Reo @ 6/11/2018 23:05 commented on Big Bird

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! :D

Reo @ 5/30/2018 14:37 commented on Big Bird

Seems like the Awards for April's HoF got awarded twice! ( Not that I mind the double trophies)

Reo @ 5/27/2018 05:13 commented on Scorpio Mermaid

Yeah agreed with Arkan, really solid work on the upper body but the tail seems squished to fit in frame. It breaks the nice curves you've established in the rest of the body. 

Reo @ 5/27/2018 05:06 commented on Characters


Reo @ 5/27/2018 03:12 commented on Dodonpachi Study

All of the palettes are good! You were always so good at these. 

Reo @ 5/20/2018 06:26 commented on Tank-tank

Charming animation! Love your dedication to the light source.

Reo @ 5/16/2018 12:40 commented on Dungeon

Jesus, how productive can you be? 

Reo @ 4/20/2018 13:17 commented on Begrudgingly Awoken From Slumber

Thank you! Means a lot. 

Reo @ 4/17/2018 09:49 commented on Various spell animations

These are really kinetic and well done!

Reo @ 4/13/2018 04:17 commented on necropolis

I think this is absolutely lovely Deciever, and ticks so many boxes of things I love. My only real criticism is that I think the "lines" on the top and bottom distract more than they add to the image. 

Reo @ 4/5/2018 06:48 commented on Begrudgingly Awoken From Slumber

@Dexrunner: Thank you! I suppose you are right, the dog's face was fun to do to, after that my inspiration faded. The plants ( and in fact the entirety of the "frames" ) where just mirrored. Timewise, I don't have an exact figure. Something like 5-6 hours maybe? I kind of had a lot fun doing his face+torso intitally and zoned out.

@ZeeZerd: I don't understand why they should? Sure the lightning is erratic, but I don't think it's the shoulders that break it.

@Cure: Very happy to be compared to and mistaken for those two! Thank you.

@all: Thanks!

Reo @ 4/5/2018 02:26 commented on The Collector

Very nice, evocative colors!

Reo @ 3/20/2018 14:38 commented on flagbearer

What a fantastic initiative! Great interview Cure, this made me very happy to read. 

Reo @ 3/1/2018 11:35 commented on Lord Kain

Great colors and clusters!

Reo @ 2/23/2018 04:41 commented on Phaser 3

So vibrant and charming!

Reo @ 2/3/2018 06:11 commented on Space Wyrm

This is really cool! I think it would've been even stronger had you dropped most of the aa though. Just let the clean lines and shapes talk for themselves. Lovely colors too!

Reo @ 1/27/2018 17:43 commented on enjoy the veiw

Excellent choice! Good luck Irena.

Reo @ 1/21/2018 05:46 commented on Cold Hirst

Holy shit man! You've really upped the game with this one, wonderful.

Reo @ 1/18/2018 03:15 commented on Dying Breed

Didn't realize this was yours at first, but my first thought was "Cure would like this". I do too for that matter!

Reo @ 1/10/2018 13:40 commented on Pixel typefaces

That penguin really steals the show!

Reo @ 1/4/2018 06:49 commented on The Den

Good shapes, lovely colors! 

Reo @ 11/1/2017 10:30 commented on The Mummy Demastered

Insane stuff! It's gonna take some time to digest this.

Reo @ 10/26/2017 01:45 commented on Cordycep King

Good stuff!

Reo @ 10/15/2017 01:46 commented on Rabbeat LeChunk AHOY!

About time, kudos to everyone involved! 

Reo @ 9/12/2017 14:54 commented on Tre Grazie

This is great!