Darion @ 10/2/2007 05:35 commented on Black and White

Ok, sorry.

I will add thisone to the other pixel.

Darion @ 10/1/2007 15:46 commented on sound wave

Thats soundwave not optimus :P

Annyway i love it, it looks great!

Darion @ 10/1/2007 14:07 commented on Zombie

Yeah i know, but he is supposed to look kinda wierd.

But thats just my oppinion :)

Darion @ 7/9/2007 10:07 commented on Autobot Jazz

Yeah, i agree, but since i made him from a charakter named Autobot jazz from the Transformers cartoon ( i made him look like him. But i changed some things.

Darion @ 7/8/2007 15:27 commented on Red Goddess
Love the details.

Darion @ 7/8/2007 15:26 commented on Vadina

A pink Darth Vader, yey!

I like the patterns on his helm.

Darion @ 7/8/2007 15:24 commented on This is my BOOMSTICK! (LOOK AGAIN if you didn't see image!)
I cant see the picture, but the preview i cool.

Darion @ 7/8/2007 15:23 commented on splinter cell _ blackolive
Love the shading/lightning.

Darion @ 7/8/2007 15:22 commented on MetroidZM Starring: Sam Aaron

Woah, awsome!

You've got my vote

Darion @ 7/5/2007 01:05 commented on Spiderwoman

I'll try to fix the colours tomorrow.

Have been messing around with different styles and colours to see how things turn out.

Thanks for the comments by the way :)

Darion @ 7/4/2007 08:35 commented on Metalslug

Nice, i like it!

Darion @ 7/2/2007 02:17 commented on TransmonuStamp

I thoguht it was a photo first!

Great work.

Darion @ 6/30/2007 18:38 commented on Optimus prime.

Yeah, i drew all the frames and he put them toghether.

I do have gimp though, but i'm still trying to learn all the functions.

Darion @ 6/30/2007 17:40 commented on Optimus prime.

Thanks :)

I've sent a message to the one who animated it and asked him if he could change the backround colour, so he will prob fix that tomorrow. (i use MS paint so i cant change it)