de Thch @ 9/20/2011 22:56 commented on Culina

Yes, I understand. I keep this picture for me and here I poste a previous version. I take this opportunity to change the position of the jars on the floor, they are too on the inside corner. Thanks for the suggestion

de Thch @ 9/20/2011 09:50 commented on Culina
Yes, I have the version without smoke, but why not smoke?

de Thch @ 9/23/2010 13:12 commented on monuments


de Thch @ 7/28/2010 01:46 commented on edicola

hehe grazie! ^_^

de Thch @ 4/28/2010 13:24 commented on La bottega del vasaio

Oh yes! There is a big difference. Your suggest is very good. I will care the change and I will have the comparison.
But I think that the tile on the roof, so large, will be better.  Thanks ^_^

de Thch @ 4/28/2010 12:44 commented on La bottega del vasaio

I think it's only an impression. Look at these link it's a tutorial that I choose by chance. You must considerate the half part (right) of the roof that is there. But perhaps you want to say my another thing?

de Thch @ 4/12/2010 03:26 commented on Arena - Roman epic
This work has been improperly used on DA by Scramite -->
He declare to be the autor. But I have already sent the abuse report.
I am sure that Scramite is also ParanormalPixel -->
because they are Tom from Australia and used the same avatar and he define him like Member/Yellow  Alien.
So I have find in PixelJoint -->
But, if I committing an error on the people that  I have indicate, I apologize now!
Sorry for my bad English.

de Thch @ 4/3/2010 06:12 commented on Arena - Roman epic

Thanks Jalonso. I have many consideration your comments.

de Thch @ 4/3/2010 06:01 commented on Arena - Roman epic

It is true that my designs are not totally relating to the reality, there is many fantasy. you consider them, as they are. A vague return to roman age.  Thanks ^_^ Sorry for my bad English.

de Thch @ 3/24/2010 07:46 commented on Knight Totem

Good work. I remember those project.

de Thch @ 10/30/2009 00:48 commented on Set of carz 2.0

You are so clever, that I ask to you: do you like to realize my car? "alfa romeo 159 silver plated" ^_^

de Thch @ 8/31/2009 08:29 commented on logo pixel
Yes!  I know that it is not special. It is only a blowup of my little logo, nothing more.
From time to time it is pleasant to realize simple things. Not always impegnative images.

de Thch @ 8/23/2009 13:15 commented on Smileys
Much pretty, very made, but I would have added white pixel  for the pupil, instead leaving a black eye.


de Thch @ 8/22/2009 15:30 commented on La montagnola

Sono farmacista

de Thch @ 8/10/2009 07:47 commented on Weekly - Mi consenta!

Formidabile!!! Magnifica interpretazione del "papi" hahaha

Te ne darei 10.000 di fav, non uno solo, sopratutto per l'idea.  

de Thch @ 8/10/2009 00:22 commented on Accampamento - Roman epic.
I Design an element for time, a human, a shield, one pot , a grass bush, a group of stones etc…   and then I  approach  them, according to my taste, in order to compose the scene.  Only after, I complete the scene with stones, grass and bushes...  That is for last I realize the background.
All these elements, a hundred realized during four or five years, are contained all' inside of a file. The scene is always the same one, therefore I can use many times the same element. Thus the stones will be anywhere always the same ones, with the same form and the same color and thus the threads of grass, and the shields  of the gladiators, and the grain bags, and i glasies etc… 

de Thch @ 8/9/2009 23:57 commented on Accampamento - Roman epic.

I think however that the scene is enough rich of  many different elements that if some are repeated for obvious necessities. It is true that some elements are copies, but a tent is roughly equal to un' other tent and an auction stringed in the land is equal to un' other auction and thus the plates,  glasses etc… but, the characters are all various  and in it placed various and the mules too. (the mule watches ahead and of side, mule with bags and mule with barrels, three various types of barrels, two various types of pot of clay, two various types of shield, helmet ahead and helmet of behind). 

Sorry for my bad English


de Thch @ 5/14/2009 00:01 commented on queen of spades
It is an innovative model also in the colors. I like it, but there is an error in the structure. The grip of the spade passes behind the leg of the queen and it would have to be before. Very nice work!

de Thch @ 5/13/2009 23:51 commented on Queen of Hearts

Nice and complete sprite, rich of detail. Very good!

de Thch @ 5/13/2009 23:48 commented on Queen of Hawtz

I like sprite with soft colors. Ingenious animation.

de Thch @ 5/13/2009 23:40 commented on Baby heart queen

Very cute!! Great fantasy!!

Yuo have my fav.

Brava/o, per l'idea simpatica e la novità! Ciao.

de Thch @ 5/12/2009 08:38 commented on The seal.
I have place the light on the left eye , with clear pixel, but the right eye is in shadow and therefore it has no pixel clear

de Thch @ 4/23/2009 02:35 commented on A Beagle for Binky

Very sweet!

de Thch @ 4/23/2009 02:23 commented on No Inspiration

Complimenti! È una simpatica scenette, ben realizzata.

de Thch @ 4/9/2009 09:05 commented on ISO Truck

yes. Really a good work.