green_imp @ 7/3/2018 10:08 commented on Big Bird

Dayum, silly me. Thanks, guys)

green_imp @ 7/3/2018 01:41 commented on Big Bird

Hey folks, got a bit of a problem: two of my arts for some reason aren't available for choosing as an avatar. First I thought there is some kind of cooldown after posting or approving (one of them I re-uploaded couple of times), but now it's been month since I submitted it, still no option. Could anyone please tell me, what do I do wrong? Thanks:)

green_imp @ 6/26/2018 01:31 commented on Strawberry Sponge-Cake

I drooled on my keyboard while googling the recipe.

green_imp @ 3/24/2018 09:09 commented on Island House

Funny, I was checking the new stuff on lospec just a minute ago, then came here and randomly clicked on a first nice art, this one. Awesome art and awesome site, man, great job.

green_imp @ 2/17/2018 00:48 commented on Baileys

Thank you! Funny, I completed it in no time, compared to the lettering that still looks ugly:)

green_imp @ 2/15/2018 10:22 commented on Pixel Dailies - "Launch"

— Gesundheit control to Major Tom.

green_imp @ 2/15/2018 10:15 commented on Scottfro's Treehouse

Jesus, it's so real, like a diorama I could reach with my hand.

green_imp @ 2/15/2018 00:01 commented on love tales intro

Wow, beautiful!

green_imp @ 2/10/2018 04:54 commented on Big Bird

OMG thanks! *Feeling stupid now :)
I forgot it existed. Wow, it says it saved 2.5 Mb, reeally useful :d

green_imp @ 2/10/2018 04:04 commented on Treeman

He sure looks like a nice person :) From the first look I'd say it's some biotechnological helmet. Cool design anyway.

green_imp @ 2/9/2018 13:50 commented on Purple

Reminds me of candy worms my sister buys sometimes :) Awesome texture.

green_imp @ 2/9/2018 13:43 commented on Big Bird

Okay, now I see that random works look perfect when zoomed-in. And some are plain JPEG's... Weird. But thank you anyway)

green_imp @ 2/9/2018 00:08 commented on Cassette Tape

Very cute, nice colors. I'd make it couple of pixels thinner, though. It looks like it ate too much tape and didn't do exercises :)

green_imp @ 2/8/2018 21:52 commented on Big Bird

Hey guys, does anyone happen to know if there is a browser for Android that doesn't blur or compress pixel art? Thanks!

green_imp @ 2/8/2018 03:06 commented on Room for one last project

Just... wow.

green_imp @ 2/7/2018 10:01 commented on Searing Cold

Nice! The light sourse reminds me of a red star, that we used to decorate christmas trees in soviet times.

green_imp @ 2/7/2018 09:51 commented on Look out!

Haha, I'll call him this from now on, thanks 

green_imp @ 2/7/2018 00:55 commented on Terrifying Monsters

Shirtless bald big-nosed guy reminds me of someone, hmm, who could that be...

green_imp @ 2/6/2018 08:45 commented on black and white

Nice) Gets creepy in 3..2..


green_imp @ 2/6/2018 05:52 commented on Dead Mazai & rabbits

Oh my god, just ran into it, what an awesomeness!  Deserves a Tolkien-like epic story. Something like Brotherhood of the Flood. Or of the Log.

green_imp @ 2/5/2018 14:25 commented on Look out!

Yeah, that was the plan)

green_imp @ 2/4/2018 11:25 commented on Peeking

So crispy, nice

green_imp @ 1/31/2018 22:52 commented on "Ink" grafiti

Sure:) Even zoomed out to minimum (25%), still enormous size.

green_imp @ 1/31/2018 01:05 commented on "Ink" grafiti

My Chrome opens the site terribly zoomed in, does anyone else have it? Maybe I should let Matej know? It looks okay via Firefox though, so just wondering.

green_imp @ 1/16/2018 02:00 commented on 3G01SM

Great, though I miss flying tails, looked so noir :)