TRUEvector @ 3/1/2018 02:26 commented on Night City

Frankly speaking it is a gradient tool in Aseprite with premade dithering matrix. Legal cheat. 

TRUEvector @ 3/1/2018 00:51 commented on Bakushou!! Ai no Gekijou NES Mock-Up

I would gladly but I failed to did it.

I will be grateful if someone tell me how to post an image into the description.

TRUEvector @ 2/25/2018 22:28 commented on Dark Fantasy Collaboration Hex No2 18+!

There is a link in the description.

TRUEvector @ 2/24/2018 23:25 commented on Sonic Mania Custom Animation 3 - Egg Reverie pt 2

Youэму messed up the main file with the preview, buddy!

TRUEvector @ 2/23/2018 03:42 commented on Big Bird

Understandable, have a nice day! 

Thanks for respond.

TRUEvector @ 2/23/2018 02:30 commented on Big Bird

Hello guys!

My rank don't level up, though I made everything to become 6 level on PJ.

Any help or advice, please? It's very important (not).

TRUEvector @ 2/21/2018 13:00 commented on Demon werewolf

What happened to you, Sanic?!1! 

I think you should work more on proportions and anathomy, next time.

TRUEvector @ 2/21/2018 12:58 commented on Sunken

Nice work in lowres! 

TRUEvector @ 2/21/2018 12:55 commented on Phaser 3

Extremely good! 

TRUEvector @ 2/21/2018 12:49 commented on Featherfall

It's so bright and clean. It makes my head fresh. Great piece of composition and color balance.

TRUEvector @ 2/21/2018 12:47 commented on The Queen's Mercy

All aboard on the airtrain of brutal awesomeness!!!

TRUEvector @ 2/21/2018 12:43 commented on Summer Spin

Extremly good animation. And 4 colours - never saw something so solid and so laconic. Neat work.

TRUEvector @ 2/21/2018 00:02 commented on End

Кароч, я тебе один зелёный кубик ставлю, потому что нормальные покойники так не висять.

Но так и быть, в Паблик Кью нажму "Йес". Авансом.

TRUEvector @ 2/21/2018 commented on End

Как он блядь у тебя так повесился, ты мне скажи??? Ты хоть немного физику тела падающего с дерева или табуретки представляешь? Т.е. нет, я не отрицаю, что там может получиться, один раз на тысячу повешенных, но это прям человек должен юлой вертеться, чтобы при падении с большой высоты ему и шею сломало как надо и чтобы тело застряло в этой позиции по отношению к обратному вектору верёвки.

Ну или его сначала убили, а потом так повесили, абы как, тогда это должно быть раскрыто.

TRUEvector @ 2/20/2018 23:57 commented on End

Hmm... Actually it is rather unusual way to be hanged on the rope. It bothers me a lot and make the whole image unsatisfiengly strange.

TRUEvector @ 2/20/2018 23:55 commented on Magica Mech

Cool character, I must say. Though, the whole form is a little bit confusing and just a tiny bit hard to read. 

TRUEvector @ 2/20/2018 23:47 commented on Campfire Reflection

Yep, an awesome work with lights and shadows, indeed. 

TRUEvector @ 2/19/2018 11:01 commented on Harley Quinn Injustice 2

It looks really nice and cute. 

TRUEvector @ 2/19/2018 10:39 commented on violet180217

Great job in low resolution! Not to mention the background, this gradient is killing the whole impression of cool pixel sharpness you have masterfully done on the girl.

TRUEvector @ 2/19/2018 10:34 commented on I am the law

Well. At least you are not afraid of hard job, whatever it might take. 

TRUEvector @ 2/19/2018 10:30 commented on Pixel Dailies - "Cave Story"

Great one piece. Clear smooth outline and bright yummy colours - that's the way I like pixelart most!

TRUEvector @ 2/19/2018 10:28 commented on His Favorites

Masterfully done! Great job.

Some animation - and it looks even better. 

TRUEvector @ 2/19/2018 10:24 commented on Devil Lady Dakiniten - Adventure Kid

Hmmm... Never heard about it. Should check it out, probably?

TRUEvector @ 2/19/2018 10:23 commented on Devil Lady Dakiniten - Adventure Kid

Thanks a lot! 

TRUEvector @ 2/19/2018 10:22 commented on Devil Lady Dakiniten - Adventure Kid

It is an actual anime for adults character, bro. A very old one. 

Glad you like my variant.