Monsoon2D @ 3/9/2016 12:56 commented on Find Waldo

I sincerely hope you realize just how amazing your art is.

Monsoon2D @ 3/7/2016 14:11 commented on "Knights And Bikes" Demake

@Mandrill: That's solid feedback. I'll make a new preview image. Thank you!

Monsoon2D @ 3/3/2016 01:47 commented on "Knights And Bikes" Demake

Oh, that logo is definitely in need of some love, Adam; It was the most rushed element. I'm going to try to clean it up when I get the chance.

Monsoon2D @ 2/17/2015 17:42 commented on Simon (Yogscast) Running

Of course! It's 12 frames and runs at 20fps.

Monsoon2D @ 2/10/2015 13:15 commented on Plagued Rat Running

@Carnivac: <3 It's feels good to be back, sir.

Monsoon2D @ 2/16/2011 17:23 commented on Brain Figther

Can you show the actual Twelve frames your characters are based upon?

Monsoon2D @ 7/4/2010 15:11 commented on Another rubbish man :)

No lucky bucks, no pay. No pay, no job. No job, sad Monsoon2D.

Monsoon2D @ 2/15/2010 11:46 commented on Mechanix Girl

Goodbye, Jessica.

Monsoon2D @ 11/17/2009 21:07 commented on Luffy

Bare in mind that when you post a piece of art that isn't your own (though slightly modified), it brings into question any piece of art you make after that. You can claim that you used that image as your reference all you want. It's a pretty poor lie.

Monsoon2D @ 9/23/2009 16:28 commented on A sacrifice is needed!

lol mirrored wtf n00b

Looks good, ptoing.


Monsoon2D @ 7/29/2008 20:30 commented on small characters.
Oof. I got my numbers ALL messed up.

Monsoon2D @ 7/29/2008 20:06 commented on small characters.
3. Eustace from Courage The Cowardly Dog.
5. Manfred from Ice Age?
7. Shuma-gorath
12. J. Talbain
13. I REALLY want to say it's the last boss from Final Fight Revenge
22. That character from that anime I've never seen. (Aang from Avatar?)

Monsoon2D @ 5/31/2008 20:05 commented on Navy Seal
Certainly over-exaggerated, but pretty good considering the limitations.

PS:  A job's a job. I've worked for Gameloft for a while now and have no (major) complaints. If you've never worked in-house, it's a great stepping-stone.

Monsoon2D @ 9/4/2007 22:45 commented on Children of the damned
Sorry, if this was created in "half an hour", then the pixels weren't placed entirely by hand. As such, I can't help but compare these types of art with other digital paintings, and not pixel art pieces. Is it pixel art or just a low-color digital painting? I would categorize this as the latter, so I can't comment on pixel technique, because there isn't any. As a digital painting goes, it's okay, although a bit blurry. The palette is nice, but I'm sure you can drop over 1/2 of the colors and it'll still look fine.

And yes, Tomic. I whole-heartedly believe that these low-color digital paintings should not show up on a pixel art board. If this style of art is allowed, I think there should be a revision to the site's submission rules, and a seperate (non-pixel art) catagory added.

Monsoon2D @ 8/4/2007 06:41 commented on Isometric Lamborghini Murcielago
Essentially, your art will be showcased on the site for a 24-hour period. It's a great way to get noticed.

I guess I'll give dA another shot.

Monsoon2D @ 6/16/2007 03:33 commented on Look At My Stars

Monsoon2D @ 6/10/2007 18:18 commented on SNAKE!
This is actually a rip from the rare Konami/Capcom project "Mega Man Solid". It centers around a now retired Mega Man and...

Yeah, it's an edited Mega Man 7 sprite.

Monsoon2D @ 6/10/2007 17:58 commented on mgs ninja
Sprite edits don't go over too well here. Have anything original?

Monsoon2D @ 6/3/2007 23:33 commented on Vase Critter
The B.O.B.: Yeah, I'll give major props to SNK for putting so much effort into SvC Chaos. That Dhalsim sprite? HOT!
The funny thing about Guilty Gear is that though the sprites are high-res, the animation is crap. If Capcom can give us high quality sprites + SFIII animation, I'll be quite happy. Though many people find the SFIII sprites "over animated", I felt it necessary given the parrying aspect of the game. Now that I think about it... if SSF2T is remade and they give us parrying, I'll crap my pants (gleefully).
I could see Capcom going the 3D route, and that's not necessarily bad. It could be done tastefully. I'd be okay with some pseudo 2D cell-shading. I'm not okay with realistic-looking Street Fighter art. The portraits of the Capcom characters in CvS--- Ooof. Poor Guile.

Monsoon2D @ 6/3/2007 22:16 commented on Vase Critter
The problem is that it's NOT a new Street Fighter game; It's a remake of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and that makes me sad. Why go through all of this effort to remake an old Street Fighter game instead of trying to create a new one? Not that I wasn't happy with Capcom Fighting Evolution. 
Nevertheless, I'm happy that they're going the high-res route. Perhaps they'll finally remake that damn Morrigan sprite.

Monsoon2D @ 6/3/2007 21:13 commented on nods
Sub-pixel animation is a very valuable tool, and kudos for giving it a shot, Akira. Try taking it a step further and see how slow you can make the movement (without decreasing the frame-rate).

Monsoon2D @ 5/30/2007 09:12 commented on Big Bird
What an entertaining way to start my morning.

Monsoon2D @ 5/18/2007 23:34 commented on Nakira
For those who are 18+ and in the US, here's a hint:

Use the arrow keys and space bar.

Monsoon2D @ 5/17/2007 20:19 commented on Nakira

Monsoon2D @ 5/10/2007 17:04 commented on the the
Aside from the fact that it's not yours, it's also not pixel art.

-2 life points.