fydo @ 3/12/2014 13:12 commented on Funky Billy

This is a fun style! :D

fydo @ 3/4/2014 15:38 commented on Bad Cube

Excellent! Such character and depth for just 16x16 pixels. :)

fydo @ 2/27/2014 12:29 commented on Journey to another planet

Wow, this is great! I love the texture on the planets.

fydo @ 2/26/2014 12:20 commented on Big Bird

The FAQ says there is an RSS feed at but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Anyone know if there's a new URL for the News RSS feed? Thanks in advance!

fydo @ 2/26/2014 06:11 commented on Note Guru: GBC Spec-Up

Looks great! I'd love to play this :)

fydo @ 6/19/2012 15:35 commented on Birds - Researches

 Most excellent!

fydo @ 6/18/2012 15:39 commented on Rocket

 Cute! :)

fydo @ 6/2/2009 23:23 commented on Stickman Vs Tomic - HellDriver!

Wow! This makes me happy inside. NICE WORK! :)

fydo @ 12/12/2008 01:29 commented on Fatima Tileset
Yep, I totally get a Chrono Trigger feeling from this. Great work!

fydo @ 12/12/2008 01:05 commented on how appropriate, you fight like a cow!
Wow. This is awesome. Just beautiful. Great work.

fydo @ 12/12/2008 00:46 commented on STOP POSTING SHUT UP
Awwww... this is so cute! :D

fydo @ 12/12/2008 00:23 commented on Weight of the World
Nice. You really nailed the look of Superman on this one.

fydo @ 12/11/2008 02:07 commented on One More Time
Whaaaaaaaat! This is amazing! :D

fydo @ 12/11/2008 02:00 commented on Revisited platform mockup
I like the style, and the characters are very cute! Nice work.

fydo @ 12/11/2008 01:58 commented on Animal Antics screens
omg, waaaay too cute! :D
Love this.

fydo @ 12/11/2008 01:54 commented on Shoot'em-up mockup!
This is a very entertaining avatar. It enticed me to check out more of your work.
I love love the double outline on the ships!

fydo @ 12/11/2008 00:13 commented on Jackwhite
Awesome, I love The White Stripes.
The style on this is pretty nice, though I'm not sure what is going on with his hair. (Though at this resolution, I suppose that is almost expected)

fydo @ 12/10/2008 22:51 commented on Rainbow Tentacles.
Very pretty. Reminds me of the opera singer lady from The Fifth Element.
This must have taken forreeevvveerrr to do. :)

fydo @ 12/10/2008 22:31 commented on Daliclok
Awesome! :D
Though you say the movement of the clock hands is a compromise, I'd prefer this version over regular ol' hand movement

fydo @ 12/10/2008 22:21 commented on Beta Chokobo
I love this avatar. Not only is it super cute, but the motion is so smooth. :)
Great job.

fydo @ 12/10/2008 22:10 commented on Zen, In 2 Colors.
Wow, this looks really awesome, great work. I'm confident that you'll place very well in the contest.
You've even got MdNight17 thinking that it's actually 3 colors! :)

fydo @ 12/10/2008 13:10 commented on Cellphone K.O
Haha, this is great. I love the shading :)

fydo @ 9/15/2008 12:19 commented on Lemonade LoL
Haha, this is really cute. Great work.

fydo @ 6/28/2007 09:20 commented on Pixel Scimitar
Hmm, you guys are right.
This isn't really pixel art, I'll take it down because it doesn't follow the guidelines for pixel art.

Sorry :S

fydo @ 6/27/2007 13:48 commented on Tank Avatar
Cute :)

I like the palette.