simaGT @ 12/17/2016 02:37 commented on Wachtmeister

Man this is pure pefection how many decades it took to draw this one...

simaGT @ 12/6/2016 09:23 commented on portrait avatar

Like the style gj

simaGT @ 12/6/2016 03:23 commented on Fat orc

Yea i realized that after it was to late this is my first sprite on this site ever .

i didnt failed with bckr on other 2 tho:D

simaGT @ 12/4/2016 14:33 commented on Skeleton warrior

Im looking at that Ray guy pics now ...istant bookmark  that guy is genious;D 

Thank you for this pleasant discovery

simaGT @ 12/4/2016 07:20 commented on Skeleton warrior

Non taken :D btw yes its castelvania universe i had in mind when drawing some of those sprites , 

Btw i like Dracula x style more than SotN .

simaGT @ 12/3/2016 07:57 commented on Skeleton warrior

Nah no homage, it was for my own project  but after some time i did some animations and it took alot of time so i quited cause i concluded that it will take 2 much time to finish.

Im on new project with simplier sprites now.

simaGT @ 12/1/2016 23:04 commented on Fat orc


Yea , head is abit noisy specialy jaw and around nose but since it is one first sprites where i didnt used a reference

(straight out of head ) i can forgive myself that this time:)