A.B. Lazer @ 2/11/2015 13:51 commented on Gym Girl Samantha

I really like the colors. Cool shoes! However, there are some (fixable) probs with anatomy. For placing of hands I highly recommend you to try (but not too hard!) to repeat her placement of hands looking in the mirror. You'll see that either thumbs should be placed inwards and fingers seen or hands should be closer to body. Note how elbows look in both of those poses.
Head and neck - try to imagine vertical line going in the middle of her face and how it curves at top of the skull - and at the back it should connect in the middle of the neck. Try to make same thing with your references and see the relative positions of neck and head. Also google 'beautiful clavicle'.

A.B. Lazer @ 5/28/2013 14:58 commented on Big Bird

Was it here already? Some PA at start and in the end.

A.B. Lazer @ 5/15/2013 12:38 commented on Spaceshuttle

Good for a first attempt. I like that there are lot of interesting things to look at and colours give good contrast.

I'd draw the bottom of the ship, though - without it looks like it stands on the ground.

A.B. Lazer @ 3/14/2013 15:13 commented on Sunflower and a hamster

Love it!

A.B. Lazer @ 3/9/2013 00:13 commented on Album cover

Nice, but better make bigger frame so that cup and letters would not touch it. You'll be able to vary the placing of the name too (maybe it is better to not break it in two parts by cup).

A.B. Lazer @ 3/8/2013 23:50 commented on Cuteheart - Brain Ghosts

Wow, that's cool! Floppy discs and in-game graphics maybe even better. I think you can just capture screenshot or pick colors from said screenshot and draw some lines in perspective - with technicolor rays it looks more intriguing.

And after reading AT reference I had to try and compose some music and sfx to your video: Writing something Adventure Time-inspired was a backburner for me for some time and it seems like a perfect occasion to finally make something.

A.B. Lazer @ 3/8/2013 16:28 commented on maze keeper

I definitely see a creepy eyes and creepier mouth! And Z in the logo seems to suggest similarity between look of E and З letters in cyrillic alphabet.

Have you tried colouring the pattern? Maybe divided in sections by different colours and shades it will look clearer and not worse at the same time.

A.B. Lazer @ 3/8/2013 16:15 commented on Mage

I agree - lighting, scene and the mood are superb! But waist is too low and [don't] try to bend arm like the one raised.

A.B. Lazer @ 2/25/2013 15:07 commented on VCh and PinWizz. flyer for a gig

jalonso, thank you!

A.B. Lazer @ 2/25/2013 15:06 commented on VCh and PinWizz. flyer for a gig

Mishok, thanx!

A.B. Lazer @ 2/25/2013 15:06 commented on VCh and PinWizz. flyer for a gig

Andrey, спасибо!

A.B. Lazer @ 1/3/2013 11:06 commented on Cyborg

Cool colors(esp. on visor) and I like what you done to the hair.

A.B. Lazer @ 12/3/2012 11:31 commented on Ask Her Out

Thanks, shunao!

A.B. Lazer @ 12/1/2012 15:51 commented on Avatar

Colors are good, but proportions are a bit off - eyes are usually midway between chin and the top of the head.  So make them lower until the position will look right. Also looks like you made the canvas beforehand and tried to cram resulting image in it - flat hair on top gives it away. If you see that something doesn't want to fit - make the canvas bigger.

A.B. Lazer @ 11/22/2012 02:11 commented on 8064

Cool! Attracts attention. Not too shure about the chin.

Do you make spacesynth?

A.B. Lazer @ 11/17/2012 19:13 commented on Big Bird

Upcoming Flash (ports should follow) game with Fool's graphics: KnightFall.

A.B. Lazer @ 11/15/2012 21:26 commented on Police Office

helcril, looks a little EarthBound to me, haha.

Nice colors and overall nice stuff.

A.B. Lazer @ 11/11/2012 11:00 commented on Steam & Steel WIP 01

Cool tiles, but looks very empty and featureless, like... there's nothing at all! Guy doesn't even have clothes to tell if he's warrior or mage or baseball player. Forget about clothes, you could provide him at least with some hair! Update it, please.

A.B. Lazer @ 11/4/2012 12:24 commented on Science Patrol 2

Is there a way to add a layer?

A.B. Lazer @ 10/20/2012 12:39 commented on Big Bird

Love Charley Harper! Some of his stuff reminds me of PETSCII.

A.B. Lazer @ 10/13/2012 15:24 commented on G.O.R. Guns of Rage

Wow, new version is a lot, lot better!

A.B. Lazer @ 10/13/2012 15:22 commented on Big Bird

newGuy Nobody really knows. Seems to be some server problem, according to the Twitter. It was up for brief moments in 2011. Since that time everybody migrated to and

A.B. Lazer @ 9/23/2012 03:57 commented on ui's Self Portrait (Avatar)

I like the hair, but don't like the dithering on the face - dithering suggests the impression of roughness of the texture, which is not good for the skin.

A.B. Lazer @ 9/12/2012 10:25 commented on G.O.R. Guns of Rage

Yeah, cool with the wheels, I haven't thought about such solution.

Black Sabbath - good choice!

New logo is dynamic, but it a lot more suffers from mid-80's ZX Spectrum bedroom coder feel which is not up to graphics in the game: in general vertical strokes in letters should be wider than horizontal or at least the same (take any font as example - just look at what is currently in your room) and they should be consistent - meaning that if you use one width of a stroke on one letter - use it in the rest. Basically most of the letters can be made by changing elements of the first letter drawn - that way is easy to kep the dimensions, but it's not a rule - M, for example usually wider than the rest. R is especially hard to pull of, so spend more time (and get some references) on it. That's why I propose you to nail it on the paper first and listen to heavy metal - if it will look like logo that would fit the band and suitable to be carefully drawn on the edges of highschool textbook, it will fit the game. Also perspective of guns on the left centers in one so-called vanishing point, and those on the right -in the other, while they should have point to the same one .

A.B. Lazer @ 9/11/2012 18:03 commented on G.O.R. Guns of Rage

Cars and and houses in the BG of screenshots look very, very nice (but consider placing some pixels to separate wheels where there are two in a row - just consider, maybe it will work, maybe not).

I'm not fond of the logo - I feel that the vertical strokes should be wider as diagonals are wide. Also in "O" horizontals are one pixel wider than in other letters which also lessens the consistency a bit. And overall it just doesn't look solid enough yet. Try to make several sketches on paper just with pencil and no width of strokes watsoever, draw some guidelines (top, bottom, line parallel to both of them, center), put some heavy metal on and start to throw the angles.