Mechanic4Games @ 1/12/2017 12:24 commented on Kim Jong-un by Mierdinsky


Mechanic4Games @ 1/5/2017 16:52 commented on Midnight Never Ends

HOW!!!!!!! HOW CAN THIS BE SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! GG M8

Mechanic4Games @ 1/3/2017 14:57 commented on Aggron (Monster Hunter Style)

this is awesome, good job!

Mechanic4Games @ 1/3/2017 14:56 commented on greenery

wow, really nice! Good use of dittering!!

Mechanic4Games @ 1/3/2017 14:55 commented on New Year begins With An New Adventure

this is really nice though it is really rough in some areas so i would reccomend just going over it and smoothing everything out a little

Mechanic4Games @ 1/2/2017 22:03 commented on Eminem Totem

well then... this is quite a challenge, lol, i was actually going to reccomend a two color challenge but then this happened before i did, and RIP, i dont know how to properly ditter, so this is even more of a challenge. GL and HF everyone, i feel like this is going to be one of the challenges that get more submissions then normal

Mechanic4Games @ 1/1/2017 09:20 commented on Imperialer Adler

WOW!!!! this is awesome, good job!

Mechanic4Games @ 12/30/2016 21:27 commented on feather

very awesome

Mechanic4Games @ 12/30/2016 21:26 commented on Fallen

good job!

Mechanic4Games @ 12/26/2016 21:59 commented on Pixelation Secret Santa 2016

this is awesome, though tbh i dont really like how the treebark looks, other than that the entire piece is great!

Mechanic4Games @ 12/24/2016 11:33 commented on Delicate Balance

ooh, this is really nice!! Good job making it look so detailed with such few colors to work with!

Mechanic4Games @ 12/21/2016 20:48 commented on Dead between the walls.

good job! I would reccomend anti alaising this piece but there are color restrictions so you cant really do that : /

Mechanic4Games @ 12/19/2016 13:01 commented on In love with the moon

ah, cool, yea, its going to be interesting to see how people interperate the different names

Mechanic4Games @ 12/19/2016 10:23 commented on In love with the moon

wait... so is this challenge sponsored by pelican or is pixeljoint just fans?

Mechanic4Games @ 12/19/2016 10:19 commented on In love with the moon

this is an interesting challenge..... sadly i have never listened to any of these tracks before, so there goes like 3 hours of my time XD, Im thinking lost in the headlights could make for an interesting piece.

Mechanic4Games @ 12/17/2016 15:26 commented on Alien Quadrilogy

we all know this INSTANTLY wins the weekly comp, I mean, it already has thirty faves XD GG M8

Mechanic4Games @ 12/17/2016 11:06 commented on Stained Glass Dragonslayer

great job! Though I do agree with eishiya that the thick lines on the circle in the middle are distracting, you might want to take a minute to fix before voting starts. 

Mechanic4Games @ 12/17/2016 11:03 commented on (?)

this is pretty good

Mechanic4Games @ 12/17/2016 11:03 commented on sphere practice


Mechanic4Games @ 12/16/2016 19:19 commented on Alien Quadrilogy

wow... this is... amazing! GG M8, this is by far the best entry so far

Mechanic4Games @ 12/15/2016 23:48 commented on Snew

wow this is awesome!

Mechanic4Games @ 12/15/2016 23:46 commented on Piskel

cool! I use piskel whenever i make sprites on my chromebook!

Mechanic4Games @ 12/15/2016 23:44 commented on Streampunk Dog

oooh, this is cool, i love steampunk!

Mechanic4Games @ 12/15/2016 23:41 commented on desaturated Bear

the fur on this is awesome! Great work!

Mechanic4Games @ 12/13/2016 16:59 commented on masked guy

very smooth animation!