momovampire @ 11/11/2010 14:03 commented on 1px font

On the LCD I am viewing, the third column is indistinct, although I can read the rest...

I think it works best on older LCDs with larger subpixels.

Also, some LCDs have reversed subpixels. This font is designed for screens that are R-G-B. The characters may be reversed if your screen is B-G-R.

And then, there are those weird Samsung PenTile OLEDs...


momovampire @ 11/5/2010 01:29 commented on ice girl

Kula Diamond meets Izumi Konata... this just keeps getting better...

momovampire @ 11/3/2010 05:52 commented on Lovely Lady

"I find you curiously attractive for a fish-woman."

Pardon that inevitable reference to a particularly infamous animated series.


momovampire @ 9/19/2010 05:01 commented on Best Motherf**ng Controller EVAR

What a spectacular war it was, when the fifth generation consoles were competing to cram as many buttons as ten fingers could comfortably handle...

I thought the N64 controller was the best and the worst controller at the same time. It was comfortable to hold with both hands on both sides, but many games forced you to wield it like a handgun with oversized moe wings.


momovampire @ 8/26/2010 01:36 commented on [Animation] Gasmask Girl and a Gun

There is just something about Syosa animations, like they came from some really obscure Japanese-Korean arcade game lost in the turbulent New Millennium period, but waiting due for a remake on the 3DS to take the world by storm.

And no, it'll not give in to that stereoscopic 3D fad.

We're in for some HARDCORE 2D side-scrolling gunning!


momovampire @ 6/22/2010 20:10 commented on Tetromino

Reminds me of the flat-shaded greatness of Another World, but in bite-size pixels!

We should have more high frame count animations like this.


momovampire @ 6/10/2010 15:34 commented on EoSD Bosses

Tasty Default Palette goodness!

Almost Syosa on PC-98, and then some more!

Feels like a solid launch SNES title.

momovampire @ 3/16/2010 02:43 commented on Advice dog variations

This is the official icon for AdvicePuppy for Windows.

I am going to make the icons for CourageWolf, the OS X version!!

Actually, Microsoft should bring back the Agent just for Advice Puppy.

While writing a letter:

"Use 16pt Comic Sans. Enhance reader intimacy".



momovampire @ 3/16/2010 01:54 commented on Alucard

Did you just port Symphony of the Night to the SEGA Genesis?


momovampire @ 3/16/2010 01:52 commented on Hero - Prelude (WIP shots)

I wanted to go through every 8x8 tile just to smite you for every instance you used 4+ colors per tile (NES actually only allows 3, because one is reserved for transparency key), but this game is just too awesome.

Actually, on first glance I thought it was an Amiga game, until I saw the 8:7 aspect ratio!


momovampire @ 3/16/2010 01:38 commented on MMX9 Concept mockup

Respect for the Realism. This is so much like what Capcom would have done it if they ever made an MMX WiiWare.


momovampire @ 3/16/2010 01:21 commented on Kitchen Scene

This picture makes me think....


momovampire @ 2/28/2010 18:27 commented on King of the chickens

OH MY GOD. THE DRAKEN. This is the most powerful creature you can tame in the sequel to Bahamut Lagoon, Bahamut Archipelago.

(Game above does not exist, at least in the way I fantasize. Which sucks.)

momovampire @ 2/28/2010 18:17 commented on Dare Devil

I LOVE Amiga-style realistic pixel paintings like this. This is another kind of art PixelJoint needs more of.

momovampire @ 2/28/2010 17:50 commented on Wack a Roach Game


**Now imagining the game running in a very manic style of animation**

I think this game is more of Spray-a-Roach than Whack a Roach.
This better be better than that buggy Spray Gun arcade game!


momovampire @ 2/2/2010 02:53 commented on Guitar Hero - ZX Spectrum

Like all ultra-limited palette pixel art (8 colors and below) , this piece r0xxxxx!

Also, spectrum fans must watch this:
If you run Windows, you must watch the realtime demo!


momovampire @ 2/2/2010 02:38 commented on [Animation]Wild Little Red Riding Hood

This animation has the most amount of potential out of anything I have seen, but right now in my mind I am thinking about this:

Ookamimi mode! Ookamimi mode desu!

and that part which she goes "Fuurufuuru fuurumoon!" she turns into that awesome wolf above.


momovampire @ 10/15/2009 05:27 commented on Toc Through the Blue Gate

This piece has so much charm. Nice Genesis-esque colors and GBA-esque art style. Now, if only it didn't use Tahoma for the font...

momovampire @ 10/15/2009 05:24 commented on Old computer

With a 1Mhz 6502 at its core, and a specialized high-resolution graphics chip, this silicon genius will show you the world. It'll tell you scary ghost stories, teach you French, take you wherever you want to go, be it back in time or to the far ends of the galaxy. When you're feeling arty, it'll become a full fledged magic canvas and painting kit!

With the optional modem, you can be everywhere at once. All the day's news, weather, finances and sports at your fingertips. Messages that travel across the world to your friend in China in a heartbeat. Need help with your homework? Inspiration for Christmas dinners? Feeling lonely? Dial into one of millions of bulletin board services and connect with new pen friends everyday.

[about 2 pages later]

The generous 360K floppy drive stores up to 5,000 pages of information all on a single paper-thin disk that fits snugly into your briefcase.

momovampire @ 7/4/2009 03:15 commented on Athena Asamiya 1994

Excellent soft color take on the bite-sized SNK characters.

Now, if only NGPC could handle this color depth.

"Athena's name is magic~~"

momovampire @ 7/4/2009 03:12 commented on Night Light

Interesting gestalt experiment...

The way the thumbnail builds up to the full view...

momovampire @ 7/4/2009 03:10 commented on 081005

Is this your workstation?

momovampire @ 4/7/2009 06:16 commented on Swinging Knight Mockup

Reminds me vaguely of that ever almighty Amiga game....


momovampire @ 3/21/2009 15:04 commented on Greg Bear's Eon

I can hear the spacey bumpy opening theme coming from my Sound Blaster's OPL sequencer...


momovampire @ 11/4/2008 02:13 commented on EGA shoot 'em up mockup
If only there were people like you way back in 1991... this would put to shame even some of the SVGA graphics. Extraordinary use of that extra tight 16 color palette!