zombi2 @ 1/21/2014 06:25 commented on Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge Cave BG2

what's with that speccy intro?

zombi2 @ 7/30/2011 05:39 commented on Heavy on the Magick

I had a look and this is all I had left  

zombi2 @ 7/26/2011 11:41 commented on Heavy on the Magick

Thank you, diver.

Well, I used to make these kind of copies of Crash magazine covers when I was a kid back in the eighties... When I found out it was possible to emulate the software I used back then on a PC I decided to make a few more, just for old times sake. So that's probably why it looks like an 80's pic.

Redrawing of original game ads was (and still is) good fun as well. Especially when the original loading screen left room for improvement. Here's one I did a while ago: Hunchback II


zombi2 @ 11/24/2009 05:43 commented on Zx platformer

Guess you liked Exolon?

zombi2 @ 2/15/2009 19:07 commented on ANCIENT RITE OF DRAGONS
This reminds me of Sir Fred, a game made a few years before you were born...

zombi2 @ 1/24/2009 06:19 commented on ZX Spectrum LOI Loading screen
Hey! I'm glad you did give ArtStudio another whirl, because it turned out great. I like it a lot.

Just one thing, the hand holding the bat is a bit hard to figure out in my opinion.

zombi2 @ 12/21/2007 03:51 commented on Dead man's eye
no, a pancake

zombi2 @ 11/24/2007 10:45 commented on Frankenstein
go wash your mouth. with soda.

zombi2 @ 9/7/2007 04:10 commented on Dun Darach
Guess you were right about that head ... not sure what to do with the shoulder though.

Software used: Spin emulator + The Artist.

zombi2 @ 8/9/2007 12:15 commented on Heavy on the Magick
Thanks a lot.  But I must say that I didn't pick the colors myself: Sir Clive did that for me...