sathless @ 8/31/2008 16:41 commented on Blood Bender
I really like this XD

sathless @ 8/27/2008 09:42 commented on ;Triton
São, Yo xD
É que a gente tá acostumada com as dolls, sem limite de cores e nem máximo reaproveitamento das cores e aqui isso é "ruim" =\\

sathless @ 8/26/2008 18:22 commented on ;Triton
Amei yoo o____o Huahuaau você não sabe brincar XDDD
Amei mesmo <33

sathless @ 7/3/2008 18:56 commented on Google isometric logo
Uia XD
Bem e você?XD
É do Brasil mesmo?^^

sathless @ 7/2/2008 15:42 commented on Google isometric logo
Me gusta bastante las cores =]

sathless @ 3/28/2008 18:29 commented on -Never you laugh-
I've loved!
Beautiful work!
Are you from Eden Enchanted?

sathless @ 7/22/2007 12:04 commented on Unknown
Wooooow, I love pixels in this style =DD

sathless @ 7/22/2007 11:55 commented on Small smileys set
Woooow, very nice =D
I like the color~

sathless @ 7/21/2007 14:39 commented on Dropship
The ship is awesome.
Nice color, nice shade.

sathless @ 7/21/2007 14:37 commented on Haunted Girl
Imagine that the coment of Soup is here.
You really know how to make hair. The shade in the over parts is so nice =]

sathless @ 7/21/2007 14:35 commented on Cursed Girl
Good idea @_@
I like the clothes and the hair is nice =D
Good luck  ;*

sathless @ 7/21/2007 14:33 commented on Nigel
I like him lineart \o
But, you should work more in this side <- Of nothing, the shade over @_@"

sathless @ 7/19/2007 11:20 commented on L<3
Sorry, so. =\
Really, sorry =\

sathless @ 7/19/2007 09:07 commented on Advance Wars Style
Wow, I really like the lineart~
But the passage for the dark color and the bright color is so strong x_x
Fav <3

sathless @ 7/16/2007 06:57 commented on Owari
Actually, I tried do this =\
But the result was horrible -_-
Now I'm looking for tutorials for the next object of the fic, a kinda of church in the stones x_x
Thank you for the observation. ^^

sathless @ 6/5/2007 08:53 commented on Fleur Delacour Bride
Wow, amazing!
This base is really old XD 
Awesome work, Angy-chan ^^
I wish that I can see you more times ^^!
(sorry for the bad english)