DNO @ 12/14/2007 06:10 commented on lurking in the woods
no i didnt reduce a photo, the only reference i used was this
and this was only inspiration really, kinda what i set out to achieve but obviously didn't get anything like it. i wanted to do a piece where the trees fade into the background.
the background and tree was done as separate pieces then added together thats probably why they look a bit out of place together?

DNO @ 11/7/2007 01:36 commented on Wizard on grass
this would look great animated with some lightning or magic spell coming out of his staff!
nice work.

DNO @ 10/18/2007 04:41 commented on goldfish

DNO @ 10/18/2007 04:27 commented on A Pixel With History
great car and great pixeling! i love it

DNO @ 10/13/2007 03:28 commented on Parenting
wow i love it, great idea and faultless pixeling! fave'd

DNO @ 8/3/2007 03:21 commented on Feral's 1bit conversion
looks great, kinda reminds me of a monster you would see on the old scooby doo cartoons