saby @ 8/12/2016 10:21 commented on Waterways

The grey shadow on the globe is a weak choice, and does not follow the blue ramp--it's the same lightness as the dark blue next to it, only slightly greener and almost totally desaturated. The darkest shadow then is again much more saturated and bluer.

For nicer presentation, make the background transparent unless you have an actual background, and remember to crop the image closer so image height and width isn't wasted on empty space.

saby @ 8/7/2016 12:45 commented on Etherios the Temptress

The shades of the skin are all so light the shading can barely be seen in 100% view. Shading a pixel work is different from larger drawings, you'll need more contrast to get the same overall impression. The upper front loop of the cloth is pretty good, the rest needs adjustment.

saby @ 8/7/2016 10:08 commented on Yuri Boyka

Is he a RL athlete? I only found references to a character of that name.

saby @ 7/31/2016 11:19 commented on American M1 Helmet

The shape and colours are pretty good, although there is a bump on the upper left curve and the single white pixel is unneeded as it only brightens the highligh ever so slightly. Try some dithering, it'll do a lot to smooth out the edges between colour field.

saby @ 7/31/2016 11:10 commented on Big Explosion!

Very nice animation, looks very smooth and fluid with good rhythm. My only suggestion for improvement is that the plumes only exist on a patch of the near side of the cloud, there's nothing on the sides and the far side.

saby @ 7/31/2016 07:38 commented on Stratosphere Riders

Gorgeous use of the palette, and one of the better responses to the challenge's theme in my opinion.

saby @ 7/31/2016 03:41 commented on Tower

Just gorgeous, and inspiring use of hatching-style dithers. Game-like contrast between warmer tower and naturally bluish and pale bg colours.

(Specs tool counts 15 colours btw, #f4f5fd and #eff4f8 are very similar and then there's the single transparent pixel in the top left corner...)

saby @ 7/31/2016 03:11 commented on Guns (2)

Very impressive, especially the rifles. The revolver would look even more convincing with bolder shading of the metal parts, and higher contrast in the handle to bring out the detailing.

saby @ 7/31/2016 03:08 commented on Dusk

Nice mileage out of 10 colours. This is beautiful, but higher contrast in the palette could compliment the picture and it would benefit from more consistent antialias use: there are places that have none and look off in 100% view (mostly the closest hill slope and the innermost glow, especially the latter due to higher contrast at that edge). There's also some banding and at the left the lighter specks at the cloud's edge look orphaned: Hope this helps, you have a great beginning.

saby @ 7/26/2016 09:54 commented on trix

The detailed shading on the hind leg seems out of place because there's next to no shading elsewhere.

saby @ 7/25/2016 11:57 commented on Chicken

Very effective use of pixels!

saby @ 7/25/2016 11:54 commented on Shrimp of Indifference

Lovely, but the palette would have been just as effective with just four colours..

saby @ 7/25/2016 11:50 commented on flying creatures

At  200% the colours work great, but for 100% they should have more difference to bring out the features.

saby @ 7/22/2016 04:13 commented on Apple of Boredom

It's very circular and small-leafed for an apple. Outside of that, good job.

saby @ 7/20/2016 14:08 commented on Bird on a branch

Why is the tail chopped short ;__; It's otherwise so very beautiful. I'm impressed by the background pattern.

saby @ 7/20/2016 07:57 commented on Blood Jar

Haaa I've worked two days on an entry that has nothing to do with robots >_<  At least I noticed now!

saby @ 7/19/2016 10:45 commented on Geisha

It's pretty well done and I like the palette and the antialiasing, but there are some details I suspect weren't intentional:

- the cream field withing the tail loop

- the lone tan pixel at the left lower corner of the background red circle

- the overlap on the top (left over right) doesn't match the overlap on bottom (right over left).

saby @ 7/18/2016 14:34 commented on Eiffel in the Sky

The tower part is a pretty good start. However its perspective (3-point?) doesn't match the platform it's standing on (1-point?) or even line up its base with the tilt of the ground. More importantly, you have very large areas of flat colours and wide bands of 1x1 dithering in between. For smoother transitions for such cases, look up patterned dithering.

saby @ 7/18/2016 14:31 commented on Monster - Walk Cycle

Is it supposed to have the Mickey Mouse double bounce? I love the creature and the animation looks pretty good but the hind legs are indeed pretty choppy compared to the smoothly going forelegs.

saby @ 7/18/2016 14:18 commented on Potrait of a friend

To be honest this looks like a WIP. The skin colours are the exact same hue which flattens the image a lot and makes the eyes disappear into the sockets. The shading and highlighting do not really bring out the shapes of the face, they need a lot of work.

saby @ 7/18/2016 08:38 commented on Fluffy Creature

Chicorita x Moogle hybrid? Good movement for such a tiny sprite.

saby @ 7/17/2016 19:23 commented on Easy we follow

I'm just dropping by to commend your sense of theme, the birch trunks look really creepy with the juxtaposition of the single skull-and-bone detail. I never looked at birches like this before.

saby @ 7/17/2016 19:19 commented on My Birch Tree

It's not too bad. My biggest point is: the leaf mass is very repetitive, all the S-shapes look like oversized dither and frankly depict an unnaturally uniform direction of leaf growth. It's a common technique to leave central parts of colour areas unpatterned and focus the patterning efforts on the edges of shadows and highlights -- the brain will fill in the rest, the piece will look less busy, and the artist will save a lot of effort.

saby @ 7/17/2016 19:12 commented on Birch

It's gorgeous....definitely worth revisiting! The birches and reeds/grasses and the palet are all simply brilliant. I'd love to see an updated version. I'd suggest some added depth to the duck's shading and a slight ripple in its wake maybe... Some breaks/variance in the bg tree trunks for a more natural look.

As for non-strictly-technical points, I'd also advise to remove the bottom row off the duck, its draught is a bit styrofoamy--and since this is animated, it looks off that the redlection is distorted but there's no movement to the water.

saby @ 7/17/2016 18:19 commented on Mieu Avatar

It's really cute and pretty solid in execution afaict, but the animation couls use a tweak. With the smooth blink animation the 1px bounce looks sort of excessive and sharp, especially at the bottom of the ear thing where it moves 2 px. There's also a couple of frozen pixels in the mid-ish area of the ear.