Mechanic4Games @ 11/17/2017 21:56 commented on Elk's Morrigan Aensland (DB16)

love to see you posting on here again! You were really inactive for a long time, love the piece!

Mechanic4Games @ 11/4/2017 19:05 commented on Tar Boy

great work!!!

Mechanic4Games @ 10/22/2017 12:20 commented on Zombie for octobit day 4


Mechanic4Games @ 10/10/2017 10:03 commented on Spiders

You have a really curious and cool style! Im really excited to see more of this game!

Mechanic4Games @ 9/16/2017 11:29 commented on Oil rig

very well done! Good job!

Mechanic4Games @ 9/14/2017 09:35 commented on King

very good! The one problem I have with it is the dithering above the mouth is a little noisy

Mechanic4Games @ 9/9/2017 17:19 commented on Darkmage

very good! It reminds me a bit of the deulyst style!

Mechanic4Games @ 8/29/2017 09:22 commented on Mieczyslaw

very well done!

Mechanic4Games @ 5/16/2017 10:21 commented on Blasto

this seems like a fun challenge, i have a lot i have to do this week(finals are coming up), but i may try to participate

Mechanic4Games @ 5/8/2017 20:44 commented on Super Paint

ah, let me explain: the weekly challenge always has a specific set of rules, the rules are normally a basic idea of what your supposed to make(like this week we have to make an extraterrestrial being smiling at the camera), along with a maximum canvas size and a maximum number of colors, at the end of the week the submission stage ends and it goes into a voting stage where people vote on their 3 favorites, you can view all the rules and submissions by hovering over the gallery tab and clicking on "weekly challenge"

Mechanic4Games @ 5/7/2017 19:41 commented on Jackal, Dove & Sheep

very well made!

Mechanic4Games @ 5/7/2017 19:40 commented on Join our Guild! We have cake!

this is awesome!

Mechanic4Games @ 5/4/2017 11:46 commented on Edword

huh, cool, i didnt know that, i didnt necissarily make this as a monk, its just that i named it that because the robe looks like a monk robe and i suck with naming characters, eventually i will proobably come up with a name for him and change the title to that at some point

Mechanic4Games @ 4/19/2017 08:24 commented on Trooper

seems like a fun challenge, though does it have to be a pixel art member? Or could i copy the artstyle of a videogame?

Mechanic4Games @ 4/9/2017 14:03 commented on Into The Rift - Zoe Portrait

this looks fucking amazing, im really looking forward to into the rift

Mechanic4Games @ 4/9/2017 00:50 commented on Hand Rocket

thanks! its really, really late at night for me so i kind of rushed the flame, i should probably change that tomorrow, lol, i didnt add the nail because i didnt want to accidentally go over the color limit, but i have 3 colors to spare so i guess i can also do that when i revise the flame tomorrow

Mechanic4Games @ 4/9/2017 00:48 commented on Cyber Manta

i love the color scheme, and great dithering

Mechanic4Games @ 3/6/2017 13:48 commented on Wild Link

omg yes, luv botw so much!

Mechanic4Games @ 3/6/2017 13:11 commented on Guerilla

I keep saying im gonna participate in a weekly challenge then keep forgetting, but Im going to try to participate in this one(though this week i have a lot of school work and i have a lot of pixel art i gotta make for nuclear throne, so i probably wont have much time to work on it), though doesnt up have a kite scene in the opening? Im going to go rewatch the opening and I half hope there is so that i can try to recreate it with pixel art and make everyone sad, including myself, because holy crap that opening sequence is so sad, like, thats what i lost too on the try not to cry challenge

Mechanic4Games @ 3/3/2017 10:17 commented on Tychus the King

holy crap this is amazing, now, the animation does make it feel a little cheap, but thats because it reminds me of old flash animations that used the bone tool, but this is very, very good, and i will be surprised if this isnt the winner

Mechanic4Games @ 3/3/2017 09:26 commented on Ah vuh tars

ah, i see now, at firs i thought they were like popeye style arms

Mechanic4Games @ 2/13/2017 09:05 commented on paper coins

how did this not win?

Mechanic4Games @ 2/13/2017 09:00 commented on Ungala

oh my god im gonna make a good Bill(I hope most people who read this get the reference)

Mechanic4Games @ 2/9/2017 10:18 commented on NIKOLA TESLA, MAN OF SCIENCE

This is awesome! Also, heatpheonix, thomas edison was a psychopath, he electricuted animals to death for show in front of an audience, why the hell do you like him?

Mechanic4Games @ 2/9/2017 10:15 commented on Ah vuh tars

this is very good but err... wat are those arms?