Surein @ 6/18/2015 12:44 commented on Flying lesson for destined to crawl

I don't know if u'll still there, but I have finding one of ur work by visiting a website!

I don't know if u have sell this, but I prefered to show u.

Surein @ 8/11/2009 02:10 commented on Silent Hill, Heather & Pyramid head

I have the project to translate ilumart in english ^^ So, while I made it, I'll prevent to you ^^

Surein @ 8/10/2009 06:48 commented on Aqua, aquatique diorama

Thx Manupix ^^

Octopus was created before background with fishes ^^ therefore, I wanted immediately put him on the head ^^

Surein @ 5/31/2009 00:09 commented on Ingame screenshot from my game

Very beautiful scene, I like it ^^

Surein @ 5/17/2009 01:26 commented on Léonidas, Spartan hero

Thank Darth Mandarb for comment :)

I have edited preview too like you suggested me :)

Surein @ 5/17/2009 01:18 commented on Volcana, fire creature

I use my own base to build this scene ^^

That's why flesh has basic contrast and lighting, on my website members could change their characters, and flesh must be basic if I want clothings aren't erase  :)

Surein @ 5/11/2009 05:27 commented on Léonidas, Spartan hero

Thank a lot for comments ^^

I have edited pixel to erase white bars :)

Surein @ 3/17/2009 13:58 commented on Nature Goddess

I really love this one, poetic, sweet and details are wonderfull, :)

Surein @ 11/27/2008 10:21 commented on Naughty Panda - Updated

I'm fan, really good work

Pure, simple but excellente :)

Surein @ 11/23/2008 02:55 commented on ramphastos gapfillerus

This art seem to be a painting, I love this visuel, GJ :)

Surein @ 10/28/2008 02:18 commented on Fat Jason
Very good texture, character seem to be 'like old metal', love it :)

Surein @ 10/28/2008 02:12 commented on Skube army
I love your Skube, very good idea and very funny :)

Surein @ 7/31/2007 21:36 commented on Bord de mer

thank for your comments ^^

I have edit the picture and update signature ^^