WaterCloset @ 3/27/2011 04:41 commented on Reap

I think that the subtlety adds to the piece- the really obvious and the really subdued colours contrast well with each other. Very nicely done.

WaterCloset @ 3/20/2011 22:08 commented on Turtle Zombie Animation

The extreme poses don't look like the same creature as the middle pose. Smooth motion, though.

WaterCloset @ 8/30/2007 16:03 commented on Windy Heart
Amazing animation. Great lineart. Simple idea. Good stuff.

WaterCloset @ 7/26/2007 17:57 commented on Dropship

It's like tyrian but better... I think the bobble with the miniship is a little hokey. A ship in null gravity wouldn't twitch like that, unless there was something odd going on inside. Most likely it would drift forwards for those frames- or backwards...

Btw I think that no background animation is a good thing. Parallax would be massive when you're that far out in space.

WaterCloset @ 7/18/2007 15:09 commented on STOP POSTING SHUT UP
Any sweeter and I'd need a dentist. Great work.

WaterCloset @ 6/26/2007 18:55 commented on Afraid Of Light
If you make something in photoshop and then go through in a pixel program and touch it up, is it still pixelart?

WaterCloset @ 6/26/2007 13:44 commented on Game Walker

Kapptin: It's a She, though it's a bit tough to tell (How is she gonna be hardened? Look at those big, three-pixel eyes!). As for the arm thing, there actually is an arm gait, it's just really subtle. Grand total of two pixels motion. Which translates to about 1/2 of her body width. I admit, it's a bit tough to tell, but it's not a run cycle, it's a jaunty walk. Runs in the game system (at the moment) are going to be limited to short-range dashes.

BTW Daniel, the frame rate in-game is going to be a lot higher. And there's no cloak- that's a scabbard. Again, tough to tell without seeing the character's resting pose. Which I don't quite have together at the moment.

WaterCloset @ 6/26/2007 13:28 commented on Game Attack

Done. Sorry for causing so much offence.

WaterCloset @ 6/25/2007 13:46 commented on Monster race

How does he reach things? His arms are so shrimpy!

Like the design. You've got some real skill with shading and making round objects seem round. Well done.

WaterCloset @ 6/25/2007 13:42 commented on Skull-Etan

Why does he/she/it look so sad when you zoom in?

That shading use is amazing- you really got the roundness of the bones across. Well done.

WaterCloset @ 6/25/2007 13:38 commented on House Tetris!
nice. There seems to be a bit of a problem in the background, though. When the second peice comes down it flickers. Loving the concept.

WaterCloset @ 6/25/2007 13:36 commented on Don't Look Her in the Eye...

Love the picture. Amazing composition and well shaded.

But wasn't Medusa's power that she was so ugly that people turned to stone upon seeing her? Just wondering.

WaterCloset @ 6/25/2007 13:30 commented on Game Attack

Yeah. Accidental double post. Sorry to anyone who was confused.

WaterCloset @ 6/25/2007 13:29 commented on Game Walker
I've got that one as well, it still has the background like the sword attacks. I'm getting around to it.

WaterCloset @ 6/25/2007 03:07 commented on Game Walker
Thanks to Manning Krull for the tutorial that allowed this to come together. ()

WaterCloset @ 6/25/2007 02:53 commented on stick jedi
It's absolutely amazing, man. Love the emotion and the speed of the thing. Plus, you didn't throw in unnecessary frames just for the hell of it, which keeps it really snappy.

One thing- the bit near the start where they stand there and the lines go hectic seems a bit cheap. But everything else is great.