really cool veggie. WHat makes it a battle carrot? cool

the_keller @ 4/15/2005 22:28 commented on Elegant Apartment
Shit, I'll add it to favorites too. This place is all elegant and shit.

the_keller @ 4/15/2005 22:27 commented on Elegant Apartment
You've done such a cool little pimp pad dude. Hookups everywhere. cool

the_keller @ 4/15/2005 22:26 commented on Splinter
Ha, so funny sedge!!! I wish I could have seen it live. big smile

the_keller @ 4/15/2005 22:26 commented on Violator
The new smiles are way better. You should put Blueberry's name somewhere on the site to give him credit sedge. cool

the_keller @ 4/15/2005 22:25 commented on She Hulk
The link doesn't work for me. All the images are broken links.

the_keller @ 4/15/2005 22:25 commented on Triceratops
Good job PixelBlink!!! cool

the_keller @ 4/15/2005 22:21 commented on Nick Fury
LOL, I forgot why I started typing. Good job adding the links adder. I'll make sure to contribute when I can. angry

the_keller @ 4/15/2005 22:20 commented on Nick Fury

I just got back from Japan last night. What a great country. In other news I see that the forum is up and running. Good job sedge and whoever else helped! cool I tried to get on the net while in Japan, but my sisterinlaw did not have a computer and her parents didn't either (crazy!!!)

I'm going to have a good time looking over all the changes in the coming days.

the_keller @ 3/4/2005 13:46 commented on Baraka
Finally got it up. Greg should be pleased. This was supposed to be his job if I remeber correctly. disapprove

What happened to all my test posts? tongue

the_keller @ 2/24/2005 21:06 commented on Mind
Love the amazing hatch style by the way. (Pardon the double post).

the_keller @ 2/24/2005 21:05 commented on Mind
It looks like an inbox. Nobody's home. big smile