TRUEvector @ 6/16/2017 05:01 commented on Sidewinder

Holy space stars! Incredible work.

But the icon truly sucks because it is no match for the main image.

TRUEvector @ 6/16/2017 04:55 commented on i liek vidya gaems

It looks so... perfect! Flawless lines and whole impression.

TRUEvector @ 6/16/2017 04:55 commented on S41nt c0d3

Quite impressive! Like a blast. 

TRUEvector @ 6/5/2017 02:53 commented on Tommy-Gun

Это просто невероятно круто, атмосферно и вообще как батя всё сделал.

Никогда больше не сомневайся в своём стиле! Слышишь!!! 

TRUEvector @ 5/31/2017 01:42 commented on Characters

The guy with the glass of wine at the table - "Fuck this shit, ain't gonna roll around mahself like you. Meh."

TRUEvector @ 5/14/2017 22:53 commented on Bunker

Старый вариант лучше! 

TRUEvector @ 4/28/2017 05:50 commented on Revolvers Pixel Pushups

Oh, you... You make my russian-speaking ass go lurking for Urban Dictionary again, Timo.

Yep. Now I dig it too. Noise phrase BTW.

TRUEvector @ 4/27/2017 23:59 commented on Revolvers Pixel Pushups

Don't know really what does "dig" mean, but you can do whatever you want with that pic! 

TRUEvector @ 4/27/2017 12:51 commented on Cover art of Hero Siege

Somebody! Call the pixelpolice, unregistered masterpiece shredding apart other's selfestimation sighted!

Please! Have mercy!

TRUEvector @ 4/25/2017 22:21 commented on Asleep Scene

Sweet and warm scene, I like it. This room looks cosy as hell.

TRUEvector @ 4/25/2017 22:18 commented on Black and white - Knight

How one can enjoy this mess? I can hardly say what is on this picture. You should really do some silouette practice, some fast sketches and spent some more time before posting it.

TRUEvector @ 4/25/2017 22:16 commented on Upon a Star Roll


TRUEvector @ 4/25/2017 22:04 commented on Night

I think it's pretty much good... But I would suggest just to slow down the framerate drastically. So it would create smooth vibe, and feeling, and stuff... Just calm waves like in old NES games.

TRUEvector @ 4/25/2017 22:02 commented on Galactic Girl Jam

Ooooh, I just love her animation. So much tense! And still smooth! A pleasure to watch.

Palette is cool too. Extremely good job!

TRUEvector @ 4/23/2017 08:52 commented on Revolvers Pixel Pushups

Chaos Engine?!!!! Man, I was actually just sorting my roms few days ago and find out this game exist! Because in my country noone had any idea about it in far 90-es.

And this game is a blast. But I won't draw anything about it untill I finish it.

TRUEvector @ 4/22/2017 13:39 commented on Revolvers Pixel Pushups

Thank you! Glad you like it so much.

TRUEvector @ 4/21/2017 15:40 commented on Full Moon Cry


TRUEvector @ 4/18/2017 21:15 commented on Big Bird

Thank you!

TRUEvector @ 4/18/2017 08:04 commented on Big Bird

Hey, guys! Seems like the personal counter of the messages, pixels and points are broken... It shows 17 pics I submit, but the true number is 14. Weird.

TRUEvector @ 4/18/2017 03:49 commented on Blacksmith shop


TRUEvector @ 4/18/2017 03:47 commented on Dark Inky Eye

Since I look at preview, I can't get rid of the feeling that there is a big white parrot is popping out of the void.


TRUEvector @ 4/18/2017 03:34 commented on The Venturesome Monks Page2

Oh no! I was just having some fun about the fact, that your girl on preview is wearing swimsuit, and on the picture she is not! And her body at such resolution is funny as hell, yet very nicely done.

I don't think there could be any questions about such kind of nudity, lol.

TRUEvector @ 4/18/2017 02:41 commented on Fantasy Swords

The cycling is too fast, which is not neccesary at all. 

TRUEvector @ 4/18/2017 02:37 commented on Mage portrait

Wow! Not bad at all. Reminds me very old good RPG out of MSDOS era.

TRUEvector @ 4/18/2017 02:36 commented on The Venturesome Monks Page2

Now it really becomes epic!

Hot girl with square bewbs detected.