Mechanic4Games @ 4/9/2018 12:16 commented on PowerPak

fantastic work! The dithering on here is godly!

Mechanic4Games @ 4/6/2018 18:38 commented on ZombieMode

really great work!

Mechanic4Games @ 3/2/2018 19:11 commented on year of dog

The cow says moo
The cat says meow
The horse says neigh
The duck says quack
The dog says Ed-ward..... big... broth-er... Ed-..ward

Mechanic4Games @ 2/21/2018 21:11 commented on Carter is (un)ded

that dithering is 

Mechanic4Games @ 2/19/2018 18:34 commented on A Bear

the main thing about carter is the messy eyes and headshape, also technically the king isnt Carter the king is called Porter but its in the same spirit as carter. The best way to classify Carter is probably the messy shape of everything, heres some variations of him that people made in a Carter-themed daily challenge on pixcord:
I find this one to be really creepy tbh

Carter also shoots lasers apparantly

Heres a cowboy-themed carter that was made for a game


Sometimes carter has had a jelly-bean body

Carter is in a game as well

and then heres... infinicarter

Mechanic4Games @ 2/9/2018 13:15 commented on Purple

Phenomanel work!

Mechanic4Games @ 2/7/2018 17:32 commented on Battle Magic - Hammer

you really nailed the animation!

Mechanic4Games @ 2/2/2018 16:24 commented on Star Wars RPG Mockup

very nice!

Mechanic4Games @ 2/2/2018 13:40 commented on Mario

ah oops, I´ll do that now, and thanks!

Mechanic4Games @ 1/25/2018 14:15 commented on Time and Space


Mechanic4Games @ 1/5/2018 19:01 commented on Self Portrait at 28

fucking fantastic! you are incredible at pixel art!

Mechanic4Games @ 12/17/2017 20:28 commented on Sword


Mechanic4Games @ 12/12/2017 21:10 commented on Charmy

really well done, and very, very unsettling, fantastic work! Btw, what are the three blue-marble-things next to his left arm?

Mechanic4Games @ 11/24/2017 14:29 commented on Tardis Day

this is incredibly phemonemal! I love your style so much, you captured each doctor and their personality perfectly! I could go on for a while about how good this is, it defintiely deserves a spot in hall of fame. Also, my favorite doctors are the tenth and eleventh, tenth was most well written but I really liked how matt smith played the 11th

Mechanic4Games @ 11/17/2017 21:56 commented on Elk's Morrigan Aensland (DB16)

love to see you posting on here again! You were really inactive for a long time, love the piece!

Mechanic4Games @ 11/4/2017 19:05 commented on Tar Boy

great work!!!

Mechanic4Games @ 10/22/2017 12:20 commented on Zombie for octobit day 4


Mechanic4Games @ 10/10/2017 10:03 commented on Spiders

You have a really curious and cool style! Im really excited to see more of this game!

Mechanic4Games @ 9/16/2017 11:29 commented on Oil rig

very well done! Good job!

Mechanic4Games @ 9/14/2017 09:35 commented on King

very good! The one problem I have with it is the dithering above the mouth is a little noisy

Mechanic4Games @ 9/9/2017 17:19 commented on Darkmage

very good! It reminds me a bit of the deulyst style!

Mechanic4Games @ 8/29/2017 09:22 commented on Mieczyslaw

very well done!

Mechanic4Games @ 5/16/2017 10:21 commented on Blasto

this seems like a fun challenge, i have a lot i have to do this week(finals are coming up), but i may try to participate

Mechanic4Games @ 5/8/2017 20:44 commented on Super Paint

ah, let me explain: the weekly challenge always has a specific set of rules, the rules are normally a basic idea of what your supposed to make(like this week we have to make an extraterrestrial being smiling at the camera), along with a maximum canvas size and a maximum number of colors, at the end of the week the submission stage ends and it goes into a voting stage where people vote on their 3 favorites, you can view all the rules and submissions by hovering over the gallery tab and clicking on "weekly challenge"

Mechanic4Games @ 5/7/2017 19:41 commented on Jackal, Dove & Sheep

very well made!