Reo @ 5/22/2017 15:19 commented on beast

This puts me in a tricky position as I have been doing a lot of 64x64 portraits of my favorite artists since Lemmy passed. 

Reo @ 4/7/2017 10:30 commented on concept 4

This too is great. If this is a game I hope you make it!

Reo @ 4/5/2017 12:07 commented on Concept 3

This is fantastic I get a real Moebius/roger dean vibe from the shapes here!

Reo @ 3/7/2017 01:37 commented on Alien Invasion


Reo @ 3/2/2017 04:18 commented on Banjo-faced Pocada

Oh so this is where Jal went, you absorbed him. 

Reo @ 2/24/2017 05:25 commented on Ray

Good use of the pallete! 

Reo @ 2/24/2017 01:55 commented on Rock face study

Only thing I don't like about this is the noisy dithering on top of the rocks. Otherwise it is gorgeous

Reo @ 2/20/2017 04:53 commented on Former

Thanks everyone! The pallete has some redundant colors for sure, but is fun to mess around with-

Reo @ 2/10/2017 13:19 commented on Big Bird

He is but he's been less active latlely. And I agree with Cure that Jal would understand, I've seen him worried about other regulars dissapearing himself before.We've known him for over a decade and he has always been a caring and positive presence. Just want to see if he is alright, just like he has looked out for others before. 

Reo @ 12/29/2016 04:45 commented on Meteora


Reo @ 11/24/2016 07:21 commented on Bump Battle Royale portraits

Ah, my bad! Lovely nevertheless.

Reo @ 11/20/2016 00:27 commented on Bump Battle Royale portraits

Was gonna say this reminds me of Kerfuffle, but then I realized Miascugh probably had a hand in this game as well. Very charming stuff! 

Reo @ 11/15/2016 09:58 commented on ETD?

Utterly wonderful and inspiring stuff!

Reo @ 11/13/2016 05:11 commented on An Old Tale - a Protector

You can use whatever program you want. You just asked what program i used for this. 

Reo @ 11/13/2016 04:38 commented on An Old Tale - a Protector

This was made in MS Paint XP and graphicsgale.

Reo @ 11/13/2016 02:48 commented on Ice Golem

You have one more color to work with. Why not give it a second pass?

Reo @ 11/5/2016 02:28 commented on Agent Trump

While the pixel work is great as always, I do think the likeness isn't quite there, especially for a caricature, 

Reo @ 11/4/2016 05:16 commented on No Shit

Absolutely fantastic as always! Glad to see your stuff here! 

Reo @ 11/2/2016 11:15 commented on Main Char Run Cycle - for 72 hour

Congrats so much to Snake and the rest of the team! 

Reo @ 10/27/2016 05:46 commented on Four 4 color c64

Cool! Yeah that would be great, just drop me a link to it if you do it! And indeed the red pixel is accidental, I have to fix that at some point!  Again thanks so much!

Reo @ 10/24/2016 07:48 commented on Four 4 color c64

Wow Ptoing that is amazing thank you so much! The Ghoul one looks really neat on the actual machine! 

I'm not even sure what that means but the official names for them are: Norns' Sacrifice, Ghoul, Lunar Avatar, Maze Encounter 

Thanks again Sven, that's really incredible for me! 

@Cure: I agree that one is the best, it was the first one I did and then I tried to re-capture that goodness with the other ones. Helm will always loom as an influence on these matters, for good reason!

I too would love to see a game like this!


Reo @ 10/13/2016 08:31 commented on Swans

Please only check the Weekly Challenge box if your piece actually conforms to this weeks rules. 

Reo @ 8/21/2016 23:58 commented on Starry night

Isn't this something. Good to see you again Frost! 

Reo @ 6/2/2016 12:05 commented on Salem Noir

Quite lovely. Big fan of the blue mansion!

Reo @ 5/9/2016 06:55 commented on Sydney

Love how there was also 7 joker portraits submitted.