TRUEvector @ 5/18/2018 09:29 commented on Pixel Art be like

Yeee boi! Memes.  God bless you for memes.

TRUEvector @ 5/16/2018 10:48 commented on Kin-dza-dza

Эту картинку я просто обожаю. Ты так забожил тут, слов нет.

TRUEvector @ 5/13/2018 00:08 commented on Cowman

I like the vibes it give! Nice work with the background, btw! 

TRUEvector @ 5/12/2018 02:08 commented on LIVE! on TV! HOT NEWS! (+18)


TRUEvector @ 5/9/2018 02:47 commented on Fox

Fox? More like dogoe. 

TRUEvector @ 5/8/2018 12:54 commented on Girl and cat

A very good start indeed! And a very good comment was given from Faherya. You should take it in mind for sure.

TRUEvector @ 5/8/2018 12:52 commented on Retsuko

Not bad! He is cute.

TRUEvector @ 5/8/2018 12:50 commented on Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I really like the style, possible game mechanic, nice mock-up overall.

Not to mention characters design. Looking great to me.

But, God, the body on the floor is a mess, totally unreadable and out of place. I have a strong feeling you just forget to finish the scrap and left it asit is. Too bad. 

TRUEvector @ 5/8/2018 12:45 commented on Hell's Axe

Sweet and hot! I like the way she is looking at. What a woman. 

TRUEvector @ 5/8/2018 01:03 commented on The AAP-Splendor128 Color Palette

I don't quite understand what is going on here, but I like what I see and Happy Birthday, dear fella!

Should definetely try this pallette sometime.

TRUEvector @ 5/8/2018 00:54 commented on LIVE! on TV! HOT NEWS! (+18)

Thanks! Me like bewbs.  

TRUEvector @ 5/7/2018 22:24 commented on Robots, Droids, Mechs..

Господь всемогучий! Как же это великолепно!!! 

TRUEvector @ 5/6/2018 11:16 commented on LIVE! on TV! HOT NEWS! (+18)

But... I tagged the file with NSFW when uploading and put 18+ in the name, as everyone do..

Or it is just a joke?

TRUEvector @ 5/6/2018 11:13 commented on Space Marine Boltgun Range

Actually, I never thought in that way! Now I think you are totally right, there is no special need in symmetry and it disturb a little. Even me, after some time passed, ha..  

Thanks for feedback, glad you like it!

And I am from 86, btw. 

TRUEvector @ 5/6/2018 06:17 commented on Medal

Unique style... Hehe... 

TRUEvector @ 5/5/2018 13:22 commented on LIVE! on TV! HOT NEWS! (+18)

Good point about single pixels! I often question myself whether I should stop use them at all, or should I try harder to use them properly, yep. I just can't bear myself. But after some time pass I can see it loud and clear, that some of the dots are out of place and make noise instead of cool effect.

Thank you very much!

TRUEvector @ 5/5/2018 12:43 commented on djinn

I think it's a great art, but lacks a contrast backgrond so much! It really needed here.

And I think you forgot to draw the left hand under the chest. 

TRUEvector @ 5/5/2018 12:40 commented on Robot

The job on da materials are just perfect. 

TRUEvector @ 5/3/2018 00:21 commented on Chaotica

Checked your site, BTW, Kaitlyn. You are a damn good artist, so did you make all this thread on purpose?

You can totally make some great arts with colours and stuff, but you post this piece of smth with 111 colors... Why?

TRUEvector @ 5/3/2018 00:16 commented on Chaotica

Wow, what a chat here! 

Hey bro! Your art is weak. The scanlines makes it even more weak. So you better remove the lines, so your art become a little bit better. And get over it and move on. That's it.

Nobody hates you or whatever. 

TRUEvector @ 5/3/2018 commented on regular people

I would gladly see a game with your characters. Nice style, a little bit of Undertale, but better. 

TRUEvector @ 5/1/2018 07:22 commented on Cafe Roller Girl Pixel Pinup

Just trying to do my best, glad you like it! 

TRUEvector @ 5/1/2018 07:21 commented on Cafe Roller Girl Pixel Pinup

Thanks a lot! 

TRUEvector @ 5/1/2018 07:20 commented on Cafe Roller Girl Pixel Pinup

Really not mine, I take it from another guy's pixel art, here.

TRUEvector @ 5/1/2018 04:43 commented on Pots Collection (WIPs in description)

One hell of a cool mind-blowing pixelart piece! Wow, that is too awesome!