Aleiav @ 3/30/2009 21:35 commented on Growlithe

 Awww. cute. :D

Aleiav @ 6/19/2008 06:26 commented on Lavitz
Whoops, too late. :S I don't mind though. I don't really use the zoom function. I find it easier just to copy the image into Photoshop.

Aleiav @ 6/7/2008 08:47 commented on You Can Have More Than My Coke!!
Peep Show is awesome! :D Glad you one first place!

Aleiav @ 5/29/2008 14:17 commented on Owl Emotes
How are they hard to see? Maybe your monitor needs adjusting. :S I can see them just fine.

Aleiav @ 3/24/2008 18:13 commented on Naked Steamroom Party
w00t! :D awesomeness.

Aleiav @ 3/24/2008 18:12 commented on Captain Exocet at Flaber Cove
Holy crabcakes batman! W00t. Good work. :D

Aleiav @ 3/24/2008 07:04 commented on Mighty Barbarian Wench
Aah thanks guys. :D I'm not sure what the black circle is. It was red before but I just couldn't anti-alias it properly and black worked better. *shrugz* :P

Aleiav @ 3/12/2008 09:16 commented on Snake
Thanks guys :)

@Stickman: I had to make it cutoutish. The shading just looked too terrible on a dark background.
@AdamPlays: It looks hairy because it's anti-aliased for a dark background.

Aleiav @ 12/16/2007 00:34 commented on Eminem Totem
Yeah, he's that awesome. XD

Aleiav @ 10/15/2007 14:13 commented on Parenting
This is a really awesome idea and very well executed. I love the smooth shading and colouring. :) 5/5 +fav, Well done!

Aleiav @ 9/26/2007 23:24 commented on Squirrelsquid
This is so cute and adorable and... awesome. Great job. 5/5

Aleiav @ 9/18/2007 22:50 commented on Drown
w00t. good job Oli. <3

Aleiav @ 9/18/2007 13:07 commented on purple lion avatar
I concur. Looks like a reduction.

Aleiav @ 9/8/2007 19:37 commented on Red Fuse - Self Harm
Aww, that's so cute!! :):)

Aleiav @ 9/8/2007 19:34 commented on Spy Hunter car
How do you know if it's shitty if you didn't read it?

Aleiav @ 9/6/2007 13:21 commented on Spy Hunter car
I actually wasn't done with this and didn't really want my name attached to it when it was put up. :/

Aleiav @ 8/24/2007 16:25 commented on famous last words..
5/5 For hilarity. Nice shading and saturation work. I especially like the use of dithering on the back wheel. *thumbs up*

Aleiav @ 7/14/2007 06:31 commented on This is my BOOMSTICK! (LOOK AGAIN if you didn't see image!)
I love this. Really, really awesome. Cool points are yours, my friend.

Aleiav @ 7/8/2007 19:04 commented on Red Goddess
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I love Pyramid head but awesome female pyramid head... F'N Awesome.

Aleiav @ 7/6/2007 03:38 commented on Self Portrait Animated
I think I deleted this awhile ago. XD

Aleiav @ 7/5/2007 08:39 commented on Run, Robot, Run
I'm glad to see you improve on everything. You've done a lot of work on it and you've taken critique very well. I wish all new artists were like you when it comes to that. Excellent job! 5/5 For being such a good sport.

Aleiav @ 7/4/2007 17:32 commented on Splashpolis Panoramic Tour
wow this is awesome. :)

Aleiav @ 6/30/2007 18:06 commented on Liberty or Death
Well, you're welcome to attempt to do better.

Aleiav @ 6/30/2007 17:44 commented on Liberty or Death
.. gains some armor? Out of thin air? And why is it so hard to get that the slab Lady Liberty holds turns into a missle?

Aleiav @ 6/29/2007 09:27 commented on Bloop
That's crazy. I wouldn't even do that for the YouTube fame. XD