PBFelix @ 11/3/2016 04:57 commented on The City Above

Thank you very much for your input d9nis!

I appreciate it a lot. I am a complete newbie when it comes to pixel art (and art in general). I was going to ask about more detailed explanation, but I have looked through your pixels and I get what you mean by examples. 

Browsing your gallery and profile also yielded one interesting finding: you're French. Alors, pour la prochaine fois tu peux bien ecrire en Francais. Je ne le parle pas tres bien et j'ecrie meme pire, mais je profite de chaque occasion pour s'entrainer.

PBFelix @ 10/17/2016 00:47 commented on The awful scream

I hate to be that guy, but: screAm.

PBFelix @ 10/16/2016 04:52 commented on The City Above

большое спасибо!

Side note: I'm not Russian and I have not read Bulychev in the original, only in translations. But he's one of my favourite authors anyways.

PBFelix @ 10/16/2016 04:48 commented on The City Above

Thanks! Means a lot coming from someone with your experience.

Concerning loading screens - indeed, that's what I was going for. I'm from Speccy clan (my first computer was 48+), so it just came up instinctively. 

PBFelix @ 10/16/2016 03:00 commented on Dead Astro Killer

Dude, make it Dead Astro Killer and win the challenge!

PBFelix @ 10/16/2016 02:24 commented on The City Above

Thanks for comments, y'all!

PBFelix @ 10/15/2016 07:09 commented on Joel of Plen

I have added my entry, but it is waiting on the public queue to be moderated...

PBFelix @ 10/15/2016 06:13 commented on The City Above

Imaginary game based on the novel "The City Above" ("Город наверху") by Kir Bulychev (Кир Булычев). I'd love to see the game made one day and the story translated into English.

My very first pixel art, both on the internet and at Pixel Joint.

PBFelix @ 10/12/2016 06:13 commented on Joel of Plen

Hi, just a quick question - what is the deadline for this challenge?