AdamAtomic @ 4/17/2008 07:14 commented on Xavier Running (redux)
aaah well done ben!  I like it very much

AdamAtomic @ 2/27/2008 22:47 commented on NES-spec Refinery Level
With the exception of a few spots where I break the 2x2 block rule, it'd work on most any cart.  Only a few carts shipped with a mapper that could switch palettes within a 2x2 tile block, but I don't do that too often in this one!

AdamAtomic @ 2/27/2008 22:47 commented on Explosion
Supposed to be more ashes, rather than smoke, but the fact that it's reading oddly is a sign that it has problems regardless :P

AdamAtomic @ 2/25/2008 09:06 commented on R U sure your mom let me stay?
left side of the creature fights a little with the background, and I agree with ilkke's comment about the ground.  Otherwise, fantastic as usual!!

AdamAtomic @ 2/13/2008 15:47 commented on Tank vol.3
nice!!  the trees i feel are a little bit too detailed, and fight for attention with the end of the barrel, otherwise its really fun, like a wicked cutscene from a great arcade game :)  nice work!

AdamAtomic @ 2/13/2008 15:46 commented on Ninja-Bot - 4 colour compo test
way too much AA

AdamAtomic @ 2/13/2008 06:57 commented on Ninja-Bot - 4 colour compo test
way too much AA!

AdamAtomic @ 2/5/2008 00:29 commented on Petit Lovers Sprites
No need to apologize!  That is not what art is about.  You can agree or disagree with me, but apologies do not enter into it.  I think these are worth revisiting, that's all :)

AdamAtomic @ 2/4/2008 12:19 commented on Petit Lovers Sprites
these do not work for me at all, maybe I am missing something?  the white faces, off-balance poses, and general lack of polish are all big strikes against these, from  my perspective anyways.

AdamAtomic @ 1/28/2008 16:33 commented on In a middle of nowhere
Seriously though, like, how??  How do you do this?  Piece after piece after piece?  Your discipline is awesome and inspirational, as is your continued creativity and attention to detail.

AdamAtomic @ 1/26/2008 00:16 commented on Typical Skull remastered...still pretty typical
It really doesn't look like a flag, but its Fing gorgeous anyways, great job man!

AdamAtomic @ 1/21/2008 14:52 commented on Revisited platform mockup
this is badass!!  all your changes are well-informed, appropriate, thematic, and massively aesthetically pleasing.  great job!

i want to cuddle with those clouds sooo bad

AdamAtomic @ 1/7/2008 19:56 commented on Desert Planet
Thanks guys - and yea the foreground was left deliberately blank for foreground terrain and entities...

AdamAtomic @ 1/7/2008 16:24 commented on Desert Planet
Adam - It's kinda like Scorched Earth but more siegey...can't say much more!

Adarias - I think that is OK, just it is for a currently unreleased game, but the clients are usually pretty cool about that.  I'll let you know if I hear otherwise...

AdamAtomic @ 12/27/2007 13:01 commented on Roadkill market vol.2
spectacular as usual yuriy!

AdamAtomic @ 11/27/2007 10:58 commented on bomberman mobile
on second glance, i agree with darien, a little explosion love would really polish this one off.

AdamAtomic @ 11/27/2007 10:57 commented on bomberman mobile
ditto all, this is adorable and readable and exciting, great woork!

AdamAtomic @ 11/27/2007 10:56 commented on winter gameshots
Looking really great!

AdamAtomic @ 10/18/2007 16:56 commented on The Boss
It is very nice, don't get me wrong, but to me it just proves that what makes Valve's Portal so great and memorable is not because of the gimmick of the portal gun, but because of the polish, the learning curve, and the writing.  Don't forget, Prey had portals too :P

To sum up: inclusion of portals does not a great game make.  But the flash version is still pretty fun!

AdamAtomic @ 10/18/2007 06:54 commented on The Boss
just as good?  haha i hope that was sarcastic...

AdamAtomic @ 8/25/2007 07:21 commented on SuperHead Small
No, he could NOT have gotten rich.  The thing was built on highly specialized equipment found only in laboratories, and used analog technology.  Much like Space War, it is a fascinating but dead branch on the tree of video game history.  Space War at least inspired Bushnell to some degree, and was a good learning experience for him.  Higginbotham's experiment was unknown to Baer and Bushnell.  If you want to read about the real Pong controversy Ralph Baer is a good place to start!

AdamAtomic @ 8/22/2007 14:01 commented on SuperHead Small
Yeah this is the oldest news ever :P  and as many other posters have said, "ripped off" and "stolen" are completely inappropriate in this case!

AdamAtomic @ 8/13/2007 10:55 commented on Rust Mesa
Excellent, love the composition, palette, and details.  Great job!

AdamAtomic @ 8/10/2007 12:49 commented on Burning_Sunrise(panorama)
I love this.  Stellar job!

AdamAtomic @ 8/7/2007 15:49 commented on hellboy
good start!  more volume on the gun, more contrast on the body, and perhaps making his stone hand, i dunno, red? :)  keep at it!  this one has a lot of potential!