isatche @ 6/6/2013 21:22 commented on Geyser

Sweet, I like it.

isatche @ 6/5/2013 23:43 commented on Spiral Knights

This thing oozes charm. I love it.

isatche @ 6/5/2013 10:54 commented on Vendetta

Wow, amazing!

isatche @ 6/4/2013 21:53 commented on Bad ass dad

It's great, love it!

isatche @ 6/4/2013 21:50 commented on Private Detective

@Manupix - Thank you. This is my failed attempt to avoid 'en face' and make head rotated ever so slightly to one side.

@TombReaper - Is it too late to edit the piece and re-submit? Also, is it cheating if I sign my name in missing color? :)

isatche @ 5/27/2013 06:10 commented on Adam Baldwin

You've captured the likeness amazingly!

isatche @ 5/27/2013 05:50 commented on Link's treasures

Atmospheric and smooth. Love it!

isatche @ 5/27/2013 05:38 commented on liondog

Salvador Dali on acid trip. Love it!

isatche @ 5/27/2013 05:37 commented on Fruits

There is something about this piece that draws me to look at it again and again. I love it. The color combination is perfect.

isatche @ 5/16/2013 21:35 commented on Spece Ship

Wow Ego, you made it look truly amazing!

Thank you very much for the detailed analysis, tips and comparison, really appreciate it.
As for refining and resubmitting the work, the very best I could do would end up looking like the one you did. So I will leave it like this, and apply your advices in the next work or competition.

Thank you.

isatche @ 5/16/2013 09:59 commented on Run

 Wow, truly amazing.

isatche @ 5/16/2013 09:51 commented on Spece Ship

 Thanks. I just noticed i called it a "SpEce" instead of spAce ship. Oh well... :)

isatche @ 6/30/2009 22:14 commented on We Are The Robots

Yup, right click and Run as Administrator works.

Thank you. 

isatche @ 6/24/2009 00:39 commented on We Are The Robots

 Here what happened when I tried to install it on Vista

isatche @ 1/20/2009 01:31 commented on Razor Cat
I love it. Clean style and great design.

isatche @ 9/18/2007 11:13 commented on Destroyer
Cool... Add shading and/or some texture/scratches I like the signature :)

isatche @ 9/18/2007 11:11 commented on 9-bit Nebula
Uuuuu.. Trippy... I like it!

isatche @ 9/16/2007 01:14 commented on Ship Bar.
This looks more than fine!

isatche @ 9/12/2007 01:38 commented on Kissy-witch
Heh, Sarah Kay type of witch with Dr. Martens shoes and no underware :) What more could anybody desire? I like it, especially the torn edges of hat and dress. Nice work!

isatche @ 9/8/2007 21:52 commented on Autumn UFOs
Well it looks like you concentrated on the girl and just quickly did the rest. Girl is very nicely done, but at background I see 3 different styles and it seems unfinished.

isatche @ 9/6/2007 21:25 commented on Edward Elric
Nice way to kill some time :) I like the character.

isatche @ 9/6/2007 05:17 commented on Betty Boop
Wow.. Betty Boop!
Looking great as far as I remember that character :)
She had that small dog I think :)

isatche @ 9/5/2007 10:18 commented on CyberChar
Animate it, animate it :)
It can look awesome!

isatche @ 9/4/2007 06:57 commented on Dog Sitting Standing
Ahaha, this is great!


isatche @ 9/4/2007 06:28 commented on Eurochart panel
It took me some time to find definition on net :)
"Pixel art is generally thought of as a computer graphic where the image is literally drawn pixel-by-pixel in tiny detail, usually using a limited color palette and primitive computer graphics tools."
It is not considered as pixel art if you are working with layer blending effects or with advanced brushes in full color and then just save it for web as a 32 colors gif.
Or at last, this is my idea of pixel-art